Strategic Internet Marketing Training: The Money Is In The List

If would be internet marketers and home based business owners could only tap into this principal before they spend all their time marketing without building their own list, they would stay in the game.  They would see results.

But, many have no clue.  They are not taught.  Their sponsor has no clue.

Let me ask you this.  Have you ever wondered why you get emails and see website sales pages saying that “I make $53,000 in 4 hours!”

Well, how do you think they did this?  What all important, critical piece of information did they forget to tell you?

They failed to tell you that they spent the last 5-10 years building a list of customers and that list has multiple thousands of people on it.

Therefore, when they send one email, advertising one product for $199 and a small percentage of them buy . . . guess what?  Do the math.  Say you have 30,000 people you sent that one email to and 2% bought.  That’s a chunk of change.

So, your first priority in your network marketing business should be to build your list.  Take care of your list.  Givve them value and help them.  Don’t spam or send junk.

Build your list of thousands over the next several years and watch your business literally turn into an ATM machine.  Whenever you need income, just send an email.

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