My Mission Statement

My mission statement is simple.

I want to empower and inspire others to take control of their lives by putting aside fears and insecurities and going after what they want.

More often than not, people will tell me they want a better life but they aren’t willing to do what it takes, mostly because of fear.

Fear of rejection.  Fear of failure.  Fear of success.

I’m a baby boomer and didn’t start after my dreams until I was in my 40’s.  I discovered that perfection isn’t required but moving toward what you want and going after it, is.

Hopefully when people see me, they can say, “gosh, if Debbie can create income from her passions and interests and living her life by design, so can I”.

And, I want to lead by example.

If my life can be a testament that with determination you can achieve your goals, then I’ll be happy.

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