Mindset of Entrepreneurs

In anything you do in life, there are factors that play a role in your success.  And there definitely are factors that play a role in your network marketing success. 

I think you'll agree that network marketing would-be entrepreneurs are always trying to figure out exactly what those factors are.  However, I also think you agree, just based on statistics, that few ever discover it, or maybe I should say … believe it and act upon it.  I'm pretty sure all have heard the message.

What typically happens is someone joins a network marketing business opportunity and when they don't get the results they want, they start the blame game and quit, or hop to another opportunity.  They look for scapegoats and reasons to justify why they didn't get results. 

Have you ever wondered why some go to the top of their company and others never get off the ground?  

I've seen many people search for "the secret ingredient" to success like it's some mysterious held privilege for only a select few since it seems so few ever make it.  "It" being successful.

Here's the TRUTH.  It's not held for just a few.  It's for everyone.  It's for anyone who will acknowledge it, accept it, receive it and implement.  It's life changing. 

There definitely IS  'something missing' for those who don't achieve the results they want and it's what this blog is about.

So why do some achieve their goals and others don't… even within the same company?

Some people think it's the product.

If you look around however, you'll see it's the same product for the highest level distributor as it is for the the brand new person who just signed up. 

Some people think it's the compensation plan.

If you around however, you'll see it's the same compensation plan for the highest level distributor as it is for the the brand new person who just signed up.

  • Network marketing allows you to be paid what you're worth.
  • Men and women are paid the same.
  • Your income is not what someone says you can earn.

If it's not the products and it's the not the compensation plan, what is it? 

It's YOU.

The only difference between the top earners in the company you represent and you are the 6 inches between your ears.  YOU are the variable.

If that's the case, then you want to ask yourself how you can make yourself better.  Don't hope for things and situations to change.  Hope for YOU to become a better YOU.

You can't control others.  You can't control companies. 

But you CAN control YOU. 

Over the weekend I listened to a great training by Nick Sarnicola, co founder of ViSalus.  The message was based around the teachings of Jim Rohn pictured below.
Mindset of entrepreneurs
Jim Rohn taught entrepreneurs how to become the best they could.  He taught principles of success understanding the variable is the individual.  Throughout his teachings he identifies the enemies of your success.  This is what this blog is about.

In this blog about the Mindset of Entrepreneurs, you will discover based on Jim Rohn's principles for success:

  • The enemies of your success
  • The fruits of your success
  • The 3 questions you should ask yourself


When you think of the word "enemy" you associate it with a very negative thing.  It reflects a really bad situation, right?  It goes deeper than "obstacles to my success", or "just can't seem to get my business going".. or something along those lines.  The word enemy is a stronger, more life threatening situation.

Hundreds of years ago, you'd worry about enemies taking your land, hurting your family, burning down your house in the wilderness, and you were always about protecting your families.

Thousands of years ago, you'd worry about enemies like wildlife beasts attacking you.

Today, our enemies are different from those … they are in the mind of an individual.  These enemies won't kill you physically but they will kill your success.  You can't see them like you can see someone coming at you with a weapon.  Most people harbor them everyday yet they fail to acknowledge or identify what's really going on.

And here's a  fact.  If you don't get your enemies, your enemies will get you.  100% of the time. 


Indifference is a lack of caring.  It's not having an opinion about something, oftentimes everything.  They don't care if this happens or that happens.

You can ask them, "How do you feel about (fill in the blank)"  and they respond, "I don't know.  I don't feel anything really."

You can ask them, "What do you think about (fill in the blank)"  and they respond, "I don't care.  Whatever you think.."

Some people have had other tell them how to be, how to think, what to do, who to be for their entire life and they have lost the ability to have emotion about what they want.

Indifference is an enemy of your success.  If you don't get your enemies, your enemies will get you.


Indecision in business is really analysis by paralysis.  It's the incapability or inability of choosing between option A, option B or option C.

An example would be someone saying, "I really want to do this but I can't decide what to do."

The result will be an absolute inability to move forward, to do anything and as such, they will stay where they're at and have what they've always had.  These people are frozen in time.

Nick Sarnicola shared one of his biggest pet peeves about indecision.  He said

"I can't stand it when I'm out to dinner with people and someone at the table just cannot decide what to order.  They think and discuss and ponder and squirm between selecting dish A and dish B and now the waiter is back to the table for the 2nd time.  I want to say, 'Just order both!   It doesn't matter!  Make a decision!"

In business, people who are indecisive are locked into the negative voice in their head and not their intuition.

People WITH decision are locked into their intuition.  They go with their gut, with their gut reaction, they go with their gut feeling.

What this business Anytime an entrepreneur finds themselves paralyzed with inaction because of indecision, what they should do is stop, and ask themselves… "How does it feel?  And the first feeling they get, they know that's right.  

One has got to learn to tune out the negative voice in their head going "yack, yack, yack, yack…
(If you are reading this and saying, I don't have a voice in my head… congratulations… you just met the voice in your head)

Can you remember a time where you took action on an intuition and there became something great about it?
Can you remember a time where you did not take action on an intuition and something good did not happen?

Indecision is an enemy of your success.  If you don't get your enemies, your enemies will get you.

ENEMY #3:  DOUBTING  (Eyeore syndrome…. (successful people are Tiggers!)

These individuals doubt everything. 

  • Doubt themselves
  • Doubt the team
  • Doubt the partner
  • Doubt the leaders
  • Doubt the company
  • Doubt the industry

"I don't think this is going to work."
"I'm not sure I can do it."
"What if this happens… what if that happens…"

This is a life riddled with doubt and there's not a change in the world for success.

Doubt is an enemy of your success.  If you don't get your enemies, your enemies will get you.


There are two types of worry.  Real worry and Fake worry.

Real worry would look like this:  Your 16 year old son isn't home yet and it's 3 am.

Fake worry would look like this:  "What if I try to set up an appointment about my business and they think I'm crazy?"

worry, worry, worry, worry… these things are self-created and have no bearing on anything of value other than…
False Expectations Appearing Real = FEAR

Did you know that people literally worry themselves sick.  It's a proven fact.  So what would happen if we turned worry into optimism… would we succeed?  Quite likely!

Worry is an enemy of your success.  If you don't get your enemies, your enemies will get you.


"I'm shy"
"I was born shy"

News Flash.. you were not born shy. 

Have you ever heard a baby not cry and cry loud when they wanted something?

You wanted some milk… you screamed.
You wanted a toy.. you screamed.
You wanted attention… you screamed.

You wanted toWhat happens is you got labeled by your parents or teachers or others of influence in your young life.

YOU learned how to be shy and it's fake.  It's a lie. Someone lied you to you, you believed it and now you say "I'm shy". 

You can change that anytime you decide to.  Yes, even in an instant.

Timidity is an enemy of your success. 
If you don't get your enemies, your enemies will get you.

ENEMY #6:  COMPLAINERS – (More Eyeores)

There's a difference between a necessary suggestion that something is wrong and complainers.

Example:  "I just got this box by UPS and it's all torn up and I'm so mad about it.  Then I called the company and they had me on hold for 7 minutes.  And then they had to transfer someone and I wanna know what you're gonna do about it."

mindset of entrepreneurIf you have a problem, solve the problem.  Just get busy with a solution and don't look up until you've got one.  Complaining about the problem doesn't solve the problem.  It never does.  Remember, you can only control YOU.

If you're a complainer, you'll notice people not wanting to be around you and will disburse when you walk into a room. 

The hardest thing about a complainer is telling them they're a complainer.  They just get defensive and reactive.  If this is you, you've gotta fix it because successful people are not complainers.

When situations come up, circumstances arise, stuff happens… you've got to make a decision at that moment.  Either you will complain or be successful.  You can't have it both ways.

We all have our moments…. but if we do it around the clock about everything, you've got to get over it.  There's so much to be happy about in this world.

Complaining is an enemy of your success.  If you don't get your enemies, your enemies will get you.




The day everything turns around for you in your life…is the day you get disgusted.  Being totally disgusted  is a powerful emotion.

The day you stop being indifferent and start being disgusted with your weight, your debt, your situation, your finances, your health; the very moment that you reach your maximum totally disgusted tolerance level… that's the day your life turns around.

You may be saying, well that's a negative emotion.  No, not if you take that negative emotion and channel that to create the most positive experience in your life.  Channel the disgust to empower you to succeed.


A person who makes a true decision is unstoppable. Many have misconstrued the definition of decision. 

"I'll quit smoking right after I finish this pack."
"I'll lose weight right after the holidays."

When you make a decision, you make a decision.

Definition of decision is  "to cut off from". 

So in order for you to actually make a decision, you have cut off from all other options. 

If you decide to lose weight, lose it.
if you decide to go the next rank in your business, do it.

Make a real decision.


Desire is the opposite of disgust.  
Disgust is "I hate my situation so much I'm gonna change it."
Desire is "I want something so bad (burning desire) I'm going to go get it".

Desire keeps you up at night, you think it about all the time, in the shower, while you commute to and from work, during the lunch, and it's somethjng you want so bad you can hardly stand it.

We've all experienced that kind of desire in our lives at one time or another… perhaps some of these times…

  • the pursuit of your spouse
  • winning a ball game
  • training for something
  • succeed in your career
  • winning a race

There was a time you felt that before… then something happened.  That something is likely when you turned 18 or 24.  It's at that age that the light inside of us starts to go out.

Benjamin Franklin said most men die at age 20 or 25, we just don't bury them until they're 60-65. 

I know you're afraid.  I know you have doubts.  I know you're worried.  I know you have fear.  These things exist.  But you gotta turn the light back on.  Your light is your hope.  Your light is your promise for the future.  The day you kick in that desire is the day your life will turn around.


Jim Rohn asked a 7th grader what resolve meant.  The child responded that it was promising yourself that you're going make this happen and you're not going to quit no matter what.
You will do this for you, nobody else.  Promise yourself. 

One of these 4 things need to happen for you to turn your life around.  Today can be your day.  You decide in favor of yourself.  You can create a personal revolution today.



Why should your success happen? 
For you Family? For your Spouse? For You? Do you want to see the world?  Do you want your time back?  Do you want to own your life again?  You're the ONLY one that can answer that.  Nobody else can.

What are you going to miss if you don't?  Stop watching people on reality TV shows and making other people rich and start making yourself rich. 

Too busy to pursue a life freedom?  What are you busy doing?  Busy with "just stuff"?  What kind of "stuff" do you have going on that's more important than your life?

Days, weeks, months and years are going to happen in your life anyway.  Everyone around you approximately a year from now will be a little bit heavier, a little bit more in debt, a little bit older.

Why should success just have to seem to happen for someone else?  More self made millionaires never had a college education and many were high school drop outs.  People who create lifestyle freedom come from backgrounds of being plumbers, construction workers, teachers, stay at home moms and dads, doctors, pilots… they are vast. 

If it can be them… it can be you. 


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