Millionaire Entrepreneur Panel Shares Words of Advice


Millionaire Entrepreneur Panel Gives Words Of Advice

Hey friends,  I just got back from an event in Las Vegas where a panel of millionaire entrepreneurs were asked to give their number 1 top “words of advice” to a group of home based business owners.

These are home based business owners from all over the world, some needing translators because they spoke no English.  All ethnic backgrounds, all colors, all faiths, all various cultures and traditions, all languages.  And what a beautiful moment that was!

They were asked this question and then handed the mic…

“If you can only give ONE word of advice to anyone to wants to be successful in business, what would it be.  Give us your Best Top answer.”

As they passed the microphone from person to person, I wrote down their gold nugget to share with you.


None of these answers are of any surprise to me, maybe not to you.

In fact, these are probably pieces of advice you’ve heard before but perhaps just didn’t really believe.

What will surprise you perhaps is what they don’t say.

By the way, I didn’t catch all their names, but I caught their words.  Here we go…

1)  Stop focusing on the “how”.  Rather, identify your “why”.  Reason being, when your WHY is powerful enough to you, the how naturally appears.  There’s many “hows”.  Get your “why” down.

2)  Ask God to help you.  Pray.  Believe that you deserve good things and success but focus on how God can use you to help others.

3)  Never let anyone steal your dreams.  Ever.

4)  Keep your focus on your vision.  If you don’t, you’ll get side railed.  Be disciplined enough to stay focused and understand that you are your own worst enemy.

5)  Never give up on your dreams, no matter what.  Keep them in front of you.

6)  Lead with your heart.  Serve others.  Your success will follow.

7)  Become a student of personal development to become the best version of yourself.  Your business will grow as you grow as an individual.

8)  Never say “I can’t”.  What you say about yourself obligates you to prove yourself right.

9)  Never stop learning.  Don’t let your ego tell you that you’ve arrived and know it all.

10)  Nothing is impossible.  Anything you set your mind to and place action behind, you can accomplish.

11)  Dream big.  Everything is possible and nothing is too late to go after.

12)  Cut away from people who are negative and mediocre.  These are dream stealers and their poor mindset will suck the life out of you and your vision if you don’t.  Success is a decision and you must follow through on your decision that you will be, do and have what you dream about.

13)  If your “why” doesn’t make you cry, it’s not big enough.  Dream bigger.

14)  Surround yourself with positive people who are going in the same direction as you and make sure you get around mentors who are where you want to be.


Here’s what you may want to take away from this short list.

Notice there is no magic bullet, or just ONE thing.

There’s no technical or tactical words of advice, in other words, the “how to” build your business.

Notice it all comes down to you having a clear vision of what you want to achieve in life and having a huge dream.  Then, simply focus on that while removing yourself from those who would attempt to side rail you through their negativity and dive in and stay in personal development.

This is the advice all my mentors throughout my career have given me.  I didn’t believe it at first but as I began my journey, I realized they were right.

You see, any technical or tactical skillset can be learned.  But those won’t carry you through the challenges that building a business experiences.

I remember when I first was getting started with internet marketing, all I wanted to know about was the “how to” technical and tactical training.

I’d call my upline sponsor and ask “how do I …. (fill in the blank)“.  His response was “what books are you reading today?  What audios are you listening to?   Give me some take-aways from those.

He never answered my question.  When I finished answering HIS questions, he’d say, “Great.  That thing you want to know about, I don’t know.  You’ll figure it out though.”  

He was interested in my personal growth because he knew I’d figure the rest out if my mindset was in the right place, belief was growing, self-value was growing and my ‘why’ was strong enough.  Right he was.

It’s the journey of who you become on this road to success and your determination to never give up no matter what that will take you to your finish line.

There’s something very transformational that takes place as you are in the process of reaching for your goals as you envelope yourself in personal development.  The universe opens up all possibilities and you see things from a new perspective.  One of my mentors, Mark Victor Hansen, author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series once said, “suck it up and decide in favor of yourself“.  It really boils down to that.

I hope you enjoyed hearing these words of advice and confirms to you that personal development, commitment, determination, and focus is the magic sauce.

Much love…

internet marketing home based business

With Millionaire Colleague, Tamia.


Debbie Turner
Lifestyle Entrepreneur

PS:  If you’re ready to start a home based business, let’s talk.  I’ll show you what I’m doing and see whether it’s a fit for you or not.  Look forward to hearing from you.

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