Jeff Mills’ Outsourcing Workshop: Feb 7-8 Register for Live Stream

In case you have not heard, one of my personal friends and mentor, Jeff Mills, is doing it again. I’ve attended various seminars that Jeff has hosted and he always overdelivers.

He’s broadcasting his 4th Outsource and Leverage Workshop live over the internet via Ustream and you can watch it no matter where you live in the world from the comfort of your home this weekend!

This is definitely a workshop that will completely change the way you think about and do your online business, as you’ll be taught many insider internet marketing tips as well as hot outsourcing strategies that have allowed Jeff to work less and make more money. (Over $2 Million)

Live UStream – need to sign up HERE.

I hope you can make it to some of the live stream, as Jeff is recording the event, so if you sign up, but cannot make all the sessions, he’s letting you come back so you can watch the replays in the password protected area for many months.

So, sounds like a really good deal that I wanted to pass it along. If I did not tell you about this, I am sure you would have been mad at me! So… enjoy and learn!

Registration for live stream HERE.


About the author: Debbie Turner was forced out of a 13 year successful real estate career when the market turned in 2005. Knowing nothing about internet marketing, she set out to learn new skillsets from the best in the industry. Debbie has since discovered how a few focused hours a day can create wealth through fun and non-invasive attraction marketing, personal branding, web 2.0 strategies, and automation to build her businesses.  Debbie is a home based business coach, a Renegade University Professional Guide and provides one-on-one coaching for her business partners. <— Global Resorts Network $1,000 commissions
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