Is Your Inspiration Keeping You Too Busy To Work? Sounds Weird, I know.

Time management tips for home business entrepreneurs
Time management tips for home business entrepreneurs

Is Your Inspiration Keeping You Too Busy To Work?

Sounds like a weird sentence doesn’t it?

But here’s what I’m talking about.

You’re working from home and nobody’s telling you to have XYZ done before 5 pm when the doors close or else.

Because of the freedom you have as a home based, stay in your jammies entrepreneur, you have a tendency to put off the “work” part of your day and just bathe in inspiration getting your “feel good” on and ideas to share with the world.

You justify it by telling yourself that you need to read daily and listen to positive inspiration every day (which is true).

The problem is, you’re surfing the web and finding not only things to inspire you, but things that are not moving your forward in life.

You get lost in La La Land and the next thing you know, it’s lunchtime with nothing to show for it.

OMG!  I’ve been there so many times!  In fact, I’ve been there so bad, I never even got dressed, ate breakfast, or brushed my teeth and hair!

(Confession is good for the soul I hear.)

So how can you still be inspired and motivated yet get your creative work done?

It’s definitely a problem but there’s a super simple fix.

Here’s 3 Tips To Help You Get Your Inspiration Fix And Also Stay Productive

1)  Do your creative work done first.

So what I do is I get my creative work done first.  I put myself on restriction from the internet, from email, from phone messages, from texts… until my creative work is done.

By creative work, I mean, the income producing activities that must be done each day or guess what?  You don’t get paid!

And when I say paid, we as entrepreneurs know that getting paid is based on results, not an hourly clock.

So get your work done peeps!

2)  Keep your inspiration in one spot.

Now that your work is done, you can go play!  Er… get inspired.  What you want to do is keep your inspiration in one place so you can go to it for a quick idea to share with others or that you want to read and grow yourself.

You can do this a couple of ways…

a)  Create a Pinterest Board and call it My Sea of Inspiration or something like that.  When you come across an article, a quote, book, a blog, or audio that you want to get to, just PIN it.

b)  Use a bookmarking service and bookmark the things you want to come back to.

This will keep you from surfing too long when you do need a little inspiration or idea to spring board off of.

Before you end your day, go to your inspiration spot and grab your idea for the next day so you’re not getting into it in the morning when you should be creating.

3)  Set a Timer.

Did I just say to set a timer for the length in which you can inspire yourself?  I did!

Who does that make sense to?

Here’s what I’m really saying.

You are an entrepreneur by choice so that you can spend MORE time with family and friends and be involved in activities and life that bring you joy and purpose and meaning.  Yes, you need to be inspired!  Yes, you need to fill yourself up with that good lovin’ juice everyday!

But… (yes, there’s a but)…

… you don’t want to spend hours doing it or you’ll not have the time to live your life.  If you didn’t have the internet to find your inspiration, this wouldn’t be a problem.  You see the problem lies in the internet.  We live in an ADD society and there’s too many things in outer space there that will suck your time and keep you occupied while life passes by.

So do your thang and gitter done!

I hope you enjoyed my three tips for staying inspired, staying motivated, while not putting a halt to the actual work you need to do so you can live the life you dream about.

Leave me your three tips in the comments below and let’s share ideas cuz I know you have some good ones!

Have an Inspired AND Productive day my friends!


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