It’s Freedom that People Seek in a Home Based Business


I’m so fired up about freedom.  I have such a deep appreciation for the heroes of our nation going back to the earliest settlements.

To the men and women throughout the years and those who are still on active duty, I thank you.  I am free today because of the price you paid.  All gave some and some gave all.  My mind can’t hardly comprehend that kind of sacrifice.  I’m forever grateful.

Because of that freedom. I have the freedom to pursue the life I want.  You have the freedom to pursue the life you want.

I thought about what I could share with you today that would help you dream a little bigger and catch the “right” mindset for your home based business.  I decided on a “freedom” theme  after just coming off of a 2 week history tour.

My heart is full of gratitude for the sacrifices made so that I can chose the freedom of not having a boss.

I hate slavery.  I saw so much about it.  I heard about it.  I watched plays about it.  I love all my brothers and sisters on this planet and it grieves me to know that one human being ever thought it’s OK to own another human being.


One play I saw had me in tears and I had to go hug the woman who portrayed the slave as  her family was torn from her.  The embrace was mutual with love, understanding and compassion.

There’s another type of voluntary slavery NOT to be compared at all to that of which I just spoke of.  So please don’t compare my analogy as nothing compares to the ugliness of that.

It’s the voluntary slavery of trading time for money and someone putting a value on your time.  You’re paid based on your skillset or lack thereof. You are valued as a person based on someone else’s value of you.  You can be fired and replaced any time and without any notice.

That’s called an employee.  Having said that, let me say this.  There are millions of people who absolutely love what they do and are totally fulfilled as an employee serving others with their gifts and talents and that’s fabulous.  I can always tell them apart when I meet them.  I love to talk to them and and I’m drawn to their love for what they do and the life they have.  They are following their heart and passion.  It’s amazing!

But there are others who are not happy yet they stay the course.  And it’s YOU I want to share my heart with today.

I understand that people are raised to go to school, study hard and then go get a job.  In the last generation, that fell apart because nobody works 45 years at the same place and then gets their pension.  Those days are gone.

Yet, that’s still the protocol for life.

From our earliest childhood this is still the message and people of society just accept that that’s the way it is, even when inside of themselves they are screaming for escape, for other options.

As children, we’re told to “dream big” and we did! Remember those days when someone would ask you what you wanted to do or to be when you grew up?  You’d answer and it was celebrated.

Then somewhere around 8 or 9 years of age when asked that same question of us, parents, teachers and society tell us to “get real” and get our heads out of the clouds.  It’s in the clouds where possibilities happen!

It’s there that we’re put in a box and educated to be good employees working on someone else’s dream, empire and retirement and they call all the shots.

My grandfather for example was a fabulous artist.  His 7th grade teacher told him he’d never make it as an artist so it gave up that passion and idea and went into mechanics.  After he retired, he started painting for fun and it makes me sad he never pursued artistry as a career.  His work is unbelievable.

  • How about if we offer classes on discovering what our passions are and how we can take that and turn that into a business venture.
  • How about classes that teach us that having a business is the best way to use our money with the tax write-offs.
  • How about classes that teach us about all aspects of entrepreneurship.

My “how about classes that…” list is LONG.

So, let’s get to my message so I don’t ramble on.


As you decide to start your home based business and are wondering how to attract others who also want to start a home based business, you’re going to want to focus on the FREEDOM message.

Your message in your business will be different depending on WHO you are wanting to TALK to.

1)  For retail only, you will be marketing the benefits of your products, not the facts.

2)  If you’re looking to recruit people to join your home based business opportunity, you will be marketing freedom, not the facts about your company.

So, let’s talk about the recruiting today.

If you’re wanting to attract people who want to start a home based business, tossing information around about your product will be pretty much ignored.  It won’t give you the result you need at the end of the day.

Yes, having a value based product is important and yes, how much you keep in your pocket after the sale is relevant because that’s what pays the bills and affords the lifestyle.

But, the bottom line is this…

People join a home based business because they want the END RESULT of what that business offers.

In fact, oftentimes, they don’t care what the product is, they just want the end result.  This is why people who don’t care about eating right, sell vitamins and shakes.

What is the end result they want?


It’s the freedom message you’re marketing to them, not how great your product is.

The things people will do with that freedom are different, right?

  • Some will have the freedom and option to buy a better car, a bigger house, have more material things.
  • Others will have the freedom and option to send their kids to better schools
  • Others will have the freedom and option to travel to places they only dreamed about
  • Others will have the freedom and option to retired in a venue they always talked about
  • Others will have the freedom and option to spend the time they want with those they want
  • Others will have the freedom and option to give to charities that touch their hearts

Even the freedom and option to work a job or not work a job.

To get up early to the alarm or to wake up naturally when they’re done sleeping.

This is your own personal freedoms and creating your own economy.


Being UNtied to a boss, a job, a schedule, a capped paycheck, is freedom that gives you options.

THIS is what everyone wants.  Being job OPTIONAL.

Some want it more than others and the level of that want will manifest as they get started and quit or stay the course and figure things out.

When you’re not enslaved to a boss and a time schedule, you can do pretty much what you want to do depending on the level of income you’re generating with your home based business.

I just spent the last couple of weeks with my Mom and Sister where we traveled to Maryland to visit my brother and his family on the front end of our trip and to Virginia to visit my Uncle and his family on the back end of our trip.

In the middle, we visited

  • 3 days in Colonial Williamsburg
  • Kimball Theater and Arts Museum
  • Jamestown Settlement
  • Historic Jamestown
  • Endsview Plantation
  • Sunset cruise on a Schooner Sailboat
  • Fredricksburg Trolly Tour
  • Fredricksburg Battlefield
  • Chatham House
  • Home and gardens of President James Monroe
  • Home and gardens of President James Madison
  • Home and gardens of President Thomas Jefferson at Monticello

I was reminded everyday of the freedoms we have because of the sacrifices others made by the real heroes.

I was reminded of what that meant to me in those moments as I was generating income while not being enslaved to a boss.

I was grateful.

Do you seek that kind of freedom or are you truly happy in your job?

In your pursuit of happiness, does your job give you that?

Does it offer you the security you need to carry you through life?

If yes, great.  Stay the course.

If not, you have a decision to make.

Just like any career or job, you train for that, right?  You go through an education process that often times you pay for over a 30 year period to get. And you do it so you can work for someone else and just do a job.  You show up at 9, have scheduled potty and lunch breaks, and you leave at 5 (at best).  You paid thousands upon thousands to be able to do that.


With a home based business, it’s no different in that you have to learn and study.

But it’s totally different because the education isn’t going to cost you what it does to go to college and learn a new trade.  Nor is it going to cost you in terms of time.

In fact, I have a training platform I’m a member of and it’s only $149 a month of which I (and YOU) can refer others to and make $100/mo for every month they pay for their education so it’s a profit center for me (and YOU).  You can learn more about it here.  You log in, take a course on a particular marketing strategy and start generating leads for your business immediately.

As you learn, you are building a business for yourself, with all the tax benefits, and developing skillsets you can use throughout your entire life and generating an income stream from your educational platform.  That’s smart.

It comes down to how much freedom and how many options you want and then how badly do you want that?

In summary my friends, whatever you do in your life as you pursue your life, liberty and happiness, I hope it’s what you really want.

If it’s not, you have the freedom to change your direction any time you want.  You are in the drivers seat of your life, of which you only get one go around.  This isn’t dress rehearsal.

And remember this which is the end point I want to make with this article, is when you’re marketing the benefits of your home based business, do so in a manner that paints pictures of what the end result can look like for people.  That is their “WHY”.

Offer your home business as a solution… an answer… for others to get what they want in life.

Be happy, however you define that.

Be free in a way that makes you happy.

Love you all,



Debbie Turner
Freedom Entrepreneur

PS:  If you feel you’re ready for some freedom in your life, reach out to me on Facebook or the contact me form and let’s talk.  I’ll share with you what I’m doing to see if it’s a fit for you.


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    Awesome content Debbie, I haven’t looked at any of your posts lately although I’ll like to connect with you sometime soon and collaborate… Keep doing it girl

  2. Debbie Turner says

    Hi James, great to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by an saying hello. Appreciate you :)

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