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mlm success

MLM Success is Within Your Reach


For those of us in the MLM and network marketing industry, we all want MLM Success.  Yet more don't ever get to where they want to be compared to those that do. 

So what is it that causes one to have MLM Success and another not?

I'd like to share 3 tips for you that I have found to be absolute key in growing my business.  I believe they will help you too.

MLM Success Tip #1

Help Solve People's Problems

Here's the thing.  When people are searching for a home based business, it's not because they really want to go through the learning curve of setting up a blog, learn to talk to people or place ads. 

That's really not what's on their mind. 

They have a problem.

The problem on their mind is this… "I need to make money"

  • They have bills to pay. 
  • They have nuts to crack. 
  • They want more than their job is providing. 

Or they've come to realize that having a job is really having instability and causes sleepless nights, stress and worry.

When you can provide people with solutions to their "I need money" problem, then you're in a position to share with them what YOU did to solve that SAME problem. This would be the time you share with them your network marketing or MLM business. 

Therefore, when you are advertising your home based business, do it in a way that solves the problems people have. 

For example, you may want to share your story like this:

"If you find yourself surfing the internet looking for a way to make money, I understand the feelings of overwhelm, mistrust and the pit in your gut. 

I was in the same situation you are in. 

At the time, I was panicing actually.  You see, I had a fabulous real estate career but in 2007 when the market crashed, I found myself out of business.   I had to find replacement income.  And I needed to find it NOW. 

Like you, I turned to the internet to find solutions but to make matters worse, I fell for a few "not so great" solutions.  That ended up setting me back even further BUT… I sure learned a lot! 

I'm thrilled to report that in fact I did find what I was looking for.  Today, I have a strong business with strong relationships and people surrounding me and my team. 

If you're anything like me, you'll want to watch this video and then hey… give me a call, I'd love to hear more about what you're looking for and why.  I can help you.

Do you see how I didn't talk about how great my product, company and comp plan is?  I didn't even mention it.  I focused on the person's problem, told them I understand their problem and I have a solution. 

When you focus on solving the problems of others, you will have everything you want in life which leads to your MLM success.


MLM Success Tip #2

Develop Yourself 

Of course when you start out in your network marketing or MLM business, you have no credibility, no proof, and no leadership positioning. 

You may be wondering how the heck to even get started on the path to having MLM success or even worse, you've been floundering around for months or years with nothing to show for it. 

The good news is that you can change that and it doesn't even have to take a long time.

Let me ask you this question which was the same question my mentor early on asked me.  "Did you know that your business will grow in direct porportion to how fast you grow as a person?"  mlm success

I didn't realize this at first.  I assumed I simply needed to learn some technical stuff, how to talk to people, the ins and outs of my products and that would be it. 

Boy was I wrong!

I discovered through mentoring that my MLM success was directly related to how fast I grew myself from the inside out. 

Here's why that's important to understand.

Every new entrepreneur (and that would be you if you're a home based business owner) comes on to the scene with some kind of  baggage. 

This baggage causes us to self-sabotage in ways we can't identify unless we are aware of why we don't have the MLM success we think we should. 

Baggage has a lot to do with our upbringing and bring past experiences into our current "today, now" situation and believing that our past dictates our future.

Nothing could be further from the truth. 

Here's an example of baggage:

Growing up we developed belief systems about ourselves and our capabilities.  Generally these are very limiting.

We also have money meters inside of us that tells us whether we believe we deserve any kind of success and what kind of money would be acceptable for us to earn.  

Here's a personal story I'll share to make my point….

I remember…

When I was working for attorney's, I was at the top of my pay scale, yet it was still only around $36K a year (back in 1985-1990ish).  I knew I wanted to make more money than that as well as being able to enjoy time freedom.  So I made a decision to resign my position and I went full time into real estate.  

Here's where I saw my money meter at work…

When I began my real estate career, I would go after the listings and buyers for the $100,000 – $300,000 range.  I did this because that was the income amounts that was comfortable for me.  I could relate to money conversations in the $500K to 1 million +.  

And, I have to say, that when I got my first couple of commissions and they were $3K – $4K a pop, I was like… "Man, do I deserve that for the work I did?  I remember having these conversations with myself.  You see, I based my worth on the TIME I spent, rather than the VALUE I brought for my clients in representing them in their biggest asset transfer. 

As time went on and I began to see the value of my services, I began to get comfortable with helping higher end clients solve their problems in the housing industry and eventually, I made more and more money.

So that's an example of baggage as it relates to what you think you're worth, how you should be paid and the value you bring. 

The way we rid ourselves of these self-saboting actions and beliefs is to make a decision to change our thinking.  This involves a set of activities that if we commit to every day, we will begin to see changes in our lives and business and end up with the MLM success we desire. 

Here's activities we want to be establishing habits with:

  • 1)  Reading personal development books
  • 2)  Reading about how others have succeeded.
  • 3)  Listening to audios on how to overcome limiting beliefs
  • 4)  Creating a vision board and writing out our goals.
  • 5)  Visualizing what you want and seeing you already having it.
  • 6)  Getting whatever outside help you need to get your thinking right.
  • 7)  Removing and ignoring poor behavior and negative remarks from our lives.


MLM Success Tip #3

It's All About Relationships

mlm success

We live in a fast food society where people want to get rich and get rich NOW using just the internet and be on their way.  Nobody wants to talk to anyone, they just want to make money.

Well, if you want to simply market affiliate products, or create your own products, that fine and you'll have some success.  I have been very successful with affiliate marketing and you don't have to talk or interact with people for that. 

But you are looking for MLM success, the way to get there is offline and developing relationships.  There's no escaping that.

If you're struggling in your network marketing or MLM business, perhaps that's the reason right there.  If you're trying to run your network marketing or MLM business like you do your affiliate marketing business, it won't work. 

Here's a few things to do differently.

  • 1)  Connect live with your business partners.
  • 2)  Ask them how you can help them.
  • 3)  Work together as a team.  That may mean 3 way calls.
  • 4)  Establish a community (Facebook Group or Ning Group) where everyone can connect and support each other. 
  • 5)  Get to live events or create your own where friendships and deeper relationships can build.

It's called "network marketing" aka "MLM" for a reason.  So get connected, stay connected, make an effort to reach out to your team and business partners.  Adopt the 'nobody left behind' motto.  When you work in conjunction with each other, it's way more fun and you'll see your team flouishing.

MLM Success Summary

These tips which my mentors taught me early on, have made all the difference in my growth and MLM success and I hope I've brought value to your day.

MLM Success Tip 1:  Reach out by solving people's problems.

MLM Success Tip 2:  Grow yourself from the inside out and your business will follow.

MLM Success Tip 3:  Develop relationships


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