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MLM Success Tips

mlm success tips


There should be some comfort to see the words "MLM success tips" and "let perfection go" all in the same sentence.

When it comes to getting started with your business, new entrepreneurs have a tendency to be busy rather than productive. 

The underlying reason for this is because they are trying to have everything just right… perfect actually, before getting started.

Granted, some of the procrastination is because they don't have a clear plan which is another topic all together. 

However, most everyone has at least one product they know they want to market and that's great to get started with. 

They know they need to market their product but all the fears set in, right?

"What if what I put out there isn't good enough?"

"What if someone thinks my stuff is dumb?"

"What if my video shows that I'm insecure?"

"What if my blog post is terrible?"

"What if someone asks me a question I don't know the answer to?"

In fact, they'd rather put a bag on their head than let others see they are flawed.


Truthfully, more time is spent worrying about things that don't matter on the onset of their business than in doing the creative marketing work and start getting out there.

Maybe "back in the day" people were more polished before stepping out.  But that's NOT the case today.

Today's marketer has the freedom to be themselves, make mistakes, laugh at themselves, not care what others think of them or the way they present their content.

With the generation under the baby boomers leading the online marketing movement, they are showing by their example what MLM Success tips you can take to the bank.


MLM Success Tips-  Let Perfection Go

The biggest MLM  success tip I hope to inspire you with today is to let the perfection, step into who you are and start your marketing. 

However that looks like.

  • However you talk.
  • However you write.
  • However technically challenged you are.
  • However you dress.
  • Whatever the style you like.
  • Whatever the music you love.
  • Whatever the hobbies and interests you enjoy.
  • Whatever your age or gender or background.
  • Whatever your religion

Here's the thing about that.  You will attract those that are like you.  So don't change WHO you are. 

And, in case you didn't get the memo…nobody is perfect. 

And, in case you also didn't get this memo…people want to do business with people like themselves… imperfect.

When people see you as perfect and polished, they can't see themselves doing what you do.  You have to present your business and what you do as fun, as simple, as "bloopers ok" so that they can see themselves doing what you.  If you haven't read my article where I sort of touched on that, you'll want to do so here.

There are millions of people who are looking for what you have to offer.  You hold solutions to their problems. Things like:

"I need to make money."

"I need to an opportunity to join with."

"I need to FIND SOMEONE that I can RELATE to."

I can't tell you how many times I have heard ONE OF THE TWO following statements as they were looking for someone to join Global Resorts Network with.

#1 – I want to join but I just can't relate to ____ (state the name) but I do resonate with you.  I want to with you.

#2 – I want to join but I have more in common with ____(state the name) so I'm going to join with him/her.

And the same will be for you!  You have choices.  They have choices.  Thank goodness for choices!


mlm success tipsOne of my mentors once said to me,

"Debbie, there are thousands of people searching online right now for YOU. 

But they can't find you because you're too worried about what others will think so you're not stepping out and introducing yourself. 

They need you.  They can't find anyone else LIKE THEM to relate to. 

Go let them know you're out there and they can join you in business.  You are the leader they're looking for."

That was a turning point in my business early on.  It allowed me to have a healthy perspective toward myself and how others viewed me as a home based business owner.  I hope it helps you too.


MLM Success Tips – Be Yourself, the NON-Perfect You
mlm success tips

Think about your own experiences and perceptions for just a moment as you have done your research for someone you can relate to that offers some solutions to the problems you have.

Aren't you looking for someone that you feel understands where you're at and what you need?  Of course, we all do that.

People want to relate to other people and here's where YOU come in.

If you are trying to be someone you are not, you won't like yourself, you won't love your business and you'll really not like your marketing.  Because it's just not you.

But, if you are being yourself, you'll like yourself, you'll love your business and your marketing. 

You are part of your brand.  There's only one you and who you are and what you stand for is part of your brand. 


MLM Success Tips –  5 Things to Start Doing

So what are some things you can change to accept your imperfection?

1)  If while you're writing, it's not polished, so what. 

2)  If while you're making a video you have to scratch your head, sneeze, or swat at a fly, so what. 

3)  If you don't spell that great, let people know up front and then say what you have to say and let your readers know what I'm sharing with you…, that perfection is not necessary for success in their home based business.

4)  If you think your too skinny or too heavy or too whatever… get over it.  It's who you are and you ARE good enough!

5)  Hey.. it's totally cool if you don't know the answer to something.  Practice this response: 

"I don't know that answer but I'll find out and call you back." 

You mean they heard you say that? 

Yes, isn't that great!  Because now you're role modeling what THEY are worried about which is the very SAME THING.

See how that works?

Let the perfect stuff go and just get started.


MLM Success Tips – Grow in Personal Development

Your business will grow in direct porportion to your personal growth. I'm not suggesting in this blog that you become someone else, but rather to be the best version of you. 

As you develop your mindset, your MLM success daily habits, and your commitment to your business, you'll see a new and improved version of yourself emerge.

An example will be this.

Let's say someone unsubscribed from your list with a nasty comment about your email being rediculous.  

The old you would fall apart, take it personally, lock yourself away for days and think maybe you should quit.  You take it personal and you are highly emotionally attached to the email and this guys response.  It's a form of rejection and you're hurt, your embarrassed and you're questioning your decision to move forward.

Through personal development, you can get that same email, hit the delete button and immediately forget it.  There's not an emotional attachment to this guys email.  It's just another day at the office and you're not side tracked in the slightest.

You see, personal development TEACHES you how to GROW UP as an entrepreneur.


MLM Success Tips Summary


Really.  Just get going on your marketing.  Write your blogs, write your articles, make your videos, talk to people, help the best you are able in the forums and in the social media arena and don't worry about what others will think.

There are tons of people out there who will come across your marketing who think you're pretty nifty.  People who look at you and say, "gosh that guy/gal is just like me.  I gotta give him/her a call". 

And guess what?

They will.

You have to love what you do, be excited about your business and your WHY but most of all be in love with yourself in all your imperfections and continue your personal development journey.

Leave your MLM Success tips in the comments below for all of us to enjoy!



  1. says

    Debbie, loved the post. It´s so true!!!! I think about it all the time. Are people going to think I´m nuts with my postings online. It´s like they all see me, but still I don´t know……..odd!
    We´ll never get "there", to the end, completion……….it won´t happen online. There´s always so much more to do…………just one more thing. 
    So letting go of what has to get done and in a perfect way………it THE PERFECT THING!!! 

  2. Debbie Turner says

    Hi Sanna…

    Thanks for your comments. I’m glad you’re able to let go and just put your message out. :) ~ Debbie

  3. says

    This is really, really, really good. I love your emphasis on being who we are and attracting people to who we are. I'm going to read this again! Thanks.

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