Internet Marketing Basics – “Back To Basics” Series (Introduction)

internet marketing basics

Internet Marketing Basics and Getting Started with Your Online Home Based Business

I watch what’s happening in the online network marketing industry and while the concept of internet marketing is not over complicated, there’s just a lot of ways to go about it. As such, it SEEMS complicated so people who are initially looking into starting a home based business using the internet get scared away.

I thought I’d just pop out a short series of blog posts on ‘back to the basics’ for starting a home based business focusing on marketing online.  When I broke it down, there were five posts

What is internet marketing?

If you’re a newbie and reading this, its possible you’re confused about just what internet marketing is.  Internet marketing is simply taking a product or service you want to promote ONLINE.  Thus, “internet marketing”… not “offline marketing”.

Watch the video intro to learn more about what I’ll be talking about

Below are the back to basic 5-part series topics. 

By the way… these will be fast and simple.  Don’t plan for me to be long winded on these.  The information is nothing you’ve not heard before (my guess).  I’m hoping it will be a good reminder and maybe a well deserved kick in the pants to get de-cluttered and get busy.

Part 1:  Preparing Your Journey

* Setting Real Expectations
* Your Frame of Mind
* Your Decision and Commitment

Part 2:  Deciding What Kind of Home Based Business You Want

* Affiliate Marketing
* Network Marketing / MLM
* Own Products and Services
* Franchise/brick and mortar

Part 3:  Establishing Your Business

* What you need

Part 4:  Build your Customer List

* What it means
* How it works
* Creating loyalty with your list
* Making money even when they don’t   join your primary opportunity


* Market your business

Internet Marketing Basics – What’s Working Now is Often Changing


When understanding Internet marketing basics, one thing is absolutely guaranteed.


Internet marketing has changed in terms of what’s effective as technology and waves of people have come online.   Because internet marketing is web based, entrepreneurs have to deal with platforms that they have no authority or control over.

Platforms like Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snap Chat, Pinterest and others.

I’ve been online since 2007 when you could put a couple ads on Google and a couple of videos on YouTube and generate a lot of traffic to your website.

Today, it’s not that way.

Our industry has seen the Google slap and YouTube (now owned by Google) has come down hard on marketers as well.  I’ve had my YouTube account suspended twice for who knows why… it’s just the way it is.   They don’t really tell ya.  One day it’s there, the next it’s not.  It’s almost like you need to expect it to happen and be grateful if it doesn’t.  But it’s likely it will be shut down someday.

So, while the marketing strategies have changed, the basic steps for your online home based business haven’t changed.   Internet marketing basics and the basics of starting a home business online will pretty much stay the same.

One thing I have discovered for sure is one has to be flexible in business and go with the flow, move with the trends and changes.

Be willing to be flexible, change your strategies or how you do things as the market changes, or policies change, or algorithms change.  It’s just part of marketing online.  Can’t be helped.  If you are not up for “keeping up with the times”, then maybe internet marketing isn’t for you.

Internet Marketing Basics Tip – Start with one strategy and build from there.


As a home based business entrepreneur, I encourage you to get back to simplicity and internet marketing basics if you find yourself spinning your wheels.   Clearing your desk of dozens of courses you are either not ready for yet just causes more frustration and pain.

Pick one strategy you want to implement and stay with it until you’re getting results.  Then add on another.  Trying to do too many things at once can fast forward you into the abyss.

On a side note, outside distractions are definitely a problem with being able to focus and implement their internet marketing strategies.  If you don’t seem to be able to focus because email and shiny objects have your attention, this article on 7 Tips for Staying Focused and On Task will help.

Stay tuned and I look forward to your comments about internet marketing basics.


Debbie Turner
Lifestyle Entrepreneur

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