Lifestyle Living Poll: What Do Moms and Dads REALLY Want?


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Hi my beautiful friends and subscribers….

I’ve been giving a lot of thought the last couple of days about what I can share with you to help you achieve your lifestyle living goals.

I know from talking with Moms and Dads all the time that every family, every person, has their own idea of what their lifestyle would look like if they could snap their fingers and make it a reality.

Some make plenty of money, but never see their family because their work consumes them.

They are seeking solutions to the time problem.  Time is passing by for them so fast;  another year, another birthday, another Christmas, and they are working so many hours that they are exhausted when they get home and  just want to sleep.  The spouse and children suffer and they miss the connection, the touch, the sense of family.

I have coached six figure earners and this is more common place than you’d guess.

Others families have both mom and dad in the 9-5 grind and would give anything for one parent to be able to stay home.

They would be totally happy with that.  Especially when one parent is ultra passionate about their career and find it very fulfilling.

Some individuals totally enjoy working within their field because it’s their  passion and they just happen to get paid for doing it.  I see this often in services like ministry, counseling, medical, and in the arts.  In fact, I know people in these fields who donate their time of knowledge and expertise to others because it’s their calling, their passion and they would do it even without the pay.  Nothing wrong with that!

The majority of couples and single parents I talk to however, are searching to financially support themselves outside of a job or career.

Their desire is to find a way to generate income so they can throw their alarm clock away and simply design their day to do what they want to do.  That’s not to say they don’t desire to, or are not willing to, work.  That’s not it at all.  But the option of working when and where they choose with uncapped income is most desirable, in my experience with coaching.

So, how can I help you?

I thought if I took a poll, or at least asked some questions, perhaps it would open a dialog so I could see where needs and wants are in terms of what I can write about and share with you.

I’d like to write some articles with insight and ideas to help you break through whatever it is that may be holding you back from doing everything possible to provide yourself and your family YOUR ideal lifestyle.

Moms and Dads often share the same ideas, but sometimes they’re different.  So I’d love to hear from both sides.

Can you please share your comments about any of these questions?  Or all of them for that matter… :)

“If I could snap my fingers and money was no object, what would my life look like?”

“What is it that I genuinely desire for my family?”

“What do I believe it will take to achieve that?

“What am I doing about it?”

“My biggest challenge in getting to my dreams of a lifestyle for my family is _____________” (fill in the blank)

Thank you so much for helping me help you and others who genuinely want to have more time and financial freedom to pursue their lifestyle dreams.

Life is short.

Time is going by faster and faster with each passing year.  We’ve got to make our time count and mean something to others.

I’m hoping by you sharing your wants and needs to be able to get to where you want to be,  I can provide back some great value in the short future to help you.

I’m always interested in learning about what others dream lifestyles look like.

I look forward to your comments and responses!  I appreciate you so much!



  1. says

    1. If money were no object it would solidify the plans I have in place. I’ve got trips planned to Hawaii, New York, Southern California, a golf vacation, and am looking for a short international trip probably Costa Rica.

    I’d increase my team and turn over more work to them so I could focus more on relationships and program development. I would hire a project manager to kick-off and shepherd the projects on my list.

    I would fund more community work in the areas of health and wellness and take a closer look at participating in a foundation I have been looking at in New Orleans.

    I’d upgrade my residences – change apartments in Austin, add media room in Houston, and look at setting up a retreat center in New Orleans.

    It’s really all about having fun, relaxing and playing doing the things I enjoy. Being of service, making a difference, connecting.

    Oh and I’d change my country club. I’m starting to tolerate the one I’m at.

  2. Ingrid Winckler says

    1. If money were no object, I would still be learning about technology, but maybe not as fervently. I’d hire someone to help out. I would be more available to help people in need in person and financially. I’d travel more and get more training on improving my skills and growing as a person.

    2. I want my family to be stable in their relationships and faith, to care about others more than themselves, to be healthy, and to have a worthy purpose in life. I want them to be able to care for themselves financially and have a generous heart.

    3. To have a successful life requires good choices on a day-to-day basis. It takes perseverance, a willingness to learn, healthy habits and people skills.

    4. I am trying to be a good example to my family by learning new things myself, and pushing through. I’m making new friends, changing eating habits and doing a lot of studying.

    5. My biggest challenge in getting to my dreams of a lifestyle for my family is lack of knowledge in a new field. But I am in the process of learning–so I’m on my way!

    You’ve got me thinking! Thanks for the challenge.

  3. says

    1. If I could snap my fingers and money was no object, my life would look like this: I would wake up and make my family a great breakfast and take the kids to school in the car, pick them up too. I would be able to volunteer at events at school, support my charities, and go on a vacation to where ever we want to go not just what we can afford. I’d be “in the moment” with my kids without that lingering thought of financial or time commitments. I would be completely focused on the task at hand knowing that I am making a difference in the world around me. I’d be financially able to find the support I need to manage a successful business and spend quality time with my friends and family (ie: Bookkeeper, writer, housekeeper, financial advisor, attorney, etc.)

    2.) I genuinely desire my family to be safe, warm, humble, caring, loving, entreprenuerial, independent, and giving. Help them become someone they want to be rather than someone others want them to be.

    3.) To achieve that goal I need to lead by example and be true to myself as to what it is I can deliver and have a passion to deliver. Don’t overextend myself because I love so many things but to keep business ideas organized in such a way that I can always pick up something new once my primary income stream is a well oiled machine.

    4.) I have surrounded myself with the right people and are eliminating people in my life that pull me down. I can still love them but just not spend time with them as often as in the past. I am honing my skills in on a few things rather than acting like “Super Woman” and spreading myself too thin. Life is full of changes and I am so excited to tackle those changes with zest.

    My biggest challenge in getting to my dreams of a lifestyle for my family is lack of focus, finances and finding balance between short-term and long-term activities. I have a positive attitude and an undeniable belief that I will succeed in reaching my goals
    .-= Lisa Saline´s last blog ..Is it Really Worth it All, Just to Be Under Valued Again? =-.

  4. says

    Hi Debbie!!

    1. 90% of my time will be spent with my Family on traveling, dining out, entertainment, that sort of stuff…

    10% of my time would be spent on continuous education and training in our online marketing industry and network marketing, personal development with the Top gurus, the best personal fitness trainer to keep me conditioned, spiritual teachings.

    This is what comes to mind immediately but I’m sure there’s more.

    2. For my Family: to have them learn, appreciate, and accept where they/we are RIGHT NOW…to Embrace the tough trials we are enduring.

    3. Time, patience, perseverance, acceptance, Love.

    4. Remind and speak to them about what I’ve been learning on the spirituality teachings of Eckhart Tolle:
    “Pleasure is always derived from something outside you, whereas joy arises from within”
    “Love, joy, and peace cannot flourish until you have freed yourself from mind dominance”

    5. Time, money, and resources.
    – Time to work in my most productive state of mind. Majority of the time it’s having the momentum of my work taken away from my toddler son, Jeremy. The umbilical cord is still attached ;-) (BTW I am a stay at home mom)
    – Money: This is a no-brainer. Money is like oxygen. I would be able to use it to catapult my business to no avail. The other thing is that I NEED to join a company that allows me to do online marketing. I think THAT is the ultimate factor in my story of not seeing the results I’m looking for. And so, IF I had the $ I would join a company that allowed me to do THAT first and foremost…

    I am soo looking forward to learning what You have planned for us with this survey, Debbie!

    This is absolutely worth RT and FBsharing…doing that right now!

    Smiles from Guam,
    Jaclyn Castro

    .-= Jaclyn Castro´s last blog ..“Leave Your Presence With a Gravatar” =-.

  5. Debbie Turner says

    Lisa, Ingrid, Jaclyn, Bill,

    Thank you so much for your thoughts… I can feel so much of what you are all saying. You are all go-givers and I appreciate you taking a few minutes and sharing… Debbie

  6. says

    Hmmm Lots to think about
    1. My would look a little more upscale than now and I would have a personal assistant to handle all the tasks that slow me down. I would still be taking care of my family as usual and have plenty of money to start charity work.
    2. I just want to see my family happy. I know my children need to find that themselves so I cannot make it easy, but I can always make things fun for them.
    3. To achieve this, I am working as hard as I can. I believe that setting an example is more powerful than wise words to my family. Lets face it, we learn by example!
    4.What am I doing about it? Working as hard, but always making time for their needs.
    5. My biggest challenge right now is patience. Patience for them to understand the path I am on. I have my belief system and my boss is God.
    is quite skeptical, but I only ask for patience, for things to unfold so they can “get the picture” later.

  7. says

    If I could snap my fingers and money was no object, what would my life look like?”. I would instantly pay off our mortgage and be 100% debt free. I already work full time at home, so what I need now is a personal assistant/organizer/cook/housekeeper a few hours every day. I would also pay off all my parent’s mortgage. My husband would retire. We would spend every school vacation traveling to an exotic beach (we live in the Rocky Mountains). On longer school breaks we would travel to expose our daughter to different cultures and get involved with “make a difference” type of travel. I would love, for example, to spend time in Mexico learning spanish and working on an orphanage that we know is being built. We would also spend at least a year living in Italy..and traveling out from that base. Other than those things, which are all truly luxuries…we are blessed in our life already and feel like more abundance would allow us to share more with others.

    “What is it that I genuinely desire for my family?” I think I answered that in the question above. The only addition would be for my husband to retire from his corporate job and have more time to focus on some other passions of his. I am the work at home entrepreneur in the family. Very shortly, my income will match his and hopefully he will then feel comfortable making the change.

    “What do I believe it will take to achieve that? I am already on the path and have been for a few years. My business is about to take a giant leap due to my positioning as a founder in a new company in conjunction with insights I’ve been gathering lately as to powerful action steps to add to my business plan.

    “What am I doing about it?” Working with laser focus. Taking courses and creating mentoring situations to fill in areas where my skills need improvement. Putting into action more income streams that monetize quickly.

    “My biggest challenge in getting to my dreams of a lifestyle for my family is making sure that all the work that I do online (primarily) and off, is now monetizing in a steady residual manner.

    This was a thoughtful survey Debbie. Thanks for putting it out there.

    Peace and Abundance,
    Deborah Tutnauer

  8. Debbie Turner says

    Awesome post Deborah and I really appreciate you sharing your heart and vision for your family. I would challenge you to go ahead and get that housekeeper, if not everyday, how about every week, she can do the laundry, change the sheets, get the ironing done and super clean the house so you can enjoy everyone’s time at home on the weekend? Let me know if do that…. you deserve it. Get that off your plate so you use that time to pour positive energy into your new business.

    Having a wealth funnel and having those income streams on a a regular basis is important. That requires new fresh leads coming into the front and bringing fresh new ideas and value based products to the older ones who know, like and trust you and buy from you already.

    I’m excited to hear that hubby is almost home…. very cool :) Thanks again Deborah!

  9. says

    Oh you and I need to talk Deb…

    1. I’d build a village for young people where they are valued, mentored and honored through co-creative and innovative ideas. This 10-yr dream has begun in an inner city and I’ll be creating the same concept on line.

    2. I genuinely desire for my family a large home on 10 acres where we can have huge family gatherings on holidays with horseback riding, swimming, 4-wheeling, etc. and where we can retire without 3 feet of snow to shovel.

    3. Not giving up, promoting my ‘why’ and bringing on board strategic partnerships that can create the income needed to grow in exponential ways.

    4. On-line and off-line partnering, diligent goal setting and action taking.

    5. A previous brain injury that removed my business sense of being very analytical and technical to being more creative and innovative. Not a bad thing but I am challenged by those moments when the analytical technical side would be most helpful. I’m finding many want to partner with me but I am slow to decide whom I ought to work with. I expect to have that ah-ha moment any time now. lol

    Great post Deb!
    .-= Kellie Frazier´s last blog ..Do You Know Your Purpose? Try This Short Exercise to See if You Know. =-.

  10. Debbie Turner says

    Wow Kellie, you have a beautiful testimony on survival and moving forward with a joyful heart and big dreams… setting out to create your reality. You inspire me. Thanks for sharing your story here. Debbie

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