Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint Relaunch and Video

irresistible info marketing blueprintMark Hoverson's Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint Relaunched

Earlier this year Mark Hoverson through a joint venture with Magnetic Sponsoring, launched a product called Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint.  It was the biggest and most successful launch in our niche industry. 

The information was fresh and authentic and real help for home based business entrepreneurs, especially those in the network marketing and MLM industry.  The training was easy to follow and step by step.  It has changed the direction of many entrepreneurs. 

I DO want to give you a heads up before you get started reading…..

The will ONLY be available to the first 350 buyers AND the price will double if you don't take advantage of the early bird special.  Just warning you.

>>>>> CLICK HERE TO BUY  <<<<<

It's limited because the "PLUS" factor of this relaunch includes a LIVE interactive webinars for assisting others and a LIVE event in Phoenix where the room only holds that many. 

So, with that in mind, you want to do the following:

  1. Mark your calendar for Thursday, October 27, 2011 at 8pm EST.  That's when the cart opens. 
  2. Get your information now so there's no dilly dally on your decision.  The 350 units will go fast.  And, if you delay, the price doubles.
  3. Watch the recorded 1 hour webinar below. 
  4. Read through the module information.

In the Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint course, there are 7 modules as follows:

Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint Module 1:  Irresistible Caffeine Product Creation: 

These are super fast products you can create within a couple of hours to a couple of days.  Generally these are short term products but not necessarily.  When you create a caffeine product, you are generating income to offset your costs of advertising, establishing yourself as a leader with credibility and your business will grow significantly, as well as your income.

Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint Module 2:  Irresistible Team Creation: 

You market differently to your affiliates than you do to your prospects.  Mark shows how to create competition within teams, how to find dark horses within your teams and has done this himself catapulting himself to an 8 figure a year income and becoming part owner in the company he initially was just an affiliate for.  He knows a thing or two.

Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint Module 3:  Irresistible Email (with Video Bonus):

As you know if you’re a marketer, without great emails, you have no business.  This is a super important module that shows you exactly how to create emails that generate you money.   Mark will be going into what goes into a good email that causes people to open your emails every time you send them.  And, how to put video inside of those emails which is the ‘grease’ that makes you money.

Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint Module 4:  Irresistible SELLING Webinars: 

There’s roughly 37 components to a successful webinar.  Mark will have ‘gaming’ components within this module where participants will win by taking part in hosting a webinar and selling their product.  This is going to literally be a life changer for a lot of people.

Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint Module 5:  Irresistible Crop Products (Long-Term Asset Products):

Unlike the caffeine product, this is a long term cash generating product.   You will make money from this product for years to come.

Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint Module 6:  Irresistible Speaking Secrets:  

When you get on stage, if you so desire to market on stage, and if you put out good products you’ll receive invites to do that… this teaches you how sell from stage so well that when you’re done with your presentation, people won’t be just giving you a ‘high 5’, they’ll be heads down because everyone is filling out their application to buy.

Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint Module 7:  21 Friction-Free “Word-for-Word: Recruiting Secrets: 

This is for many MLM and network marketing entrepreneurs who make sales via phone.  Mark has made 100’s and 100’s by using specific language and he’s going to tell all here in this module.  He enables for you to become a recruiting monster.

BONUS:  Instant Product Creation Blueprint LIVE (taught at $3995 live event)  This information was taught in an intimate private setting where 25 people flew in to learn how to do this.  You get it, I think (don't hold me to this one).

For the relaunch, Mark Hoverson was inspired by the writings of Walt Disney as he talked about the "PLUS" Factor…. It's the "super size", the "wow" factor.

So with that in mind, Hoverson is not only delivering the goods above, as he did the first go around, but his PLUS factor is the intimacy and rolling up his sleeves, making himself available to the Irresistible Info Marketing Students to help them super launch their businesses.

In the following video, Mark Hoverson shares….

1)  Vaccinations you MUST have in this business or you will fail!  When you see this you will be shaking your head yes, you will be relating, you will be "getting it", you will agree and you will love this stuff!

2) The Details that I've laid out above for the Relaunch of Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint.

3)  Q&A

Here's what you get with the Relaunch.

  • The Blueprints.  All the Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint Modules above.  ($997 Value)
  • Series of 7 webinars LIVE (and he'll record them if you can make it) to help individual students ($997 Value)
  • LIVE EVENT in Phoenix on February 9 to continue to mastermind with his students on stuff they are not sure about ($997 Value)
  • FREE GUEST PASS for the live event.  ($997 Value)

Here's the cost of the Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint Relaunch…..

  • For new students (those who have not purchased the blueprints  = $997  (Includes Everything above!)
  • For returning students (those who have already purchased the Blueprints but want the PLUS  =  $497


>>>>>>>EARLY BIRD SPECIAL<<<<<<<<<

If you purchase or Plus between when the doors open October 27th 8pm EST  HERE'S YOUR EARLY BIRD PRICING!!!

  • For new students (those who have not purchased the blueprints  = $497  (Includes Everything above!)
  • For returning students (those who have already purchased the Blueprints but want the PLUS  =  $197




QUESTION:  Can I make 2 payments? 


QUESTION:  What if I can't attend the live event in Phoenix on February 9? 

You can give your ticket away for FREE.   You cannot sell it, but you can give both your ticket and your guest pass ticket to others or use it as an incentive for people to join you in your business.

Call me with any questions you have.  843-270-5611

>>>>> CLICK HERE TO BUY  <<<<<


When Hoverson decided to relaunch, here's was his email sharing his thoughts, heart, and  intentions of this launch:

"Hey guys it's Mark. I'm jazzed to have your support
for all this stuff. Make sure the people on your list
know the info below:

Blueprint "PLUS" is focusing on intimacy,
and a WAY WAY WAY deeper impact on the
new round of students…

Here's why the impact will be so much deeper:

#1- In the original launch, we released the
epically powerful 7 modules. Students watched
them. Applied them. And loved it. Many leaders
in the industry have whispered to me, "Mark,
this is the very best stuff I've ever seen." And
newbies that have never made a penny, are
f-i-n-a-l-l-y seeing breakthroughs. (The course
can easily contend with any $1997 course online
right now…easily).

BUT—I had zero interaction with them during
the modules. None whatsoever. So if they had
further questions on implementation. Or wanted
to bounce ideas off me. It was impossible.

So #2- PLUS is adding 7 consecutive weeks
of high level private (and small webinars). Each
week, the new round of students will have
60-90 minutes of 8-figure Q & A with me. Lazer
on-the-spot coaching. Obviously, we can't have
2000 people on a webinar like that. It would lose
all intimacy.  So we have to limit the number of
new buyers on this relaunch.

#3- The level of interaction and intimacy the new
round of PLUS buyers will have with me is easily
worth a $997 course all by itself.

#4- But we didn't stop there with PLUS. We added
the ultimate PLUS factor. A high end, interactive,
pitch-free LIVE event workshop. This is NOT a
typical $297 pitch-fest with a zillion speakers
(those are actually great and I love them). But this
is one full day of mainly just me. These style of
events are usually $1K per day in our industry.

Again…obviously, because of the size of the meeting
room at the hotel, we HAVE to limit the number of new buyers
on this relaunch.

#5- We are going to change people's lives in major
ways through this Blueprint PLUS project. It is infinitely
more powerful than the original Blueprint launch.

We had almost 2500 new buyers on the original blueprint.

How many will be allowed into PLUS?

Less than 500. Less than 400.

Because of space limitations and to guarantee
the intimacy factor, we will only open 350 spots total.
And I have a sneaky suspicion those spots will
fill fast. Very fast.

So make sure you tell everyone on your list about this
life-changing PLUS relaunch. I personally guarantee anyone
who is part of the 350 people will have an amazing, unfair,
wickedly wonderful advantage over the rest of the industry."

Here's the link to get more information:

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