Make Your Home Based Business A Love Fest Not A Big Ole’ Pitch Fest

Don't Pitch Your Product All The Time (1)

Don’t Make Your Home Based Business
A Big Ole’ Pitch Fest

But Debbie, wait!  I joined XYZ company and that’s what I do.  I sell my stuff.  What do you mean not to make my home based business a pitch fest? What else am I suppose to tell people about my stuff?

That’s what 99% of home based business owners think they have to do to be successful.

So I see this often.  When someone does join a home based business because they really, really, DO want to create the life they love, they freeze up.

They freeze up because who wants to pitch their stuff to their family, friends and strangers?

It’s not natural.  It’s annoying.  It’s got the whole YUCK feel to it.

All of a sudden they went from excited about the possibilities for themselves to feeling like a salesman.  Nobody, NOBODY wants to feel like that.

I’m excited to teach you something today about this and in doing so, my hopes are you say,

“Wow!  I didn’t know that!  Now THAT sounds fun!  I can do that!”


Make Your Home Business Fun and Relaxing Using The 80-20 Rule

What this means is 80% of all the content you put out on video, emails, blogs, social media, etc. should be VALUE BASED.

20% of what you put out is offering your product or service.

Value based means helping people see the benefits they receive.  The “What’s in it for me?”.  It’s teaching them about the end result they receive by using your specific product and exactly how something works.

You’ve seen lots of pitches.  They looking something like this:

  • My product is the best.
  • My company is the greatest.
  • My company has been around since 1709
  • We have the best scientists.
  • You should jump in now before it’s too late.

I can always tell when someone joins a new home based business because these are the kinds of emails and texts I receive.

“Debbie, I just joined this A-MAZ-ING- company!  You’ve GOT to see this!  We can make a lot of money together!  OMG… I can’t believe I came across this.  Here’s the link to join. “

ah…. No thanks.

(I used to do this by the way.  I didn’t know any better.)

Let me ask you a question.  Be honest.

Do ANY of those statements get you excited to buy or join that home based business?  Even a little bit?  

That would be a great big NO.

Don't Pitch Your Product All The Time (2)

Yet, this is what most every network marketer, direct sales rep, MLMer does.  They are out touting as loud as they can about how great their company and product is and telling us we’re insane if we don’t get in and buy now.

It’s noise.  

It’s a turn off.  

It’s salesy.  

Nobody wants to hear it.  

In fact, it’s one of the reasons it gives our industry a bad name.  There’s a bunch of home based business amateurs screaming to anyone and everyone to “just get in now!” or to “just buy my stuff!

And to be fair, it’s not their fault.  They just don’t know and their company is telling them to go sell, sell, sell!

But sell, sell, sell doesn’t work.

So, that’s great to know, yes?

If it doesn’t work anyway, don’t do it.  Already you should be feeling better. :)

Now, you DO have to sell something in exchange for money.  That’s business.  So you are a seller of goods or services.

You go into a store to buy something, you give them money.  No two ways around that!

But it’s presented in a way that people want to buy.

You see, people love to buy but they hate to be sold.

So now that you know you should not be like…”hey buy my stuff” kind of salesman, that alone should help you out.

But I’m going to give you some great ideas on what TO DO and what DOES work.

Do Value Based Marketing aka Attraction Marketing

Since my audience are individuals who are already in a home based business or they want to be, I’m going to use network marketing, direct sales and MLM for example.

Let’s make a quick list of things the home based business owner wants.


Let’s say they just joined (let’s make up a name…. “Yummy Yo” company) and all they are focused on is selling their Yummy Yo shakes.  Here’s what’s going through their head as they unpack their Yummy Yo start up kit.

“How am I going to sell Yummy Yo shakes and make enough money so I can buy a car.  Or, quit my job.  Or, sent the kids to summer camp.  Or, take that vacation.  Or, retire with secondary income to have a great life? Or fill in the blank.”

Already doubt, insecurities, self-esteem diminishes, confidence drops, nerves show up in their gut, and all they’ve done is unpacked their stuff.

Even if they’re excited, the first time their bestie says “ crazy girl/man!” or their family or other friends all dissed the idea, they want to close up shop and go back to the status quo.

This is real stuff guys.

Here’s the good news.  You don’t need them.  Keep your dreams. You can have it all.

Don't Pitch Your Product All The Time (3)

How to attract people to you, to your business and your product.

Let’s copy and paste that list from above, that home based business owners want.  Except this time, let’s look at what you can do from a VALUE BASED standpoint to attract THEM to YOU.

Note:  Anytime I say “share that“, I’m talking about writing a blog, or posting on Facebook, or making a video, or making a pin or Instagram post, whatever it is that you do for your marketing strategies, but share.  Share what you’ve learned.  There’s two good things about this.

1)  Sharing attracts others to you.

2)  It reinforces what you’ve learned to benefit yourself.

Okay, so…

Let’s say your objective is to attract others to join you in your business.

Here are the things that those people are attracted to:

Leads – When you learn about a marketing strategy that produces leads, even if it’s a couple, share that.

Sales – When you make a sale, how did you do that?  What strategy did you use?  Share that.

Branding – Branding is you.  It’s your personality, the way you say things, the way you present things, perhaps a color theme, a logo you create or have done, but it’s YOU Inc.  You are not your company or it’s brand.

You’re an affiliate for that company but it is not you.  You are you.  And as a business owner, you will have companies come and go throughout your life, that’s just the way it is.  Brand YOU.  Share with others about branding.

Mindset – Success begins with the mindset.  If you think you can you’re right.  If you think you can’t you’re right.  Bathe in personal development and share what your reading or listening to.

Support – If you’re in a community with like minded people all building whatever business they’re building, invite others to be apart.  Or start your own.  Put content out that talks about how you’re in business FOR yourself but not BY yourself.  Having a home based business is lonely.  Help others get plugged in.

Inspiration – Share your successes, big and tiny, and those of others.  Let the actions you are taking be seen in a way that inspires others to be their best.

Motivation – Share motivational stories and videos.

Recruits – Just by you being out there every day shining your light, placing your ads, doing your value based marketing, you will begin to attract others who want to do business with you.

Tools and Resources- You’ve got fabulous tools and resources you use that makes your business easier to manage.  Just like a good restaurant, share your recommendations.

This is all value based marketing.  It’s done to attract people to you.  And when you are consistent in doing this, people want to be around you and learn more and more from you.


Don't Pitch Your Product All The Time (4)


Now let’s say you want to attract buyers for your product.  Demonstrate your product so people understand what’s in it for them and how it will enhance their life.

They then feel empowered to whip out their credit cards and buy.

Think of the shopping networks on TV.

Think of the home shows you attend in your hometown.

Think of the TV’s that play demos in stores.

Think of the nice person that helped you solve a problem in the garden center of your favorite home improvement store.

What do they ALL have in common that generates sales?

They teach.

Do you buy when they first introduce a new item on the home shopping network be it clothes, make up, pans, blankets, jewelry, computers, juicers, holiday decorations, knives… doesn’t matter?

Or do you wait a little bit to see what it is, how it works, how it fits, what colors they have, what sizes they have, how it makes you more beautiful, more comfortable, more whatever?

People buy the END RESULT.


When they can see how the product enhances their life, they buy.

Here’s a few examples of what TO do:

milkshake-1021027_640If you sell Yummy Yo shakes, here’s what you may consider doing.

1)  Share value based content on all the things above if you are looking for recruits for your business.

2)  Share how to use the product if you’re looking for Yummo Yo product sales.

3) Make different shake recipes for your audience to show them how to do it.

4) Give away recipe cards.

5) Create a report, e-book, PDF, video series, etc. on 5 simple steps to rev up your metabolism.

6)  How about a  report on 3 Simple Exercises you can do at work that keeps your body toned

7)  Or a PDF that reveals the top 10 super foods every body needs.

8) Or a video about how to get the right foods into your kids’ daily diet without them realizing it.

You’re not directly selling your Yummy Yo shakes.  You’re giving away value to your targeted audience who are falling in love with you and your brand and establishing a great deal of trust.

Your Yummy Yo shakes comes in at the end of the value.

“Hey if you enjoyed reading about these 3 simple exercises you can o at work that keeps your body toned, you may also be interested in how you can get all your critical nutrients packed into an easy to make shake at lunch”

20160423_120323If you sell travel products, here’s what you may want to do:

1)  Share value based content on all the things above if you are looking for recruits for your business.

2)  Share how to use your product/service.  Show how to plan a trip, how the reservation system works, what’s it look like, ease of use, what support do they receive for help, what the product is, etc.  Show them as if they were members and want to use their travel product.

 3)  Create an e-book, write a report, give away a PDF or video series on how to access weekly timeshare vacations without ever having to buy a timeshare or sit through a grueling presentation and call it something intriguing like, “The Hidden Path”.

4)  Offer tips on how to travel with kids or the elderly.

5)  Make a list of the top travel destinations and how to save money when you go.

6) Or a video on how to pack a lot in a small suitcase.

7)  Or a PDF on how people live longer with less health issues when they take time to vacation.

8) Or a report on the fact that employees are happier and more productive when they take the vacations and get away.

You’re not directly selling your travel product.  You’re giving away value to your targeted audience who are falling in love with you and your brand and establishing a great deal of trust.

Your travel product comes in at the end of the value.

“Hey, if you liked these tips on how to travel with kids, you may be interested in how to travel resort style where there’s always things for kids to do while you lay by the pool and relax.”


Don't Pitch Your Product All The Time (5)

Do you see the difference between the spam and the value?  

The push and the pull?

The repel and attract?

It’s the difference between helping others understand what it takes to be successful in business and presenting your products in a “here’s what in it for you” way.

They don’t want the shake.

They want the feeling of being well.

They don’t want a travel club.

They want the feelings that come with being on vacation.

They don’t want your weight loss product.

They want the feeling they get when they are slim and trim.

The don’t want your makeup.

They want how beautiful they feel when they wear it.

The don’t want your legal services.

They want the security they feel when with it.

They don’t want to get up everyday and work a home based business.

They want the freedom of not having a boss and being in control of their lives.

They don’t what your product.

They want what your product does for them.

They don’t care anything about your company.


I hope you’ve taken much away from today’s article.  I hope it’s inspired you to step up in your home based business and start sharing your journey, the things you learn about mindset and personal growth, what you’re doing to market and what’s working for you, and how to use the tools and resources you use to make your business life easier.

I hope you’ll demonstrate your product and give people information about what your product will do for them.  Show them how it will enhance their life.  Pretend you are a shopping network star.  What would you demo to your audience?  Do that.

Please share this article with others if you found great value in it.

Much love!

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