Just Another Monday? How To Stop The Bleeding


Just Another Monday?

Stop The Bleeding

As I write this, It’s Monday morning, I got up at 9:30 because I didn’t get to bed until middle of night, I’ve had a morning walk with my dog, did some reading and meditating, ordered an add for my business from nationwide classifieds, checked email and Facebook and now I’m writing a blog.

I noticed comments in threads on Facebook about dreading to have to be back to work – the dreaded Monday.

I don’t believe it’s so much “work” as it is “being slave”.  Let me explain.

We all work.

It’s part of life.

There’s no free ride.

So I think you’ll agree that working is not an option.

However, how you go about your work makes all the difference.


Change Your Monday Morning Options

If you don’t like your Monday mornings and dread the week ahead, you’re not passionate about what you’re doing.  The good news is that although you may think you’re at a dead end and stuck with what you’ve got for the rest of your life, that’s not true.

Make a decision to change what you don’t like.

A decision happens in a split second.

From that decision now, you can put together a game plan to help you accomplish what you want in life.

Whether you have been entertaining the idea of starting your own home based business or are are just seeking a different employment path, ultimately, the decision is up to you.

This blog is about challenging you to step up to what you want to do in life.  It’s too short to mess around being miserable and unfulfilled.


The Home Business Entrepreneur

If you have the desire to have a home based business, your options and benefits will be limitless

  • You can work smarter, not harder.
  • You can create uncapped income.
  • You can set your hours.
  • You can make your decisions.
  • You can put your ‘creativity into motion”
  • You can plan your vacations around your life, instead of your life around your vacation time.
  • You have tax writeoffs you otherwise would not.
  • You’re a free spirit!
  • The list is vast!

The Decision.. Now What?

network marketing online trainingIf you have a seed of entrepreneurship, yet you do nothing about it, it will haunt you until the day you die.  You can’t get rid of it.  You’ll always that the thoughts…

What if I had only ….

The steps for offline entrepreneurship, a brick and mortar, are too big.  My family has owned and sold brick and mortars since I was a girl and I can tell you… it’s buying yourself a 90 hour a week job.  So I’m not going to talk about that.

Let’s talk about the home based business entrepreneur. 

This would be for you if you want to create income that blesses the family and provides not only their needs, but abundance.

Further, let’s assume you want to be an ONLINE home based business owner, meaning, the only thing they need in terms of office supplies.. is your laptop.

Ok, you have your laptop…now you need a product or service to sell… yes, you have to sell something (but rather than ‘sell’… how about if you allow people to simply ‘buy’, without even talking to you!  That’s what I do.  But back to the idea of having a product or service in exchange for money… that’s called selling.  You are in the business of selling.  That’s how business works.

  • You go to a movie, you pay for a ticket.
  • You go to dinner, you pay for the meal.
  • You want gas, to pay for it.
  • You want your lawn mowed, you pay for it.
  • You need a doctor, you pay for it.
  • You have a product someone wants, they pay you for it.

DIY OR Done For You

If I were getting started, I’d choose a product or service already done for me.  In my case, I have marketed and sold the Global Resorts Network product since 2007.  I can’t image ever not offering this because it’s a stellar lifestyle product that families LOVE.  And I use it myself over and over and over!

Ok…so now you have a product… now what?

Well, if you want to market using your laptop online, you need to know “HOW” to do that.

So where to do you get the education?

1) You will pay tens of thousands of dollars for one on one coaching and schooling.  That’s not a great solution.

2) What hundreds of thousands of people around the world have discovered, is Empower Network.


Empower Network offers…

  • A blog for you to promote anything you want.
  • Personal development and growth as an entrepreneur (this teaches you how to grow up as an entrepreneur and keeps you in the game so you don’t quit)
  • Leadership in business
  • Team building
  • Technical “how to” for placing your marketing
  • Community and support
  • Live events
  • Earn while you learn with 100% commissions

Empower Network offers an affiliate (or referral) program which allows it’s members to earn while they learn.  This means that while they are learning how to market, they have the opportunity to generate income.  No other profession allows you to do that!

   You can’t earn money as a doctor until you have a license to practice.

   You can’t earn money as a lawyer until you have passed the bar and have your license.

   You can’t earn money as a CPA until you’ve got your degree.

   You can’t earn money as a teacher until you’ve got your certification.

With Empower Network, you CAN earn money WHILE you learn.

This is true of ANY home based business opportunity or attraction marketing system.

The problem however, lies in the “how to“.

Most people know how to sign up for an opportunity but then …. “now what?

There’s are several major roadblocks that lead to 98% failure rate.

Roadblock #1:  They don’t know how to market.

Roadblock #2:  They don’t know about personal growth as an entrepreneur.

Roadblock #3: They don’t know about leadership.

Roadblock #4:  They don’t know about team building within their business.

Roadblock #5:  They don’t know how to handle overwhelm and frustration.

roadblock #6:  They don’t hang out with the right people and influence.

THE SOLUTION to Roadblocks….

Join Empower Network to get ALL the help, support and training to be successful.

Note:  Some people use Empower Network to grow their incomes to over a million a year JUST in Empower Network and using their business opportunity of their education and products!  So you don’t have to have another product if you don’t want.  It’s up to you.


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The Non-Entrepreneur

If you decide that being an entrepreneur is not for you, and you dread Monday mornings, I would suggest you’re working a job that doesn’t align with your passion and purpose.  How is it that you ended up doing the job your doing?  Here’s some things I hear from people…

  • Because your parents dictated what you should do and the job THEY wanted for you.
  • Because it’s simply a matter of taking the first job offered.
  • Because as you’ve grown older you realize that your interests have changed because you’ve gained clarity and purpose for what you really want to do, yet are stuck in a job from your younger days.
  • Really, it’s not the job, it’s the people you have to work with and maybe you have a terrible boss.
  • You really thought the job would pay more but it doesn’t and each month there’s not enough money
  • And other similar reasons.  They all make sense!

A New Game Plan for the Non Entrepreneur

I would challenge you to come up with a game plan to position yourself for favor, for promotion, for a change all together so that when you arise in the morning, you’re excited about your work.  There’s nothing worse than going through life dreading your work.

 — Identifying your destiny and purpose.

And I would go so far as to say, God did not create you to dread your work or dislike your life.  He created you with a purpose and a destiny and if we miss that, our lives will reflect that in how we approach our work.

Not sure what your purpose and destiny is?  Seek God.  Pray for answers.  He’ll show up.  He created you, He’s got the answers.

 — Be the change you wish you’d see in your current employment

If it’s your boss and co-workers, perhaps they are cranky for a reason, maybe reasons you don’t even know.  You never know the “behind the scenes life” that someone is living.  Even your boss.  So be the light, be the kindness, be the change you wish you’d see in others.

Compliment and help your boss, your co-workers and see what happens over the next few weeks.

This goes a long way to promotion and favor.

 — Look for another job

Keep what you’ve got, but look for another job that you can step into.  One that would be more satisfying to you and align with who you are and what you enjoy doing.

 — Go back to school

If it’s possible to go back to school in the evenings or through online courses while you continue to work, then do it.  If this is what you need to do to get where you really want to go, then don’t let anything hold you back.

 — Get creative and figure it out.

Know what you want to do and put your thinking cap on.  Find a way to move forward in your career that you’ll be happy about.



The type of work you choose to do is what will allow you to daily pursue your dreams and passions and live your destiny.  Because when you get up each morning to do that, you would never grumble about Monday mornings.  For some of you, it will always be about the job, the 9-5.

For others of you, it will be about the adventure of building your own dreams.

Whatever will make you happy and fulfilled, that’s I want for everyone.  Not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur.  Millions are however.


Ready for Entrepreneurship?


If you’re ready to step into entrepreneurship shoes, get started here.


You’ve got to learn HOW to make your online business successful.

It doesn’t matter what you decide to sell.. be it travel, vitamins, phone services, coins… the marketing is the same.  Without the “know how”, you’ll not get your business off the ground.

I’ll send you a welcome email, we’ll schedule a time to talk and we’ll get you plugged in.  You’re be up and on your way in minutes!



See you on the beaches of the world!

Debbie (and my awesome daughter, Ashley)



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