Legacy Hoverson Event


You're Invited By Mark Hoverson and Debbie Turner…

Mark Hoverson's Legacy Event

May 19-20 in Mesa, Arizona


Can You See Your Life Going in This Direction?
Are you Ready for a New Outlook on Life?  New Hope?
Are you Ready to Create and Leave a Legacy for Your Family?

You WON'T See The Screen for about 1 minute.. But You Can Hear



Wednesday, May 18th:


Check in at the Hyatt. Get your discount rate of $96/night by clicking here and mention "Hoverson Group" to receive discount.

6:30pm-8:00pm- (Optional) Have a cigar with Mark at his favorite cigar club, Big Sticks. The hotel will actually take you in their golf cart to Big Sticks (it's about 2 minutes away).



Thursday, May 19th:

7:45am- 8:05am- Optional Yoga/Stretching at the hotel pool. Get a quick dose of Arizona sunshine as you stretch and get your blood pumping with a casual yoga-style routine.

9:00am-12:00pm- Mastermind on the 5-year vision of growing GRN & Usana side by side.

If you are in other companies, it will still be valuable training. However, to keep the training non-generic and concrete, it will specifically revolve around growing GRN & Usana side by side.

12:00pm-1:00pm- Lunch

1:00pm-4:00pm- Leaders share their personal vision, and marketing strategies to accumulate more and more teammates and customers.

7:00pm-9:00pm- Informal Play time at Hoverson Home. Bocce ball. Bon-fire. Laughter. More Cigars. Networking.



Friday, May 20th: 

6:00am- (Optional) Leave for invigorating hike to the "Wind Cave" on Usury Mountain. It's a 20-minute drive from the hotel. About 1 hr hike to the top, and about 50 minutes hike back down. 

Wear normal tennis shoes and bring water. Beautiful Arizona hiking experience.

10:00am-12:00pm- Creating Your Personal Marketing Game Plan. Avoid getting stuck paralyzed with a million ideas and no action. This time will be used to hone and commit to specific strategies over the next 30 days.

12:00pm-1:00pm- Lunch

1:00pm-4:00pm- Mindset Elevation: Mark will go into the deep mental technology needed to overcome procrastination, self-doubt, excuses, bad habits, self-sabotage, fear…and the whole bag of mind junk that keeps people in a perpetual holding pattern of financial stress, relational avoidance, and mediocrity. This will be a powerful interactive training.

6:00pm-Onward- different groups will go do whatever they want.



Saturday, May 21st: Checkout


What You Will Get At This Event

In the past, other intimate 2-day events hosted by Mark have cost $3995 and $2995.

This event will be limited to 20-30 people.

Cost $1995 (or you can grab it for $125 - see below for HOW)

In addition to the ticket to the Legacy event, you will also receive:

#1- Leadership Branding for Direct Response. Mark Hoverson's flagship product on how to create a 7-figure marketing mindset. Over 15 hours of "how-to" information on team building, recruiting, list-bonding, and much more.

This course sells for $997 You get it FREE.

#2- Solomon CEO. Mark's unique 10-hour training on how the ancient writings of King Solomon changed his life entirely. These insightful videos, along with detailed action-guides, will give you a vivid opportunity to build a business in the 21st Century, using the ancient wisdom of King Solomon (whom the Bible said was the wisest man who ever lived in the ancient world).  

This course sells for $497.  You get it FREE. 

#3- You will also receive 3 FREE months of Mark's $97/month coaching club.  Save $298

So, here's your option if you DON'T want to pay $1,995.



Join Debbie (or any of her teammates) at the Platinum level in Global Resorts Network ($3095), you can attend this Legacy conference for $125 total (which includes a spouse). 


You do do that Here –>>>>> http://www.PartnerWithDebbie.com

Great deal!  I hope you'll take me up on it. 

call me asap to get started. 843-270-5611

Note:  If you DO Join Debbie in Business…. DO NOT buy your event ticket through this link.  I'll get you in touch with Hoverson Leadership for your $125 event tickets.



Hope To See You There!


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