Keeping a Pulse on your Dreams

Keeping a Pulse on your Dreams

I love this topic!  It’s a topic I didn’t understand when I first was starting my home based business.  In fact, it’s nothing I learned or even heard about growing up at home or through teachers.  I had never heard or participated in any conversations about achieving goals and dreaming other than to “get my head out of the clouds”.

Can you relate?

In this blog I want to share you with a couple of things I’ve learned about and have applied to accomplish goals.  I will give you an example of a visualization I do daily and a great resource that will help you understand this process.

The VERY starting point however, is knowing your WHY.  Because my blog is for entrepreneurs and those to aspire to be, let’s talk about your WHY relative to starting your home based business.

Knowing your WHY

In setting goals as they relate to your home based business, you must know your WHY.  Your why is THE reason(s) you’re going to do whatever it takes to achieve them.

Is it to have that house you always wanted?
… or to pay cash for college for the kids?
… or to build up your retirement account?
… or to quit your job and travel without stress?
… or to take care of your family?
… or a charity that needs you?

  • WHY are you willing to go through a learning curve?
  • WHY are you willing to stay the course and figure it out no matter how long it takes?
  • WHY are you willing to dive into personal development and work on yourself to become the person and leader that others want to follow?
  • WHY are you willing to temporarily sacrifice time away from the things you currently enjoy so you can fit building your business in your schedule?
  • WHY are you willing to invest dollars into your education, products, resources and tools?

WHY?   WHY?   WHY?

The answer should be a simple “because I want it THAT much myself/family/others.  It should really mean something, heart felt and a blessing to accomplish.

Until and unless you have a vision of what you want for yourself, you can’t have it.

Until and unless you have a goal to accomplish that’s worth going after, you won’t achieve it.

Until and unless your desire to have and reach those goals are stronger than the pain of not taking action, you won’t have them.

Once you truly identify what you WHY is and it’s important enough for you to do whatever it takes… you’ll get it done.


Your Job Can’t Deliver

The reasons people start a home based business is to be free from a boss and cut those chains from around their hands and feet.  They seek time freedom or financial gain in a way that jobs can’t deliver on.

The other reason is to have the things that a job can’t pay for.  Most people are stuck in a job that regardless of how hard they save, they can’t live the lifestyle they dream about.

And it’s not their fault!

They were brought up in an education system and culture where the focus is on going to school, get good grades, go to college and get a good job, spend a third or more of their adult life paying off student loans, and saying “yes” to a boss 5 days a week for 40 years.

If you’re reading this, you probably want out of your job.  But while you’re still working, you can begin to manifest your dreams.  Here’s a couple things you can do.

Touch Your Dreams

This is the fun part of planning for your dream!

Once you’ve identified what you want, then you must see it, taste it, smell it, hear it, touch it….all through experiencing it.

You can do that in a couple of ways.


Close your eyes and see yourself having what you want.  How do you feel?  What are you hearing?  What are you smelling?

If it’s a new corvette, you are hearing the engine, you are smelling the leather interior, you are feeling the steering wheel and stick shift in your hands.  You’re feeling the vibration of the car and how it handles around curves.

If it’s a new home, you are hearing the sounds of your family, laughing, you are smelling something wonderful from the kitchen or the candles on your table, you’re seeing how you’ve decorated it, you walk through each room, you peek out the windows to see your yard, just as you want it.

to share with you my real life experiences… I wanted to share with you a little piece of how this works.

In the past, I’ve manifested jobs I wanted (This was BEFORE I realized I had to have time and choice freedom to the live a life I deserved)… but the process works the same…

… I’ve manifested vacations…
… and relationships…
… and finances…
… and possessions…
… and opportunities…

It works.

It works so well, that I’ve had it go both ways.  You see my friend, what you focus on is what you get MORE of.  Be very careful what you’re thinking about.

–Ways that bring more struggle, pain and suffering and
–Ways that bring more freedom, joy and abundance.

One of my dreams is to own land with an English Cottage.

spring 039For years I collected Marty Bell canvas paintings. I’ve always been drawn to the quaintness, the lush flowerbeds with white picket fences with archways with wrought iron gates that lead to secret garden spots.

Here’s one of my paintings that’s hanging on wall in the living room.

Over this last weekend, I spent a good portion of the day reviewing my goals and dreams.

I visualized.

I got quiet and sat down in comfortable chair, closed my eyes and went… WENT… to my future, where I saw exactly how my life is.  Here’s what I saw…

I walked through my home, my gardens, I heard
my granddaughter, Francine, laughing as she danced
around me in the kitchen waiting for the cookies to
finish baking… oh it smells good!

I observed the colors of beautiful shades of yellow
and blues and whites in my home, the patterns in
the fabics of my couch and chairs, the wainscotting
along the walls, the rugs that lay atop my pine wood

Francine and I walked outside into the back yard,
where a cobblestone path led us beyond the pool
and the outdoor kitchen into beautiful gardens
and lawn area.

There are many garden rooms to choose from and
picnic, to reflect, to enjoy, but one in particular
was special to us.  We approached an archway
filled with bright pick flowers with a wrought iron
gate.  Francine opened it because my hands were
busy… carrying a plate of warm cookies and hot
tea we brewed.  She closed the gate behind us
and there… we enjoyed a tea party in our very own
secret garden.

There we read stories and went on adventures
and made memories that will last a lifetime.

 This exercise is about visualizing your dreams.

It’s about planning and expecting and seeing your future.

It’s not hokey pokey voodoo nor some new age practice…it’s how God created your mind and body to be.

When I did that exercise, my subconscious mind didn’t know it wasn’t real.  It believed it was real and as a result, when you do this daily (along with a few other components to achieving your goals) you will start to attract that very thing.

Your mind is powerful.  Take time to understand how you have been created and the power you have to create the reality you image…

… you will light up…
… you get excited…
… you will find hope…
… you will have a new lease on life…
… and begin to plan for your best life.


 I highly recommend you pick up a copy of The Vision Board Kit by John Assaraf.  You can get it on Amazon where it’s described as follows:

A vision board is a powerful tool that anyone can use to shape an ideal future through the power of intention and visualization. Learning how to vividly imagine your desired results–attracting your perfect soul mate, radiant health, abundant career opportunities, or building personal and community relationships to give back–is the first step on the path to making them happen. Break through unconscious, limiting beliefs and get ready to transform your future now. If you can envision it, you’re halfway there! This book will explain and walk you through exactly how to create a vision board in conjunction with how to retrain your brain to actually start believing that you can achieve all your goals and dreams. Then, the universe will work its magic!

Inside you will find full explanations of how and why vision boards work and how to effectively use them.  John shares stories and gives you exact step by step instructions on how to make this work.  Our subconscious is so remarkable!


Maybe that’s a vision board where you’ve cut out pictures of what your life is like (in the future when you’ve reached your goals)

You can also surround yourself with the smaller components of your dream that you can actually experience.

If it’s that corvette, go test drive it.

If it’s that house, go look at homes, look at blueprints, start drawing out what you want.  Start picking up little things that will go in your home.

If it’s a material thing, go touch it, look at it.

If it’s time freedom, create space in your schedule every day or once a week where you are free to do whatever you want.  Taste how that feels and be present with your time during that time.  Don’t be thinking of getting back to work.

This is so dang fun!

For example… part of my dreams are the English gardens…so naturally, I have flowers to plant and garnish my porch and home.

And my current home has little touches of what my English cottage home will feel like.

Here’s some pictures of a few things around my home that provide a taste of the dream.

spring 038

spring 044

spring 043

spring 040

spring 037

spring 036

spring 035

spring 034

Start surrounding yourself with things that help you visualize and remind you of where you’re heading.

It’s important that you not take this information as hokey pokey.  Understand that your subconscious mind cannot determine what is real or not real… only what you tell it.  This is why you react emotionally when you watch movies.  Your conscious mind knows it’s not real and you’re in the movie theater.  Your subconscious mind however believes it to be real, thus your emotions.

Show your subconscious what you visualize and then take action to manifest that.  That means finding open doors to bring the finances, relationships, health and opportunities into your life.

I believe in you and am cheering you on!

Have an awesome ‘ manifesting” day!

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PS:  Leave me a comment and tell me what your dreams are… what you’re surrounding yourself with.  

PPS:  If you want to know what I’m doing to create a lifestyle online and helping others to worldwide to tap into their entrepreneurship and manifest their best life.   I invite you to take a look and join me.  Here’s what I’m up to.



  1. Lenore Orkwis says

    Love the post and pictures!   I absolutely agree, that until your Why becomes stronger and more focused than your I'll get to it's…. you will let obstacles get in your way of your dreams. Keep the inspirations coming!!!!

  2. Jeff Neville says

    Hi Debbie –
    Thanks for the message – I'm all in on visualization and know that what you think about is SO imprtant to what eventually happens in your life… Keep up the good work!

  3. Debbie Turner says

    Hi Jeff…Thanks so much for coming by! Glad you’re a visionary! Best to you my friend. ~ Debbie

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