Internet Marketing Basics (Part 1 of 5)

internet marketing basics

On the intro of my “Back to Basics” which includes “Internet Marketing Basics“, I gave you an overview of what and why I’m choosing to blog about this.

Basically, newbies and struggling not so newbies are overwhelmed and frustrated and keep doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.

So getting back to basics, internet marketing basics and personal development is where we need to go in order for something to change.

In this blog, part 1 of 5, I share my thoughts on “Preparing Your Journey” which includes these three things:

1)  Your Mindset
2)  Setting your Expectations
3)  Your Decision and  Commitment

Watch this 23 min. video on Back to Basics and  Internet Marketing Basics


Your Mind, thoughts and beliefs will 100% determine your outcome when it comes to you grasping and implementing your internet marketing basics and getting up and running.  PERIOD.

Our minds and thoughts are powerful and if you come to the table with a “can do” attitude and a “no matter what” attitude, you will accomplish what you want.

Back in 2007 when I came online and started my business, I kept reading articles and hearing people talk about this thing called personal development.

I have to tell you, back in my early days I didn’t want to do personal development, I just wanted to sell stuff and make money. Right?   I didn’t understand why I was hearing more about personal development and mindset when I was researching and asking for help with my internet marketing basics.  But as I became coachable and followed directions, the importance of this came more and more in focus.

Since I’ve been involved with online marketing, ALL my mentors and coaches would ask me before talking to me about anything,

“Debbie, what are you reading and listening to at the present?  What does your daily personal development routine look like?”

Therefore, as I have become successful and understand how key personal development is, I would be doing an injustice to leave this out as part of my ‘back to basics” and what I would do if I were starting over.

Brick and Mortar vs. Home Based Business Mindset

One thing that’s right in front of all of us, is the stark contrast between owning a home based business vs. a brick  and mortar business in terms of how each are approached.

I want to focus on this because I believe with everything in me that “the amount of money someone has to put up” to start their business has SO much to do with the seriousness, commitment and long term problem solving toward their success.

You see, when someone has to go to the bank and get a multi-thousand dollar loan and jump through all the hoops one has to go through to finally get the keys to their brick and mortar, they have a very different mindset and commitment level than a home business owner who can plop down $100 and get started.

Your home based business is a real business BUT people don’t treat it like it is because they have nothing to lose .

Let’s contrast the home business and the traditional brick and mortar.

Home Based Business

  • Small  investment ranging from $500 – $10K
  • 98% don’t take it seriously at all.
  • It’s easy to quit and walk away.
  • No accountability.
  • No sense of being boss.
  • Rarely is there even a ‘to do’ list or action plan for the day.
  • No consequences for not showing up to work.

Thoughts:  “something I’ll try, kick around, dae lifestyle, income and rewards of a business YEARS faster than a traditional brick and mortar.

Traditional Brick and Mortar

  • Tremendous outlay of cash ranging from $60K – multiple $100K – $1-2 million +
  • 110% serious – everything is at stake
  • Can’t quit and walk away… everything is at stake
  • Full accountability – everything is at stake
  • You are and act as the boss – everything is at stake
  • To do list gets done every day before you go home – no option here
  • Major consequences for not showing up to work – lose it all, possible bankruptcy

Thoughts:  “Failure is not an option.”

Believes:  “I can do this and I will figure out it to ensure my success.  I’ll spend every dime I have to make a go at this.”

Ironically:   You’ve just bought yourself an 80 hour a week job, with employee headaches, overhead expenses, inventory control, tied to your location and community and everything else that goes along with owning a brick and mortar.  Your income is capped by the hours you’re open and the amount of people you can serve during that alloted time.

EQUAL:  Tax benefits are the same for both the home based and brick and mortar business owner.

Sometimes I wish people had to put $50K plus for their home business because then I think they will actually SHOW UP and take it seriously.  If you can shift your mindset and act as if you had to put that up with ongoing brick and mortar expenses, rent, utilities, employees, insurance, inventory… I bet you’d start getting results quicker.  I bet you’d figure stuff out faster.  I bet you’d act in spite of being fearful.

Setting Expectations For Your Success

With all the get rich quick stuff online along with gullible people (I was gullible in 2007 when I came online and blew $35K), people have the expectation that they can join and get a return instantly.  Or at least in their first 2 weeks or on the outside.. a month.

When this doesn’t happen, they quit.  Here’s 3 keys to setting the right expectations…

1)  Expect success.  You will have the results you think about.  If you are not sure you can fully 100% believe you can and deserve to success, you’re wasting your time with a home based business.  If you really want it, get professional help for your thought process and belief systems that don’t serve you.  Or, if you’re strong enough, bathe in personal development and take steps to overcome the limiting thinking.

2)  You’re not going to lead generator expert and see lots of income overnight.  It’s a process.  Accept it.  Be okay with it.  Everyone goes through a learning curve.  There’s no short cuts when it comes to marketing.

3)  Know your “why”.  Know how you’ll spend your money.  Know what your lifestyle will look like.

Your Decision and Commitment

There’s no short cutting on this.  Take a long look in the mirror and really ask yourself what you want, why you want it and what are you willing to do to get it.  You must be serious about your business.  You must be willing to grow and be uncomfortable and take action in spite of fears and uncertainty.

Here’s a short list that will reflect with actions… your decision and commitment to your success.

a)  Daily personal development

b)  Have a daily game plan for activity to implement marketing strategies

c)  Meet other people and network to create friendships with like minds.

d)  Take training courses and implement what you learn.

e)  Teach what you learn, give value to others who are getting started.

f)  Your focus should be “who can I help today?”

g)  Plan to spend money on your training and education

h)  Quitting should not be on your radar

i)  Seeing your vision and setting realistic goals for leads and income

   j)  don’t put a deadline on your growth… you will always be growing.  Your income will be in direct alignment with your personal growth and paying it forward.

All of these components come into play for your success at all levels… including your internet marketing basics.  This is the foundation to any business.  Without it, your business will crumble under stress or duress as life challenges come at you when you least expect it.  Nothing is ever all roses.  Thorns will come and you must be prepared.  The preparation comes through taking seriously the content on this page.

Here’s part 3 of 5 on internet marketing basics (getting back to basics series).


Debbie Turner
Lifestyle Entrepreneur

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  1. says

    Great information Debbie
    The learning and implementing and repeating
    is the key, initialing time factor in this has been 
    a huge mental shift for me. Any outsourcing tips 
    you have would be apprieative.

  2. Debbie Turner says

    Great Feedback James. Initialing time factor is an awakening for many, myself included. I found there were things I could do to speed up the process a bit, but all in all… it was rolling up my sleeves and getting to the implimentation (which is where most drop the ball).

    I would be happy to write about outsourcing this month. Great topic, and thanks for taking time to add your value! I appreciate you James. Debbie

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