Business Background

It may seem odd to start sharing my business background by saying I’m very grateful for my past failures, however, it’s those failures that grew me as an entrepreneur and the person I am today.

I have become strong through trials and errors.  I’m especially grateful for my family and friends who have always supported me in my dreams.

I’m not a 9-5 type person. I hate alarm clocks with a passion.  My rule is this; I go to bed when I’m tired and get up when I’m done sleeping.  Mornings are not rushed and everyday feels like a Saturday.

Working for others in a career gives me a sense of claustrophobia.  It limits my potential and creativity.  I feel tied down and kept back from freedom to pursue the things I really want to do.   I don’t like having a boss dictating my lifestyle and being an employee doesn’t flow with the free spirit inside of me on any level.

I’m a very determined individual and because I’m comfortable with who I am, it’s easy for me ignore negative energy that comes into my life.  This has allowed me to fully explore and enjoy solo entrepreneurship.

In the past, I worked for various law firms in Las Vegas, NV and while I enjoyed the work very much, there was no place to go from the top of the pay scale.

Looking for better opportunities, I pursued a real estate career and did very well.  For 13 years I enjoyed the rewards of building a real estate practice and it provided a very comfortable lifestyle.

Then the market crashed when the economy had handed me a pink slip.  The real estate marketing advertising contracts I had put in place for the year still had to be paid yet no houses were selling.

I needed to find 6 figure replacement income and began searching online for answers.  The idea of high ticket direct sales and commissions interested me.

Additionally, I wanted to ditch the dress suit and heels and trade them in for shorts and t-shirts and conduct business solely on the internet from the beaches of the world.

I jumped into an opportunity without doing any due diligence and it turned out to be what I would call “paying tuition” on what not to do. It took me roughly 8 months and $35K to figure out this wasn’t working.

At this point I needed to put my CEO hat on and began a journey of education.  I attended an internet marketing conference in Minnesota where respected online marketers shared their strategies for success.   It was at this event that I received the blueprint for internet marketing.

I came away knowing for certainty that I had made the right decision to keep moving forward on my path in the internet and online marketing arena. It would prove to give the me the lifestyle I love.

Fast Forward Today

Today I’m enjoying a more fulfilling life than ever before.  I’m able to spend as much time with my family as I desire and have the freedom to make choices about my life.  I absolutely love what I do.

Since having the time to do what I want, I’ve pursued endeavors I’m passionate about.

- I’ve authored a book and hands on training for foster parents and social workers on how to make lifebooks for kids in care.  All foster kids in the State of Kentucky are now mandated to have a lifebook.

- I’ve become a published scrapbook designer.  a scrapbook designer for manufactures. My work has been published in idea books, in-store billboards, product packaging, and shown on QVC. I’ve been a guest on craft TV shows as well as have been invited to attend nationwide scrapbooking trade shows and conventions to demonstrate product and ideas for use. I enjoy teaching at conventions, retreats, stores, etc.

- I offer valuable tools and resources helping network marketers take their businesses online.

- I offer a travel product that I feel every family deserves to own.

Life is great!

I encourage you to learn a few new skills and like me, you can toss the corporate dress code and trade it in for a life you dream about.  It’s possible my friends!

I hope that my story inspires you to live the life you want.   I’m nobody special to have been able to reinvent my life other than visualizing what I want and making it happen.  You can do that too.

Learning how to market in a free enterprise system  is  the greatest gift you can give yourself.  Once you figure it out, you can do many things, explore many avenues and know how to put it together.

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