Is Your Mindset Empowering You For Success?


Your mindset will make or break you. 

I don't make the rules but I know how they work.  And those who understand that what you think and how you plan for success will leave you in the poor house or take you the penthouse. 

The good news is that YOU have control over your thoughts and actions.

With the launch of Empower Network (see my Empower Network Review here) I have seen many people surface with renewed hope and a solid game plan for their success.  To those individuals, I say, "Yeah!"  I applaud them.  They have caught the vision of success for themselves, they see it, feel it and plan for it.  

In fact, they are getting down to business, blogging, learning about SEO and keywords and are excited for 2012.

Then there's those who want instant results and if they don't, well, they blame a person, a system, a training, everything but themselves and then quit. 

So let's talk entrepreneurship and mindset here for a minute.  Below I have listed 5 action steps you can take to ensure your mindset is on the right path. 

But first, let's be clear on this:

Not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur and work hard for themselves! They are cut out to work hard for someone else and exchange time for dollars.   These individuals have grown up like most everyone else around a family table where mom and dad worked and have set their inner mindset to do the same.  The message in their mind is go to college and get a job, work 40 years, retire on peanuts and just get by. 

To them, financial struggle is a part of life and just the way things have to be forever.  There's a couple reasons.

  1. They haven't been educated that there's options to financial struggle so they don't know any better.  OR
  2. They've heard there's options and don't have to financially struggle but they don't believe that mindset has anything to do with it and as such, they won't begin the transformational thinking that's required for success, they stay in that devastating, non-serving thinking.  OR
  3. They know about the options for ridding themselves of financial struggle but they won't take the time or energy to pursue success options.  they will always have what they've always had.

Regardless of the training, opportunities, coaching, info products, events, etc. that are available to them, they just don't, won't implement a new path for their destiny.

What they want is a push button ATM machine to spit out money. 

Here's the deal:  that doesn't exist!

But that's the mindset they live with.  It's a prison with a life long "lack" or "poverty" sentence. 

Until and unless that mindset changes, they have no option but to be, do and have what they've got now. 

Here's an example of a mindset that I'm referring to with a new member to Empower Network for example.

empwer network

And whether it's the Empower Network or Global Resorts Network, or any "XYZ" company on the planet…..

I've see THIS MINDSET everywhere!  

People think that they can sign up for anything and within 3 days, POOF!  Money appears in their account. 

  • Empower Network is not a get rich quick scheme.
  • Home based businesses are not a get rich quick scheme.
  • Affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme.
  • Products and services you create and offer is not a get rich quick scheme

These are vehicles for you can you make money, make lots of money, but that money is in exchange for the work an individual is willing to put into the project.  You can't approach entrepreneurship with a "9-5 get paid at the end of the week" mindset.   It's based on your value and contribution to others.

In the example I posted, this individual expected a return and income in 3 days.  His mindset is ready to quit.  I hope a mentor comes along side of him and helps him understand entrepreneurship, marketing, testing, blogging, etc.  or he'll be another statistic in the 98% fail category. 

And why to people fail?

  • Because they quit. 
  • They give up on themselves. 
  • They aren't patient. 
  • They aren't willing to work at something.
  • Number one reason:  WRONG MINDSET

Here's 5 steps you can take to make sure you are on the right mindset path.

  1. Read or listen to personal development everyday.
  2. Set goals with vision and believe that you can have what you dream.
  3. Make a list of action steps toward that goal that you can reasonably accomplish.
  4. Hang out with successful, like minded people.
  5. Make a commitment to see it through.  Finish your project, stay in the game, never quit.

If you're not cut out to be an entrepreneur, it's ok.  And how do you know if you are or aren't?  That's simple.

There will be a drive in your gut that pushes you in that direction.  You will think about it.  You will lay awake at night and ponder the idea of working for yourself to have everything in life you ever dreamed about.  You will keep coming "back at it" until you succeed.

If this is you, you will take these feelings to your grave, only the older you get, you will add regret to that.  And you'll start to live in the "what if I only took a chance" mindset.

Find a vehicle you want to use to launch your entrepreneur dreams and make a decision and commitment for goodness sakes.  Don't come it with "hoping it will work" attitudes.  Come into it with the mindset that no matter what, no matter how long, I will make this work.  It's just a matter of learning new skills and implementing them.  That's it.

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