Mark Hoverson Breaks Down King Solomon’s Success Secrets

mark hoversonIt was a sunny day in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina as I stood in front of a second story window overlooking my front yard. I was on the phone with a great friend and business partner, Mark Hoverson

Why I remember the details of that conversation so clearly, I have no idea but I do. 

Mark was sharing his heart about a project he was thinking about and a calling which he felt was important to share. 

It was on his heart for people to know about such teaching those of King Solomon. 

As we talked for a bit, he rattled off some perspective names for this project and the one that stood out and that he went with, was "Solomon CEO".   I remember really liking that. 

Many times Mark would speak of King Solomon in his teaching and mentoring to me which deep down inspired me to action and I can think of no better person to teach and mentor you on the riches of King Solomon, than Mark. 

There was no doubt in my mind that he would take his knowledge and inspiration and create what is about to be presented to you. 

Here's Mark's recent thoughts and his journey on on the making of Solomon CEO and why Jim Rohn is really the root of the matter:

"When I was 19 years old, I stumbled upon a Jim Rohn quote that absolutely changed the way I thought about money.

I became a ferocious student of Jim Rohn. At age 21, I flew across the country (hint: I had no money to do it either) so I could attend a seminar of his. A year later, I flew (penniless again) to Seattle to meet him at a smaller conference.  And I was able to visit with Jim for a couple hours privately.

And somehow, I scrounged up the money to buy Jim's complete library of books and recordings (it was like $700, I have no idea how I bought it).

Jim had a candid way of bringing an occasional Scripture reference into his teaching on how to become really successful.

And the connection between the Bible and success began to get real clear to me… and Jim really paved the way for me to create what is now becoming a really hot brand: "Solomon CEO"

So, when Jim died last year, I wept like a kid whose Grampa just died.  Jim's teachings and quotes caused me to radically change my life and perspective. If he were alive today, I'd run up to him and thank him again.

Moving on, I believe 100% that "Solomon CEO" would not exist without Jim Rohn.   I used to be a youth pastor and I'd pop in Jim Rohn and kids would LOVE Jim's teaching.

They'd rather listen to Jim instead of the radio.  And I learned so much about "how to teach" from Jim, that it's just crazy to see that some kids are digging my business teachings now.

The most revolutionary thinking I've ever done in my life was when I began to meditate on the words of ancient King Solomon.

These are ancient strategies to turn your situation around.  There's an amazing wealth code that the King laid out and I want to help you discover how to gain control & clarity, along with the inner resolve to leap over your obstacles.

When I began my business I had ZERO connections, almost no money, and lived in semi-terror of foreclosure and huge medical bills because I had to pay for my own insurance with a pregnant wife and hungry little kids.

Sometimes in the morning, I would open my eyes and immediately feel a wave of despair and fear cover me like a blanket. I did not know where to turn.

So, I literally turned to the pages of King Solomon's proverbs. I began to practice a form of meditation I'll call "creative play", where I would read a verse of his wisdom, and begin to imagine that exact verse becoming perfectly executed and manifested in my life.

I began to flood my mind with his kingly thoughts. And over the course of a very short time (less than 3 years), I catapulted my income, my skill sets, and my lifestyle into level I never dreamed possible.

But the whole time, I kept the Solomon stuff in the background. I didn't tell a lot of people about what I was doing with his words. I didn't make a penny selling "This is what Solomon says to get rich" stuff.

I simply continued my ongoing private experiment…

Until it reached a point where I owned a couple multi-million dollar brands, and was even called by one of Donald Trump's CEO's for a consulting request.

Finally, I felt like I had a fire in my bones and I could no longer resist creating the "Solomon CEO" project.  The strategies, formulas, and mindsets you will discover are literally guaranteed to work. Period.

This is not amateur information, this is being called some of the sharpest & "best" stuff on wealth people have ever encountered.

Alot (and I mean A LOT) of people have gone through this info and told me some variation of the following, "I've went to church my whole life and I've never heard this stuff before."

Here's why: I took the words of King Solomon (which he said were written in riddles & enigmas…and I've unraveled them for you).

I've discovered through studying the wealth pattern of King Solomon, I was given permission to pursue the desires of my heart and pursue them as stated in Proverbs13:12 :  "When the desires of the heart are achieved, it is a tree of life."

Once you grasp these Biblical wealth teachings, your life can do an about face. 

If you're interested in getting ahold of Mark's Solomon CEO course, let me know and I can get you in touch.

I wrote this blog because some of his video trainings were here and being shown complimentary but now is part of a paid course so I've removed them.

I hope you at least enjoyed his story. 

You can catch his short video on how your product should serve as a portal to give your customers their future self.  Watch here to see what I mean.

To Your Success,

debbie turner 





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