Mixing Friendships and Network Marketing


Mixing Friendships and Network Marketing

Being excited about starting a home based business and announcing it to your friends, can be a disappointing and hurtful experience you hadn’t counted on.  I experienced that myself to some degree as I shared my enthusiasm with my fellow real estate agent friends.  Not all, but some.

It took me by surprise.

It messed with my head and heart for a couple of days.

So thought if I could let you know there’s a great possibility that not everyone in your friend and family circle will support or encourage you, then you know to expect it and how to handle it.  This way, if it happens, it won’t slow you down, hurt your feelings or take the wind out of your sail.

Friendships are essential to our sense of who we are, there’s no question about that.  We value friends, but the path of friendship, like love, rarely runs smooth all the time.

After all,  we are all individuals with our own deep desires, fears, and experiences and all through our lives we are molding ourselves to who we think we need to be based on our friends’ perception of us.

This can be especially true when we approach our friends about our desires to start a home based business.  They know us.  They probably know all the little quirks and insecurities we have.  So when we announce we want to move forward on this crazy dream we have, they may just look at as funny waiting for the punch line.

If they disagree with your intentions, you may encounter immediate conflict.  There could be a tenseness to the conversation and a strain on the relationship.

More often than not, our friends will not be quick to support us in starting a home based business, but rather go down a list of all the reasons why that’s just a bad idea.

There are many reasons for this and it could be as simple as

1)  Their own past failure in a home based business opportunity

2)  Fear that if you succeed, they will have no place in your life.

3)  They think you’re going to expect them to join your biz op or buy their product and they don’t want to go down that road.

They may not even be able to recognize the real reason, they just think you shouldn’t do it.

You cannot allow this influence in your life.  If you know that starting a home business is a direction you want to go, then you have to learn how to constructively deal with it.  Part 2 of this article is below which will help you manage these relationships.

Where to Get Support

Get into online communities for support.  If you don’t have support in your immediate family and friends group, it’s critical that you start hanging out with the right people who will through online communities who will surround you with words of encouragement, pushing you succeed, and believing in you.  There are thousands of groups that meet online on Facebook Groups, on Google hangouts, on Skype, and in other social media venues.

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There are also thousands of offline events that you can attend where other entrepreneurs come from all over the world to mastermind, network and share their lives, their experiences, their challenges and victories. Get plugged into these live events.

The company for which you joined to start home based business will likely have at the very least, an annual convention.  Get to it.  Build the cost of your travel into your business budget.

Additionally, there are many networking events throughout the year sponsored by generic marketing companies, personal development coaches and such.  Just Google them or ask around.

These events are amazing because you get to physically hangout together.  You’ll get gold nuggets while enjoying dinner with your new networking friends after the event.  It will prove to be a time of renewal, fresh ideas, a shot in the arm, a kick in the butt, of meeting your future best friends, of finding an accountability partner, and many breakthroughs.

You know, at your 9-5 job, you mix and mingle with co-workers around the water cooler and in the lunch room.  Being by yourself with your laptop at the kitchen table can seem isolating.  Live events are the ultimate water cooler experiences.  You’ll be able to see that all the so called gurus, are just like you.  It’s very inspiring.


How to Deal With Relationship Changes Along Your Personal Development Journey

Have an awesome day!

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Debbie Turner
Lifestyle Entrepreneur

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    Hey Debbie,
    Great post. I actually lost a very good friendship when I became a network marketer. She is of the paycheck to paycheck mindset and just really didn’t get what I was doing. Sad, but hopefully we will reconnect again. What I have learned since is never to judge other people by what they choose to do. Everyone has to take their own journey, and if it doesn’t look the same as yours, that’s ok, you can still love and appreciate them.
    .-= tkmoss´s last blog ..Royal Cruise Matrix – The Benefits Of Connections =-.

  2. says

    Theresa, you said it beautifully. I’m sorry you lost that friendship and hopefully you will reconnect. I think it’s a tragedy that our family and friends can’t support us in our dreams. I admire you for stepping out and following your dreams. Awesome.. you rock Theresa! = Deb

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