Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint Houseboat Party: What are we up to?

Just got back from Austin and had a great time with old and new friends, enjoying great foods and experiences from fine dining to party houseboats to quiet masterminding by the pool waterfall. 
I was in Austin as a winner for the Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint affiliates.  If you were following that, I was on "Team Voltron" (a goofy name Mark Hoverson branded the four of us who teamed up to win (Michelle Alpha, Eric Wilkes, Adam Holland and Myself).  Adam couldn't make it and we missed him!  Something about his in-laws 25th wedding anniversary… darn!
<<< In the spirit of fun, we sported Voltron shirts we ordered online from 80's tees if you're into that thing .
Although my flight home was one of canceled flights, re-routings and delays putting me back home at midnight rather than several hours earlier, it  placed me in a different set of circumstances and around the RIGHT people.
network marketing events
Here's what I mean….
Oh, let me s share this first just for fun.  You know, I like to fly because I like to get where I'm going faster but… I have a secret fascination and love of clouds when I'm going through them and looking down at them.  If you've never flown before, it's another world above the clouds.  Here's a photo I took at 30,000 feet.  You only get to experience that from the air.
Ok, so back to my flight schedule.  First, my delay allowed me to have time to enjoy lunch with an entrepreneur who is involved in many things…, accounting, real estate investing and is now looking to create an empire online.  That was great!  I love talking to people who are not afraid to take risks, but rather search out opportunities and go for it.  It's contagious and exhilerating.
But, here's the other thing about the blessing in the reroute….My biggest pet peeve on planes is you don't get to choose the mindset and conversation you sit next to. I have rarely found that conversation energetic, magnetic and positive so I usually go into deep reading and if that doesn't work, I put headphones on, close my eyes and pretend to be asleep.  If that's what I need to do, the advantage is it's a great utilization of time to dream,  visualize and mentally map out my future and next steps.
In this case, however, the man I sat next to last night was an forensic attorney who also was also a tech geek, encouraging his kids to become entrepreneurs and think right thoughts and to dream big, so we had lots to talk about. It was great because who wants to come off a weekend of hanging out with like minded "going places" individuals and then hop on a plane with a droopy David.

So, in mingling and conversing with my friends this weekend I'm NEVER surprised to hear what they are up to.
These are NOT your everyday "in the grocery store line" conversations.  It's a glimpse into what's possible for you with vision, purpose and hard work.  These are the people what understand what hard work and never giving up means and who have tremendous respect for the "action takers" beginning that journey.
For example…

People who have 100 acres of land and are getting ready to stock it with Zebras & Wilda-beast…when I asked why, he said, "So we can take the kids out in the Jeep and have them look for the Zebras and Wilda-beast." I say, "Cool."

People who are going to Ecuador to spend a week on a learning & lifestyle expedition inside the heart of a remote jungle tribe.  I asked why and they said, "So we can experience other cultures in the most authentic way and get away from textbooks to talk about it and just go live it."  I say, "Cool."

People (who are small town Midwestern people, age 24, who's gone from earning $2K/month to $9K/month in the last year).

People who's monthly advertising budget is $30K -$125K and just discovered that if you're going to do that using Facebook PPC, you better have a business ad account or you'll get suspended.  (if that's you, make sure you have one set up). 

People who are moving to another country for 3 months just because it will be fun.  

People who had a private table at the NBA Hall of Fame induction ceremony today.

People who when their 5 year old children came with family at the end of the event to say hi and pick up their mom/dad, knew how to walk up to an adult, shake their hand and introduce themselves with confidence.  "Yes sir", "No sir", "Thank You","Please", "Nice to Meet You" and it was obvious that respect was a way of life for these little ones. 
People who are racing cars at the speedway next week for the thrill of it.
People who won the module 1 contest because they burned the midnight oil, set aside the jeers and poking from family and friends, the fears of failing and took a chance because they were fighting for what they wanted.  (Love that mindset!) (Note… they won)
People who decided to turn their back at the "average America experience", and just go make their dreams come true.  Acting in spite of fear, in spite of what others may think and in spite of how long it takes.
People who have a heart for philanthropy and do make a difference.
People who are aware of the global economy and rather than sitting back and doing nothing are planning on ways to profit during this recession, both in entrepreneurship and buying gold and silver because it's a safe haven.  The greatest wealth transfer in history is on it's way.  Those who are prepared and are taking action at what ever level they can right now are the ones who will fall on the right side of the transfer.   Click here to see where I buy gold and silver WHOLESALE.
What's holding you back from living life of abundance and adventure, purpose and excitement?  What's holding you back from preparing for planning for your future in a serious way?
Make the decision.
Get started.
Don't stop.
Come hang out with us live at events.  While this was a special "Invitation Only" for contest winners, there are many opportunities to get together.  There's usually 7-10 every year.  At the time of this writing, CLICK HERE for the Live the Dream event details.
Here's a few pictures from this weekend.  At a glance, names you're recognize are Ann Seig, Isiah Seig, Mike Dillard, Jonathan Budd, Katie Freiling, Aaron Rashkin, Brian Finale, Norbert Orelwitz, Mark Hoverson, Degan Smith, Jay Kubasak, David Wood, Raymond Fong.  Superstars also include Didi Alcheva, Glenn Arcaro, VaNessa Duplessie, Eric Wilkes, Michelle Alpha, and many more.  I love these people… good people, good friends and I can't wait for you to connect with them and meet them also.


  1. Debbie Turner says

    Hi Andrea… you did great to be on the leaderboard… congrats and thank you for your fabulous support. Debbie

  2. says

    Hi Debbie,
    What a great article! I have had my dreams and aspirations on the back burner now for a few months.  Time to dust them off and get busy.   I always look to you for inspiration and you always come through.
    Great pictures. Wow to rub shoulders with so many successful people. What a great opportunity.
    Thanks Debbie

  3. Debbie Turner says

    Hey Michelle,

    Thanks for stopping by! Yes! Get those dreams dusted off and come join us. You can have everything you want and deserve. :)

  4. says

    Thanks for sharing your journey and life lessons. Two things popped up for my while i read your post. First off was the circumstances around your travels and the willingness you have to allow the events to unfold the way they did. Sometimes when we travel and our well laid plans divert into less comfortable ones, we tend to get a little angry or frustrated. However, as you said you were surrounded by the right people.
    Second you shared the rewards of the affiliate contest as well as the insight into a lifestyle few get to see. This is by far the most important piece (in my opinion) and as you know my motto is always to stay for the meeting after the meeting. It's these times of connecting and sharing and getting to know people such as the ones you listed above. It's letting others know that these are real people and they continue to have dreams and goals.

    Thanks for always being a servant leader.
    Ken Pickard
    The network Dad

  5. says

    Awesome Debbie! What a Crew of Movers and Shakers! I'm certain you will carry your smile with you a LONGgggg time from this one! I am psyched for You! Keep the momentum rolling! Congratulations! It is truly an honor to celebrate with you on this journey! ~ Lynn Clarke

  6. Debbie Turner says


    Gosh I always love hearing what you have to say and I know we think a lot in terms of positive energy, emotions and thoughts. The lifestyle is something that can seem so foreign to those who haven’t had the income and time to experience that but on the same hand, these guys/gals were all pretty much homeless and hopeless not that long ago… we’re talking what…. 3-5 years ago. That’s why I get so excited and love staying in the game, constantly evaluating my thoughts, my words and my visions to make sure they are in align with my dreams and goals.

    I missed you on the boat… next time for sure, yes?

    Thank you for being a servant leader as well. Those who get to know you are so lucky to have a friend, a mentor and coach such as yourself. See you soon.


  7. Debbie Turner says

    Hi Lynn,

    Thanks so much for your positive energy and celebration for all of us. That will come back to you 10 fold… but you probably already know that :) Take care… Debbie

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