MLM Online Training – Power of a Mastermind

mlm online trainingLooking for MLM Online Training guaranteed to give you results and confidence?

Imagine for a moment you had someone that you literally worked side by side with as a true blue partner. 

Admittedly someone who is most likely a total stranger to begin with but turns into one of your best business confidants.

What would that feel like? 

What would that mean to you? 

What do you think you could accomplish?

These are great questions that if you answered honestly, you'd be getting excited "and relieved" just at the thought of having someone to work with.

If you're like I was when I first got started in my home based business having an MLM online training mastermind partner felt absolutely fabulous and it meant the world to me.  If the truth be told, I don't think I'd be where I'm at today had I not done that.

In fact, it's a practice that I established years ago and when I don't connect regularly with a 'running buddy' for mastermind, accountability and review, I notice a difference in my energy, my productivity and results. 

After all, why should our businesses not require the same brainstorming and masterminding as a brick and mortar? 

Can you think of one company that doesn't call decision makers together to assess their business growth and plan upcoming marketing strategies? 

Or find areas of weakness and come up with a plan for success?

No, all successful companies do that.

And you are the CEO of your multi-million dollar company.  (ok, so maybe you're not there yet, or maybe you never want to be THAT big… but you have to approach your business with the same attitude toward growth and development).

As part of your MLM Online Training,  I cannot stress enough the importance of having a mastermind partner.  In fact, the sooner you partner up and find someone, the better start you'll have… guaranteed.


In this article, I will share with you the following:

1)  What is an MLM online training mastermind partner is.

2)  The benefits of having an MLM online training partner.

3)  Where to find a MLM online training mastermind partner.

If you have a business of any type, be it a brick and mortar store that you are also taking and marketing online or a home based business you want to market online, the value of a mastermind with a trusted business partner or coach is priceless. 

In fact, regardless of whether you take your business online or not, the benefits of having  a mastermind partner can make or break you.  But for the purpose of this article, I'm going to refer specifically to the network marketing and MLM home based business model.

So let's get started because this is where the FUN starts!


What's an MLM Online Training Mastermind Partner?

Your MLM Online Training mastermind partner is someone who is at about the same stage in business growth as you are and who has the same desire to learn and implement as you. 

In other words, you both want the same thing, and that's to grow your MLM or network marketing business. mlm online training

And you're both willing to do the work so one of you won't flake out on the other.

You both have common marketing interests such as mastering online marketing strategies. 

Using the internet to market your business can be very challenging especially when there will be times when you think you've arrived.   You're getting results using a particular marketing strategy and then things change in an instant. 

For example, people no longer hang out where you were marketing or Google changes it's algorithms or YouTube decides to suspend your video account for no apparent reason or maybe the company where you were advertising decides they don't like home based business ads and boots you out. 

It happens.  It happens to all of us at some point.  If it doesn't, it just means you haven't been in the game long enough or you haven't put enough out there. 

If I have one word of advice for you… it's FLEXIBLE.

Having a like minded MLM Online training mastermind partner will help you to recover through new game plans and be an encouragement to you when this happens.


Benefits To Having an MLM Online Training Mastermind Partner

Here's where it gets fun.  Fun yes but even more so, DOABLE.  When you believe that you CAN DO what you set out to do, the process become more enjoyable, your energy picks up, your confidence increases and hope abounds.  Why? Because now you finally have a game plan and can work your plan.  And you have someone to work it with.

Here's a list of benefits off the top of my head.

You are not by yourself 

When you are working a home based business, it's very isolating.  And there's a lot of fears and insecurities on the foundation of your business.  When you know that there is someone you can reach out to in a heartbeat who will be there for you, understands completely because they are in the same spot, and truly cares about your business and success, it's comforting.

Sharing your goals 

Each of you share your goals.  There is something powerful to saying to someone, "here's what I will accomplish".  Putting words behind your intentions are powerful. 

By the way, your goals should not just be paying the bills.  If you're starting a business to just pay the bills, the road ahead is full of too much commitment to success to succeed.  Just paying the bills is not reward enough for the effort and time you'll be spending. 

Your goals should reach much deeper.  Your true "why". 

Maybe you want that dream home.  Or send all the kids to college with the debt.  Or fund water wells for a poverished community in Africa.  Or help fund the rescue of children in the sex slavery industry.  Or send your folks on a vacation they've never had. 

Paying the bills… ugh.. not worth the effort.  You can get a second job or rake leaves to pay the bills.  What is it that you really want if the bills were paid?  Share that with your mastermind partner.


Attraction Marketing System



How are you going to accomplish your goals?  This is where the two of you will grab a notepad and start jotting down ideas.  Assuming you are marketing online, you will be mlm online trainingtalking about some of these:

  • Ways to market
  • A schedule to implement that marketing
  • Building your list and following
  • Using automation
  • Offering a free giveaway
  • Following up through email
  • Starting your blog
  • Syndicating your content to get your message all over the internet
  • Accountability
  • Developing your brand
  • List of products and services
  • Ways to get paid even when someone does join your home business program
  • You finish the list…


No doubt along the way, there will be items on your "to do" list that you just don't understand how to put together.  For example, your automation.  That involves an autoresponder, and the flow of where you take people.  Another example is the "how to" syndicate process.  Another example may be the "how to" set up or install or fill out something.

This is where you and your mastermind partner get on a screen sharing program like or gotomeeting or Skype and you learn together. 

Here's the cool thing.  If you can each take one aspect you don't understand and go figure it out.  Then you can come back together and teach each other the one thing you agreed to learn.  This way, it speeds up the learning curve, it reinforces what you've learned because you taught it to each other and you cut your time in half to learn both things.

Two heads are better than one.  This is so true.  Oftentimes I've been on the screen share with a mastermind partner and we're sharing stuff and one thing leads to another and we find ourselves troubleshooting and solving yet another "something we didn't know" just by figuring it out together.


This is big.  This is where you really have to step up and do what you say you're going to do. 

At this point, it's not JUST about you.  It's about you helping someone else.  And when you don't step up and do your part, you are pulling your mastermind partner down.  You inject negative energy into the relationship. 

Take this seriously.  Your business is at stake and your future success.  Do whatever you need to do to get done what you said you are going to do. 

I understand it may very well mean you say NO to watching your favorite "can't miss" TV show.  Or saying "NO" to volunteering to host the PTA Christmas party.  Or saying "NO" to watching your neighbor's children every Tuesday night.  

Too bad. 

You've got to decide what's more important. 

We all have 24 hours in a day  and we all make decisions on what's most important.

This time in your business is so critical, you have to treat it as if you just spent $600K on a brick and mortar and you have to get it in the black. 

The problem with home business ownership is that

  • 1)  you are at home with all distractions
  • 2)  you're not trading time for dollars so you can't see the immediate financial gratification
  • 3)  others think if you're working at home, you're really not working so they interrupt.

mlm Online trainingI love this picture with Dad and the kids.  And this would be OK if Dad were cash flowing more abundance than he needs to hit the family goals with his home based business. 

But in reality, I think this is what people visualize when it comes to "working at home".  Kids crawling on you and wanting to play during what should be work time is just one of the distractions that need to be dealt with.

But don't get me started… LOL.  That's a whole other blog post. :)

Draw lines in the sand and say, "no matter what, I'm making this happen".  And you can still put family first if you plan right.  Your family and your faith are most important. 

Extra time outside of that should be building your business for a couple hours a day at least. 

It's all temporary.  You're trying to get off the ground right now.  Make sense?

MLM Online Training Mastermind Live Example

Here's some very specific examples based on my real life last MLM Online Training Mastermind Partner Session just last night.

My mastermind partner and I began our weekly session and to give you an idea, here's what we talked about..
1)  We reviewed our daily method of operation and implementation for our current marketing.  There was accountability, tough love when it came to making excuses and compassion where
it mattered.
2)  We created a new log to keep track of blogs we post and a spreadsheet on what needs to be done with each of those as time goes by. 

(You will only be as successful as you can manage your business.)
We took turns sharing some new stuff.
3)  I taught him about this monkee tool that allowed me to rank on page one of Google overnight for the keywords I was going after in this blog post which I wrote and emailed to you on Tuesday.
Remember this from a couple days ago?  It was on how to organize your internet marketing business.

Here's a screenshot of my ranking. #3 on the front page of Google ain't bad!

organize your internet marketing business

4)  He helped me get set up on Google+
I know… I'm late to the game.  But I'm not the social butterfly like some people you know.  Although I am getting more into it. 
By the way, my profile isn't all filled out yet but I'd love it and so appreciate it if you could connect with me there.  That way I don't look like a ghost town… LOL.
5)  I showed him how IBOToolbox works.  I've been generating leads and sales from this FREE little social site.
6)  He showed me how to wrap entries on my spreadsheet. I've used Excel for years but never knew I could simply hit the 'wrap' button and BAM!  I can shorten all my columns! 

We ended the call which was quite lengthy but very productive knowing that we're on the right track for business. 

We learned some new things about how to save time, some new strategies to implement, some troubleshooting, proof of what's working and it was great.



mlm online trainingSchedule regular times to meet

Get out your appointment book and have a time and date that you will get together to review and hold accountable the other person.  Don't buy into each others excuses. 

Can you be tough?  Kinda like tough love.  Always be respectful.  And there's always an exception for emergencies, of course.

You've got to call each other the carpet when "I didn't have the time, blah, blah, blah" comes up.  We all make time for things we place great importance on.  It's a matter of rearranging priorities.  Period.

If you live nearby, you can meet in person where each of you bring your laptops and find a quite place with no interruptions. 

If you're not, then meet online.  Make sure you are using a screen sharing program so each of you can see the others' computer screen.  You want to be able to see the work, troubleshoot technology and take an interest in what each of you are doing.


Finding Your MLM Online Training Mastermind Partner

You can find your MLM online training mastermind partner anywhere.  There are millions of people around the world who are seeking the very things I've written about.mlm online training

These new and struggling entrepreneurs are all trying to put the pieces of their business together. 

They need to talk about it. 

They need to share their struggles and are seeking breakthroughs. 

They are looking for help but don't know where to turn.

Here's some places that you start meeting other entrepreneurs with a call to action to contact you if they are interested in forming a mastermind alliance.

  • Others in your primary business
  • others in a marketing tool program
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Twitter
  • IBOToolbox
  • Events
  • Meet up groups
  • Offline brick and mortar store owners who have an online presence
  • Come up with more ideas

Put your intentions in your heart and head, then put them out online for others to reach out and connect back to you. Let them know you're looking for a mastermind partner and even be specific…

"I'm looking for someone who is….." 

When they connect with you, ask them where they are at HONESTLY in their business.  Exchange your strengths and weaknesses, gauge the seriousness and commitment of each individual and make sure it aligns with yours.  Find out a little bit about their interests, their business and see if you can work together well.

Then take it for a test drive.    You may go through a couple before finding the right match for your mastermind partner but the search and effort is worth it.

By the way, they don't have to be in your company.  This is what's fabulous about online marketing.  It doesn't matter WHAT you're selling.  It only matters HOW you sell it.  And the HOW TO is always the same.


Summary of MLM Online Mastermind Partner

In this article I've shared with you…

1)  What is an MLM online training mastermind partner is.

2)  The benefits of having an MLM online training partner.

3)  Where to find a MLM online training mastermind partner.

I wish you all the success in the world and I know if you'll be patient and diligent, you'll find the right mastermind partner.  You may find a couple and end up a trio or a foursome.  That's ok too!


Please tweet and Google+ and of course, leave me a comment and let me know about your experience with working with an MLM online training mastermind partner.  Can't wait to hear your story! 



  1. Jonathan Paquin says

    Great article Debbie!
    Your are right, it's way more fun with a partner.
    It's helpful!
    I think a good partner is the best tool you can have.
    Life is fabulous :)

  2. Debbie Turner says

    Hey Jonathan…

    Probably some will read this article and your comment and think that “fun and home based business” don’t go together because of all the struggle out there. But truly, like you said, when you buddy up… it’s fun and enjoyable. Thanks a BUNCH for stopping by! Always love to hear from you!


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