Entrepreneurship and Discovering Your Passion and Purpose

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Entrepreneurship and Discovering

Your Passion and Purpose

When what you do for a living feels like play, you know you’re in your sweet spot.

You wake up to the birds rather than an alarm clock.

Your feet hit the floor and you are exhilarated about the day.

As you grab your morning coffee, you feel excited about all that’s before you.

The day is yours.  You pick when you’ll work (if you want to call it that) and when you’ll take a walk, or work out, or play with the kids, or have lunch with friends.

You don’t report to a boss.

You don’t cater to corporate America.

Instead, you get to do what you’re passionate about… and make money doing it.

I discovered tremendous joy and time and financial rewards in home based (and just using your laptop) entrepreneurship through once I figured out how to be successful in that industry.

I found that just because one has an interest and desire to do to pursue something doesn’t mean they know everything about it or it that it comes naturally.  It means that one is able to enjoy the learning curve, laugh at themselves through mistakes, be willing to get back up when they fall and go at it again, and once they’ve figured it out, develops a deeper sense of satisfaction and at that point can become passionate about it.

I’ve since discovered that I’m passionate about entrepreneurship and helping others by inspiring others to do the same. .

I’ve pursued other passions in my life as well.  I thought I’d share with you some of them here.  I’m passionate about helping families create their lifestyle through entrepreneurship.  There’s no better life than time and financial freedom and knowing that you’ve helped others get there.



I’ve made money from my hobby industry.  Very cool, yes?

I’m passionate about my hobby.

I love scrapbooking and I’ve pursued it since I was a girl of 11.  Many people don’t know what scrapbooking is so I’ve copied a page out of my daughter Ashley’s album to show you.  It’s taking your family photos and preserving them with archival materials and creating pages for an album.  100_0417

** I’ve written a book on how to make scrapbook for foster children for Social Workers and foster parents.

** I’ve done layouts for scrapbook store displays.

** I’ve done design work for product packaging.

** My work has been featured on on-store billboards in Michaels Crafts and scrapbook stores around the country.

** My work has been published in idea books, both pamphlets and hard cover.

** My work has been featured on the cover of QVC and on the show for scrapbooking.

** I’ve been a guest on scrapbook TV shows

** I teach at scrapbook conventions, retreats and stores

** I have a fan club

I’m paid for this!  I get perks like free product, fame and other goodies.  Once you open a few doors, many more open and before you know it, you’ve got yourself a little tribe.

You can turn any hobby into a paying proposition.  Write articles, books, make videos, create a product showing your expertise.  Those who are just starting to look into your hobby industry will pay for your knowledge and help.

I’m also passionate about travel.  I offer families the opportunity to own various travel club memberships that allow them to travel the world for pennies on the dollar.  The perk is that they can also refer the membership to their family and friends and be paid an affiliate fee.

I am able to create… I can be a writer… I can design… I can do anything.  I can take whatever I love to do, that which I’m passionate about and I can create a product or service around that.  People will buy my products and services.

 I’m passionate about elifestyle (ability to create your dream life using just your laptop from anywhere in the world).    I offer THE place, the venue, the total package, for individuals who want to know how to do that to be able to do so.



You want to take an assessment of all that you love and are passionate about and turn it into a financial spring for you.

God gave us all talents and gifts to use to bless others.  I see so many people who are gifted in leadership, hobbies, and interests and they dread facing the 9-5 work week.  I scratch my head and say to them…. “why not become an entrepreneur and do what you’re passionate about?”

Life is passing by so quickly.  Time is of the essence.  Make a difference in your life and the lives of others by using your gifts and talents.  Rise to the top and share yourself with the world.

Where to start?  I wrote an article about that very thing.  READ HERE

I’m cheering you on my friend!

Have an awesome day!

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PS:  Leave me a comment below and let’s talk about this… I love this stuff and I love hearing your thoughts and opinions!  



  1. says

    So true and you are a living example of how it works when you are dedicated and believe in yourself, ALWAYS with your incredible ability to help others and “give it away.”

    I remember when I was really young, just out of school and a boss of mind sat me down and practically went into a gospel preaching of how I HAD to do what I loved for work – now I know why.

    Keep up all the great work!

    Mary Anne
    .-= Mary Anne Nagy´s last blog ..Time For Massive Action =-.

  2. says

    Wow Debbie, that is great that you can actually make a living from scrapbooking. It’s like Gary Vaynerchuk says ‘any hobby can be turned into a living as long as you’re passionate about it’.

    Would you mind if I use this story for a product I am producing?
    .-= Steven Aitchison´s last blog ..What is Your Perfect Day? =-.

  3. says

    Every day I learn something new and cool about you, Debbie! I didn’t know about your scrapbooking hobby. It’s cool and even better when you’ve managed to make it profitable.

    Btw, your daughter is beautiful, just like her mommy.

    I fully agree with everything you write about in this post, Debbie. I am too passionate about entrepreneurship and being a coach and a mentor to empower others find their calling in life and reach financial freedom. Living true to my passion does make life a lot more enjoyable and my days fun and full of exciting moments.

    .-= Diyana Alcheva — DiDi´s last blog ..Starting an online presence from scratch… =-.

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