Strategic Internet Marketing 101 – 7 Figure Strategies are No Secrets

People think there is some magic or secret to making a million dollars online. No secret, no magic. It’s a matter of applying these strategic internet marketing techniques and learning the skillsets to do it right.   That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less.

Here are the strategic internet marketing steps that every entrepreneur who wants to take their business online must develop to achieve a six-figure or even seven-figure income online.

STEP 1: Define Your Target Market

If you open a baby clothes store, your target market are mothers with babies. If your product is information about how to succeed in network marketing, then your target market is network marketers.

Spend time and really figure out who your market is.  It’s not possible to be everything to everyone.

STEP 2: Learn How To Talk To Your Target Market:

You need to get inside the head of your target market and ask yourself ;

1. What is it that they are looking for?
2. What’s their needs, concerns, and desires?
3. What is the age group?
4. What do you have to offer that can meet those needs?

This is the million dollar skill. If you master the art of writing copy, you have the power to write your own checks.  Sure, it’s a skillset that has to be learned, no blowing smoke in your eyes here.  Learn how to connect with your prospects and customers using the written word. Focus on emotion and write everything as if you are having a conversation with a single person. If you are talking to everybody you are talking to nobody.

STEP 3: Create A Basic Capture Page And Sales Letter

This is a task that you can do yourself with systems like Press Button Express, or actual website software such as Blue Voda or Dreamweaver.  But, what’s important to remember is to not make things overly flashly and full of hype.  Simple websites outsell flashy websites almost every time.  In fact, a basic black background, with a white table in the middle, black and burgandy or blue font colors is about it.  Of course you’ll want your words as we’ve talked above and a video will increase sales.  A good sales letter is all about using words that show you understand your prospects pain and letting them know you offer a solution. No selling or telling necessary.

STEP 4: Learn How To Drive Traffic:

The best products and services in the world will never turn into money if nobody knows about them. Learning how to drive traffic to your website is critical. Get your name, product, or service in front of thousands of people with a decent sales letter, and your bank account will be happy. Here are some of the most effective internet marketing techniques for driving traffic:

Pay-Per-Click (e.g. Google)
Video (e.g. YouTube)
Social Media Websites
Press Releases
Ezines / Email Ads

If you have no idea how to do all these things, learn it here:  Pay the professional, it’s $39 a month.  Big deal.  Small price to learn this.

STEP 5:  Have a Follow Up Campaign In Place

It’s not enough to simply have a lead capture page in place to capture your visitors to your website.  What’s the purpose if you don’t have intentions of following up with them?  Put together a series of emails that automatically are sent to your prospects every couple of days or once a week for several weeks that continues to market the benefits and features of your product in a way that you are providing a solution to their initial problem.  Always leave your contact information so they can contact you and have a way for them to unsubscribe so they can opt out.  You want to stay spam compliant.

Step 6: Start Small and Test Everything:

This is probably the single biggest breakthrough internet marketing has created when it comes to buying and selling products and services. Marketers can now receive feedback in minutes rather than weeks or even months, and can make adjustments to improve return on investment instantly.  In the old days, marketers had to utilize newspapers and direct mailing pieces to see if the market will respond.  Today, they can hop on Google, run a few ads, and measure the results.

Remember, test small and continually make improvements and you will crush your competition with this internet marketing technique. You shouldn’t spend more than a couple hundred dollars to test out a new campaign.

Step 6: Build A List And Market To Them Over a Lifetime

With every dollar you invest in your marketing, you want to maximize your return on your investment. You do this by building a list of qualified prospects that you can market to over time.

Every time someone visits your website, your first objective should be to capture their information (name and email) so that you can build a relationship with your your prospect and market to them over time.

Most prospects won’t buy immediately, so plan on providing them with plenty of great, free content up-front in exchange for a loyal customer later.

When you start to have success with one of your advertising methods, increase your budget and increase your profits. Scale things up slowly, and make sure every dollar you invest comes back with more money attached. This is the ultimate goal.

Keep in mind, you don’t have to master all of these skills personally, technology has made it easier than ever for you to outsource the internet marketing techniques that aren’t the best use of your time.

If you can develop these skills and follow these six steps, you will make an absolute fortune online.

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