Internet Marketing Basics (Part 2 of 5)

internet marketing basics

This is part 2 of 5 of my “Back to Basics” series which includes “Internet Marketing Basics“, to help you get a clearer picture of whether or not taking your business online may be a good idea for you and if so, understanding the basics.

In this blog I will help you get an understanding of what business model may be right for you.  There are several ways to make money online but these are the most common

1)  Affiliate Marketing
2)  Network Marketing / MLM
3)  Your Own Products and Services

4)  Brick and Mortar – coming online and comparison to the other 3

I can’t lie.  My all time favorite is Affiliate Marketing because there’s such time freedom involved.  When you market and offer several different tools, resources, products and services, you will receive multiple stream of income.  In this way, should one of your streams of income go belly up, while it’s disappointing, it’s not catastrophic to your business.

You wouldn’t think to put all your eggs in one basket in your wealth portfolio… the same is true of your online business. 

You want to “build a business, not a downline”.  (As my friend Rob Fore says)

So, you want to make money online. 

You’ve been through part 1 of my internet marketing basics and you’ve made the decision and commitment to start and see it through. 

You’ve got your thoughts and mindset in the right place.

You’ve set realistic expectations. 

What’s next?

Well, how about deciding what avenue you want to take.  

Some things to put take into consideration are:

Do you like team building and interacting with people?

Do you like to be by yourself tucked in a closet?

Do you want to make a little bit of money or a lot?

As you begin your online journey, implementing internet marketing basics is to know WHAT YOUR WHY is.  Know and be sure of is these things: 

  • 1)  Decide what kind of lifestyle you want.
  • 2)  Figure out how much that will cost.
  • 3)  Position yourself with products and commissions that are conducive to meeting your goals.

Because you’ll get there in the end no matter what.  The question becomes how fast do you want to get there?

Watch this 32 min. video on What Type Of Online Business May Be Fit For You

 1)  Affiliate Marketing

Simply taking a product that’s 100% done for you and marketing it in exchange for a commission.  There’s really no team building, training or leadership skills required. You just grab your affiliate link, write an article, a blog, make video, share on the social media platforms your link and if someone’s interested, they opt in and check it out.  If they buy, you make a commission, generally 30%-50% ish, sometimes more but not often.

2)  Network Marketing / MLM

You are also an affiliate for these companies however, there are many people that receive a commission on every product sold.  There’s also team building and a lot of interaction between each other to keep the team moving in the right direction.  So if you have the energy and like being around people and interacting with people, this may be a good solution for you.

You will naturally interweave affiliate products into your network marketing programs to create other streams of income with your tools and resources necessary to use internet marketing basic strategies.

3)  Your Own Products and Services

You can earn 100% commissions of course because you created and control the product.  If you like the idea of creating your own product, put together an outline and vision of what you want to create and just  do it.

You can keep all your commissions or offer your own affiliate program.  While you keep less of each sale if you offer your own affiliate program, you make up for it by the volume of sales through your affiliates.

You also want to be mindful of keeping your product up to date.

4)  Brick and Mortar

I didn’t go into this as an option because I know first hand the long hours, expense and stress that goes with a brick and mortar.  My folks have owned brick and mortars for years and it’s not an e-lifestyle option.  However, if you have a brick and mortar business already, you can take that business online be establishing a blog/website, using social media like Facebook and other internet marketing basics to spread the word about your product and service.

 Internet Marketing Resources Mentioned


   Caters to network marketers and MLM entrepreneurs as well as affiliate marketers

Global Resorts Network

  Update:  I offer the SAME product, but under a new affiliate name. Caters to anyone who wants a high ticket affiliate product earning high ticket commissions.  (or heck, for someone who loves to travel on the cheap but hates cramped hotels and motels.  Weekly resorts stays for $398 – $799 for 7 nights in over 5,000 locations worldwide).

 I hope you enjoyed this training.


Debbie Turner
Lifestyle Entrepreneur

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