Maximum Leverage: Daegan Smith Offering 79% Off For Limited Time

If you looked up "genuine, transparency and integrity" in the dictionary, you'd find Daegan Smith.  Daegan has been in the internet marketing game for years.  He is one probably THE most transparent, the most available to help, the most willing to share guy who knows what's going on and what's working now in the online industry.

<— Daegan and I were both on the Houseboat for winning the affiliate contest with Mark Hoverson's Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint.  I had the opportunity to spend a couple hours chatting, listening to marketing stories and confirming everything I believed to be true about him.  He's the real deal.  He loves people and he has a heart to share and teach like no other I know.

Daegan Smith has a coaching club called Maximum Leverage.  Through this club you get access to the most cutting edge marketing, weekly live webinars, an insider scoop on what Daegan's actually doing, his results, his numbers, his exact ad copy, where's he marketing, what his costs are and the list goes on and one. 

Daegan Smith is offering two incredible opportunities right now with his Maximum Leverage Coaching Club.

1)  His coaching program for 12 months for the price of 3! (That's 7% OFF!)

2)  If you refer two people right now until the limited number of memberships sell out, you get your 3 months free PLUS he'll upgrade you to lifetime membership.

He's only offering this to the first 179 people who take him up on his offer.  They are going fast.  We don't know when this offer will close because it closes with the 179th membership.  I do know they are flying off the shelf.


Do you want to know Daegan's Story?  Here it is right from the mouth of Daegan himself:

"A decision that changed my life"
(NOT man boob surgery)

I'm going to share a story with you that
I've never shared because I've been too
embarrassed to share it.

Now think about that …

I'm a guy who's had man boob surgery and
has no problem sharing that fact with
the world without being embarrassed, so …

What could be so embarrassing that I
haven't shared it?

You're about to find out, and …

There IS a method to my madness.

I'm sharing this story because it's
something you need.

Something you're hungry for without
knowing it.

It's something, that once I share it
with you, you will …

Be changed.

You will not leave reading this email
how you came in.

If you don't believe me, let's put it to
the test together.

We begin back in March of 2006 B.D.


Before the Decision.

Back in March I was invited to my very
first Internet Marketing Seminar by Matt
Morris, the CEO of my home business back
then – Success University.

I was just budding as a leader and Matt
wanted to develop true leadership in me.

He knew I had an innate curiosity about
online marketing and wanted to feed
that desire.

When he proposed that I come to the
event I immediately recoiled internally.

My palms grew moist.

My heart raced.

I couldn't catch my breath to save my

All I could remember thinking was …

"I'm not ready. I won't know anyone."

I lacked confidence in those days.

But …

I bit my lip and I sent Matt $800 via
Paypal for my ticket as his guest.

A few weeks passed and …

The "Underground Online" event was

I woke up early, picked up Matt at his
Hotel, and we took the short ride over
to the event.

It was on 14th Street in downtown DC.

As soon as I walked through the door, I
was amazed.

All those "gurus" I was buying stuff
from. Learning from. Making money by
applying their ideas.

They were all there.

Walking around.

I remember I met Russell Brunson for the
first time back in March of 2006 B.D.

He was just a year older than me, a
wrestler, already a millionaire, and …

A REALLY real and good person.

I met "guru" after "guru", each
was, to my surprise …

A real person.

That alone …

Seeing that they were no different from
me was life altering.

I could go on, but we've got to press

As much as meeting all these amazing
millionaires was a revelation for me, so
was the information they shared from

I couldn't take notes fast enough.

I could feel my mind racing.

In fact, thinking back …

I'm surprised my notebook didn't catch
on fire with the speed I was scribbling

I could feel myself getting smarter, my
business becoming more profitable,
speaker after speaker, and then …

It happened.

John stepped on stage.

Of all the speakers there.

By FAR, John was the best.

Exactly who I needed to learn from at
that point in time.

I don't know if I believe in "luck", but
being in the room that day when he gave
that speech …

I don't know how else to describe it
from my perspective other than luck.


See …

This little daily email habit that I
preach and live by didn't start with me.

There was John before me.

As he spoke, it felt like atomic bombs
of insight were exploding every second
in my mind.

That presentation he shared from stage
for FREE has made my business a LOT of
money A.D.

After the decision.

At the end of that presentation I
remember he gave us the opportunity to
join him for a one day consultation for

The way I normally tell the story is …

I took him up on that offer and my life
changed, now although that's true …

There are a few details I've never
shared about how it really happened
because I was just too embarrassed.

Today I come clean.

Now …

Before I bare my sole I only ask that
you don't share what I'm about to share
with you with anyone.

Let this be between you and I, at least
for now.

Ok back to the story …

Here's what really happened.

John was on stage.

Every word he spoke was life changing to

I knew I needed to learn more from him
at all cost.

He made the offer for the one day
consult for $10,000 and my jaw dropped.

Pure elation and pure fear.

I didn't have $10,000.

Even more so …

I started thinking about things like
"What will my family and friends say if
I do this?"

John made the offer, and …

I didn't have the balls to take it.

I felt disgusted at myself.

You know …

That feeling where you can't even look
at yourself in the mirror?

That's how I felt X10.

But …

While sitting alone and sulking in the
hotel lobby, I realized all hope was NOT
lost yet.

I had a second chance.

Out in the hall …

I spotted John.

I could feel my spirits rising.

This was my second chance.

I could see myself, in my mind, going up
to him and saying …

"Your presentation was amazing. Can I
still sign up for that consult day?"

I clinched my jaw and my fist and walked
over to him.

Star struck and scared.

I don't remember what I said.

I do remember I didn't do what I set out
to do.

I chickened out … again.

Even though I knew life rarely grants us
second chances, and I had just been
lucky enough to have one.

I was too scared.

That $10,000 amount seemed too big.

I failed for a second time.

That seminar was dually one of the best
and most embarrassing moments of my

I left depressed, doubting that I had
the courage to succeed now.

I felt like I had missed my golden
opportunity, and I had.

I was right.

None the less, I got home and put myself
on John's list to model the way he did
his emails.

I learned a lot back in those early
days, and then …

About 3 weeks later something happened
that almost gave me a heart attack.

One day …

I open my email to read one of John's
emails and I see it.

"Could this really be true? Lightning
doesn't strike this many times … Does

Heart beat rising, light on my feet,
hands shaking I call the number in the

I speak with Randy.

He's busy.

He tells me to call back in an hour.

"I'm not going to let this pass me by

I tell myself.

In that email …

John had made the same offer that he made
from stage with his own list of prospects
and this time I wasn't going to let myself
be denied.

I didn't care.

I was going to make it happen no matter

I remember.

I had two credit cards.

My plan was to put as much as I could on
one, then as much as I could on the
other, and then … cover the rest with
the little savings I did have.

Here's what happened in that hour
between the initial call with Randy and
the second one.

At first, I was elated to have the
opportunity, but then …

Almost instinctually my mind again
turned to thoughts like …

"What will my family say? They'll think
I'm insane? $10,000 for one day who does
that? Am I crazy?

I shouldn't do this …

Who knows what's going to happen once I
give this guy this money, for all I know
he could be scamming me."

And those voice got louder and …

Louder, until …

I almost didn't pick up the phone.

Then I did something that changed my

A "trick" you can use yourself to make
your own magic happen.

The only way to silence all those
negative voices in my mind was to do

First …

I had to let go off all the "What
if …" stuff.

Then I started to think AND write out
for myself …

IMPORTANT: Write this down and remember
it for the rest of your life. It will
change you. You will be happier if you

All the reasons why I deserved to spend
$10,000 on myself for that day?

Things like …

"This is my future and no one is going
to rob me of it. I deserve this."

"If this guy turned an idea into a
million dollar business in 18 months
then what if I can pull just one idea
out of it? I deserve that idea."

I just kept writing and thinking and
thinking and writing until I felt it.

I was ready.

I called Randy back and booked my
$10,000 day.

That day has made me, from a monetary
stand point …

Let me put it to you like this …

When I first met John I was amazed that
he was able to take an idea and turn it
into a million dollar business in 18

Now, because I took that first step and
TRULY committed to myself and my future
my record is …

From idea to seven figure business in 5
and half months.

Maximum Leverage started as nothing more
than a simple idea.

The idea that if I teach you how to create
leverage you're business will flourish
and your life will improve.

That idea has spawned more successes than
any other of it's type in the online
marketing industry.

You saw all of the video break throughs
and that's JUST this year.

I've got 100s more like them.

5 months later I was generating over
$128,000 per month from scratch.

I demolished John's record.

The student surpasses the teacher.

And that's my greatest desire for you
as my student, so …

I pose this question to you …

Was stepping out of my box, "tricking"
myself into spending $10,000 for a one
day consult worth it in your opinion?

An easy YES.

If you were coaching yourself right now
and your issue with joining Maximum
Leverage right now at our 79% discounted
rate is price what would tell yourself
to do?


1. Let go of the "What if …" stuff

2. Write down all the reasons why you
deserve to be a member of the Inner
Circle family.

3. When the emotion is at it's peak go
here and do what you know you need to

(After all, you wouldn't have read this
far if you didn't already know now was the
time. You can feel I'm right can't you?)

I'll see you on the inside.

Welcome to the family!

To the top,

Daegan " Now Fearless" Smith

P.S. That same trick I used to spend
$10,000 on myself that freed me to make
multiple seven figures there after is
the same secret I used to launch huge
teams fast, to move to Maui on a whim,
and it's the way I make all of the
important decisions in my life.

I've found if you let go, and move
towards happiness and take definitive
action all those details and things you
"think" you need to figure out before
you can make a decision take care of

This strategy gives you power over your
mind and the direction of your actions
and thus your life.

Don't mistake it's value seeing that I
just shared this with you for fore
zilch. It's life changing.

Test your resolve and join us now here:

How To Make Your Maximum
Leverage Membership Free And Get
Upgraded To Lifetime Memberships:


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I would not recommend you dilly dally about whether or not Daegan Smith can teach you what you need to know and whether you can afford this or not.  You can't afford NOT to take him up on his offer.  CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW and take advantage of 79% off. 

Mike Dillard, Jonathan Budd, Mark Hoverson….. all the industry leaders HIGHLY RECOMMEND Daegan Smith and his Maximum Leverage Coaching Club. 

See you on the inside of Maximum Leverage!

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