Mark Victor Hansen: “Suck it Up and Decide in Favor of Yourself”

-Suck It Up And Decide In Favor Of


Mark Victor Hansen:

“Suck it Up and Decide in Favor of Yourself”

Now that’s calling it like it is!  I remember standing up in my studio and yelling “Yes!” when I heard this.  Such wonderful words from this power house of a man.  What a night!

If you want to know what it feels like to be around a ball of energy, flowing with positive interjections into the atmosphere, spend an hour with Mark Victor Hansen, the author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” and many others.

I was recently on a conference call, compliments of MyLeadSystemPro (thank you Brian, Todd and Norbert), with two great mentors of mine. Jeffrey Combs, pictured below and who is the founder of and Mark Victor Hansen.

Jeffrey acted as host for the evening leading a discussion with Mark .

Jeff1_SmallFeeling the energy of these two great men was enough to light my studio up!

I was immediately electrified by their words, their insights, and the validation to me on a very personal level that the business and industry I’m passionate about and the lives I’m impacting does mean something.

Those in attendance on the call were small business owners worldwide who specialize in the Network Marketing and MLM industry.

Millions of people on the outside of MLM and network marketing business models look at this industry as some kind of scam.  In reality, it’s their ignorance.

In every industry across the board, there are good and bad but we don’t allow a bad to spoil it for the good ones.

Because of personal failures in the home based business industry, one is quick to point the finger at anyone other than themselves and chalk it up to a scam.  Isn’t that interesting that people who have failed in network marketing feel they need a scapegoat instead of admitting they just didn’t understand marketing concepts and making the effort to become a master marketer (he talks more about this being our obligation).  People love scapegoats to justify their failure.

If they only were developing themselves first, they would know that there is no failure, only feedback.

Here are some highlighted notes from the call I’d love to share with you. Mark touched on :

  • Validating that Network Marketing and MLM IS the solution
  • Challenge to become a master marketer and leader in the industry
  • Our obligation to become a millionaire because THEN we will be in a position to help others
  • We are called to an abundant life through Jesus
  • Mindset tips
  • Homework assignments as challenges


Although I didn’t need it, it’s always great to receive validation from the great entrepreneurs of the world like Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump and Mark Victor Hansen that Network Marketing and MLM based businesses IS the solution to the economy.  They all wholeheartedly agree and promote this type of entrepreneurship.  In fact, Trump has his own network marketing company.

Mark said, “Network Marketing and MLM is the opportunity of opportunities”.

There are millions of people coming online every day looking for an opportunity.

  • People just today lost their job.
  • A wife found out she’s pregnant and desires to be home with the children rather than in the office while someone else raises her babies.
  • A company lost the deal they were counting on and now they have to shut the doors.
  • A student just graduated from college and cannot find work to pay the massive debt he/she occurred getting the education.
  • A retired couple realized their retirement income is putting them in the poverty class.

Doing business online brings the world together.  We’re all neighbors.  We have webinar services and video conferencing that can put people in New York, Europe and China together at 10 am for a round table discussion.  There’s no boundaries to entrepreneurship and network marketing is a “walk into” business.

I wrote an article called ‘There’s No Recession Online’ that will be worth your time to read.


Chicken-soup-for-the-soul-network-marketersMark Victor Hanson pleaded with us to become master marketers.  Marketing is what makes millionaires.  Mark encouraged us to take our stories and use them when appropriate in our messages and marketing because our stories connect us with others.

This is the tried and true “my story marketing”.  Life is about taking our experiences, challenges, heartaches, failures and sharing what we did to overcome, to win, to succeed.

Frequency of repetition is key in marketing: Meaning people have to experience you at least 7 times before someone says yes.  During these 7+ touches, people are learning to trust you, understand you and think you have what they need.  He said you have to use pictures, videos and audio when sharing about your product or to convey your message.  Most people think in images as the human mind is 90%+ visual.


Hanson was adamant about those who are able needing to step up to the plate and effect change.  Leadership is in demand and tremendously lacking.

Today, more and more young people, as young as early 20’s are creating millions.  Hansen’s take on this is that anyone and everyone can make a million dollars today because of technology and the internet.

He believes it’s easier now more than any other time in history to generate that kind of cash flow and its there for anyone with an idea, a desire and commitment.  It no longer requires special education or other “old school” criteria.  It’s for all people of all ages and backgrounds.

He further went on to say that it’s our responsibility to become millionaires, not only to ourselves to serve and secure our families, but to help society and the economy as a whole.  In this way, we are providing jobs for those who are truly unable to see the vision to create that for themselves, as well as giving generously to organizations and charities that make a difference in this hurting world.

Hansen shared that every millionaire creates 10 jobs and every billionaire creates 10,000 jobs.  Becoming a millionaire is one of the best things we can do to help the economy as well as ourselves.  You don’t hear that in school growing up!


Mark adamantly declared that we were created to have an abundant life.

We were NEVER meant to be broke, poor and broke minded.  We were wonderfully created to enjoy financial, relationship and time freedom.  I hadn’t heard the term “relationship freedom” but I like it.  It refers to spending time with family and friends and developing and maintaining those meaningful relationships.   He quoted Jesus who said, “I’ve come that you may have life and have life abundantly.

Jeffrey Combs asked Mark to share with the group, “What do you have to do when you’re down and out?

Mark’s response was , “You can’t be anyone else but yourself, that’s for starters.  The second thing is change your thinking.”

As Mark’s mentor from his early years told him, he now tells us, “Dream big dreams and build your Network Marketing or MLM business one person at a time. ” Mark believes in the importance of surrounding yourself with many coaches and mentors and those who are where you want to go.  He believes in creating dream teams.

America desperately needs help, not a hand out.

Mark expounded on that by saying America needs good leaders in the industry to lead and share with others how to build their businesses.  Business owners need to become great marketers and stop making excuses and pointing fingers at others for their failures.

Mark said listen to tapes, CD’s, whatever, to change your thinking, change your focus off of what’s wrong and see past it to where you want to be, focus on lead generation and marketing and understand how big the market is… there’s millions upon millions of people out there we can connect with.

He further said….

  • Confront your fears and make them disappear.
  • Shut off the TV and the news, that’s negative stuff.
  • Build your dream team.  You can do miracles by working within a team.
  • You have no limits except those you put on yourself.  Mindset and belief systems will make or break you.
  • You can be unstoppable once you make the decision to be so.
  • You must read personal development and mindset/belief book at least 4 times…. You won’t believe this stuff until you’ve read something at least 4 times.

Mark Victor Hansen finished up the call with an urgent plea…

“We’ve got to build more independent millionaires…. The more enterprising you are, the more freedom you receive.  It’s your spiritual obligation.”

He shared the story from Scripture about the parable of the talents found in Matthew 24:14-29.  To the man who took what was given to him and doubled it, he was rewarded with more.  The man who buried his talent was shamed.  It’s a great story and I recommend you read it.  There’s no room for laziness or excuses.  We are called to be good stewards.

Mark went on saying,

“ If you are able to learn marketing, then you are responsible to learn it and become a millionaire.  It is time for you to build yourself into a millionaire and then a multi-millionaire.  Anyone can come out of the woodwork and go from zero to heroes; they just need to suck it up, decide in favor of themselves, and decide that tonight.”

Mark pointed out that we’ll do more for our families and those we love than we will do for ourselves.  Let’s create millions for them.  Let’s do it for the ones we love.  Attain that “White hot desire”, as Mark termed it, and you will become unstoppable.

In the Book of Psalms, Mark referred to King Solomon who was the richest man on earth in Biblical days.  King Solomon basically says your goal is to become an influencer of influencers and inspire others to buy what you have.  He followed up with stating this is the easiest time to get rich ever in history.

You have to get rich or you will be living where you don’t want to live, wearing clothes you don’t want to wear, eating what you don’t want to eat.  That’s just the way it is.

Now is the time to step up to the plate and make the changes.

Now is the time to make a decision how you will live.

If you become all that you can be and you do all that you can do, you will have what you’ve always wanted.  The greatest of all things that you can become is a servant to others.

Take care of what others need.

Help them, encourage them, be genuine to them… and you will have what you desire.

The world needs leadership.  Leadership comes from sales.  Sales means to serve.  Jesus said we are here to serve others.  The greatest leader of all, serves.  We are here to serve greatly.

The world is waiting for YOU to demand better for yourself. Will you take the challenge to effect change, learn new skills and demand better for yourself?  Or will you maintain the status quo and all the unhappiness that comes with that?  It’s your choice, that’s the good news.  You have the freedom to choose what you will do with the rest of your life.

homeworkHomework assignment issued by Mark Victor Hansen:

1) Write down 101 goals as fast as you can.  You only have 20 minutes to do this.  And, the kicker?  You have to pretend you are 12 years old.     Dream so compelling that you will do stuff no one else will do.  If you will do this, you will stand before kings and queens.

2) Take a 3×5 card and write down, “I am so happy I’m on schedule to be a millionaire by ____________ (put a date).  Mark said there’s no reason that date needs to go out longer than 2 years, for many it should happen sooner than that.  Then sign it and date it.  ($4,000 a day is one million a year).

3) Write down 10 things that will take you to the next level in your network marketing business.  Do them.

Will you take any of these challenges?

If you will take out your 3×5 card and make a decision to become a millionaire in 2 years or less, declare it to the world here.  Leave a comment that you will commit and what business you are building. Share what you are doing right now to move your business forward.

I’m cheering you on my friend and I’m doing what I need to do to achieve a million a year!

Have an awesome ‘ Decide in Favor of Yourself” day!

Much love!

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    Hi Debbie,
    You have moved me to tears in this post. Really, I am so inspired! What a tremendous call that was, and thank you SO much for sharing so many highlights from it. I am going to do the homework assignments as soon as I am finished with writing this comment! I have been a fan of Mark Victor Hansen for a long time. He is so wise and truly passionate about helping people become self-made millionaires through Network Marketing.
    Again, a million thanks for writing this inspirational post, Debbie!
    Mary Lou
    .-= Mary Lou Kayser´s last blog ..Why I Recommend the Association of Better Networkers to All Network Marketers =-.

  2. Deborah Morris says

    Wow…That was powerful!  I was really a dreamer and visionary when I was 12.  I have seen and have even helped some little kids do great things…why can't I still do it?!
    Thanks, Debbie

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