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I remember the old days when I first started my home based business and needed to create capture and thank you pages to build my list.  At that time, the only program out there was Dreamweaver (which is totally for techie geeks and such which I am NOT!).  It took me forever to create capture, thank you and sales pages.

Anymore,  you can create fun and simple capture pages without much effort at all.  Really….just  point and click and done kind of software.

LeadPages is one of those programs that allows you to do just that.

I’ve been using LeadPages for capture pages and thank you pages and wanted to show you examples of what a difference it makes to have several capture pages in your marketing.

I get lots of questions about WHY I would have more than one capture page for the same product.  It’s because I want my ad to be the SAME as my capture page information so that the individual attracted to my ad will stay with me through the optin.

LeadPages Helps You Stay Congruent With Your Marketing

Your ads and capture pages are all about being congruent.  What this means is that you want your ad to mimic your capture page, using the same verbiage, idea and thoughts.

I mean think about this.  Have you ever seen an ad that grabbed your attention and spoke to you in a way that you HAD to click to learn more… only to find when you clicked it wasn’t at all what you thought because the message was totally different?

Yeah, we all have.  That’s what NOT to do in your marketing.

In your marketing, when someone clicks on your ad, you want them to see that SAME thought, idea, question, comment on the capture page.

If you’re doing different ads, you need different capture pages.  Make sense?

And, you don’t want to be bogged down with complicated software to create these.  This is where LeadPages comes to the rescue.

iStock_000017050806LargeI’ll use my travel business as an example.  

In my travel business, depending on how I want to present the question or comment to my target audience, I can create a capture page specifically for that.

For example, below are some questions and comments I make in my marketing and then depending on what I say, I will send people to a different capture page so it’s congruent and relative.

Click on each one and see how the title on the capture page matches or is congruent with the question or comment in the ad.

“Do you need to get away and take an awesome vacation on the cheap?”
I will send them to this capture page:

“Want to save up to 90% off resort stays worldwide and grab 7 night resort stays for as little as $398?”  
I will send them to this capture page:

“Here’s Free Info That Allows People To Take More Vacations (You’ll Love This!)”
I will send the to this capture page:

“Discover The Hidden Path To Staying At Timeshare Resorts Worldwide WITHOUT Buying One (And… At Wholesale Pricing – As Little As $398 For 7 Nights!)”
I will send the to this capture page:


All Roads Lead Home (Simple Option)

Regardless of the ad/capture page I use, the page they see AFTER they opt in is the SAME.  So I’ve created ONE “thank you page”.

And it’s the SAME LIST they become a part of.

This “thank you page” is a video of me sharing my experience using the travel product and then I give a call to action to:

1)  Like my Facebook Fanpage and

2)  Click here to visit my website where all the details about my travel product are located.

You have MANY styles of templates for the thank you page and you may do something entirely different than I have.


My Flow Using LeadPages For My Travel Business

1)  I use many different capture pages depending on what my ad says.

2)  Once people opt into my various pages, they all go to the same “thank you” page with a video of me sharing my experience with the product and the call to action I mentioned above.

3)  They all go on the same email newsletter list.

Now.. if I’m catering to different groups of people, I will set up different lists that correspond to each people group.  This will target your audience even more.

LeadPages Information

There’s a webinar coming up August 28th and 29th if you’d like an overview of how to use Leadpages and how simple they are to set up.  You can register here:

If you’d like to watch an overview of Leadpages, you can find all the details here.

I hope you caught an “ah ha” moment somewhere in here on how LeadPages and using various capture pages can help target your market leading to a sale for you.

Take care and happy marketing!

Debbie Turner (Goofing off in Mexico)

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