Instagram Tips For Home Based Business Owners


Instagram Tips For Home Based Business Owners

Millions of people use Instagram to share their life and personal pictures but did you know you can set up business accounts and build your brand as well?  Yep, it’s pretty cool.  Who would have thought.

And it’s FREE

For those of you who are looking to start an Instagram marketing campaign, here’s a few tips to help you.

TIP 1:  Set up a business account.  It’s just a matter of a one-step click to go from a personal account to a business account.  Your business account will give you stats about how you’re doing.

TIP 2:  Use a picture of yourself in your profile.  YOU are your brand.  Let people see you.

TIP 3:  Use a name that reflects you.  So for example is if your brand is your name, here would be some examples.  Let’s say your name is Joe Smith


If you want one of these but the name is taken, you can do a variation by putting . or _ or numbers.

For example:

joe.smith or joe_smith or joesmith1

NOTE:  If you already have an Instagram account that you want to turn into your business brand, you can edit your name in your profile.  Changing your name will not effect your followers or any aspect of your account.

TIP 4:  You can have up to 5 profiles under one account.  So if you have set up your brand business account and then want to set up one specifically for the company for which you are an affiliate for, your network marketing or MLM company, you can set up another business profile for that. You don’t want to blend in with everyone else on in the company. Therefore, you want to come up with your own business name for that and come up with your own image to represent that in your profile.

TIP 5:  Let people know why they should follow you.  Let them know what you’re about and have to offer.  So rather than saying, “love to surf, eat chicken wings, travel, and dad of 4″,  it’s better to say something about why someone should follow you.  In other words, “What in it for them?”  Here’s a picture of my profile to give you an example.

instagram tips


TIP 6:  Use emojis to make your profile less boring and energized.  If you don’t have emojis on your phone, do a Google search for an app based on the phone you have.  Such was my case.  I have a Galaxy 5 and found an app called SwiftKey.  I downloaded that from my phone and it gave me a new keyboard.  If you do that, take a few minutes and get familiar with how your keyboard works.

TIP 7:  Have something of value to give away and put the URL link in your profile for people to get it.  This is how you generate leads for your business.  If you’re a member of MLSP, you have a couple Instagram trainings you can give away.

Here’s the thought process:

– Because I’m on Instagram to build relationships in an effort to possibly do business, I want to connect with current home based business owners and those that are thinking of having a business.

– The people I want to connect with are already on Instagram.  So, they must like Instagram.  Therefore, I have a free Instagram training to show them how to use Instagram for their business.

–I went to GoDaddy and bought a domain name that would reflect an Instagram training name and then forwarded that domain to a course inside of MLSP for which I’m an affiliate for. I’ll create my own free training at some point and then I’ll forward to that.

If you don’t have MLSP or are not sure what to give away, think about WHO you want to attract.  WHO is your target audience?  What would THEY like and be helpful to them?  Give that them.

Ideas would be:

  • short video
  • PDF
  • ebook
  • course you created
  • training pertinent to your niche

Ideas to kick around for more specifics to give you ideas:

If you’re in the health business, maybe you have recipes or exercise tips.
If you’re in the travel business, maybe top 10 travel saver tips.
If you’re in the VA business, maybe a ‘how to’ to something.
If you’re in the network marketing business, something “how to”
You get the idea.

Reason you want a giveaway:  You want to have your followers optin to your email list.  Once they are on there, you can continue to send them value and build a relationship.

DO NOT post your blog link.  If you just put your blog URL in your profile, they can go there but there’s no forced optin.  So they leave.  You want to build your list.  Set it up so that they opt into your free offer.  You can let people know how to find your blog in your profile.  See the image above of my profile to see how to do this.

TIP 8:  Find your favorite programs and apps to use to create your pictures.  My favorites are :  It’s free to use with $1 add-ons for some pictures.

Another is  This is a phone app and at the time I bought it, the price was $3.99.  My fav!  WordSwap will pull 1,000s of pictures in from or you can use any that you take.

There’s so many!  Do your own searches for apps and ask your friends what they use and like.

Photo Disclaimer:  Make sure that any image you use you have permission to do so.  You don’t want to find yourself in copyright trouble.

TIP 9:  Create a watermark for all your images.  Your images will end up being shared around and you want your brand to be on them.  You want to create a couple of them actually.  One will be light colors for dark pictures and one will be dark for light pictures.  See my image at the top of this blog.  You can see how I’ve added my logo in between my website and Instagram handle. I created that in Canva and then used the process I explain next to make it transparent.

If you want a transparency download, you have to have a paid account of about $12 a month.  I found a workaround for this though.  You can go ahead and download your watermark from Canva for free, and then upload it into Lunapic.  Once you upload your watermark, click on edit – transparency. Follow the easy instruction and then download your transparent watermark.

TIP 10:  Don’t over post.  Keep your posts between 1 an 4 a day, 2-3 would be more ideal.  Any more than 4 is just too much for your feed.  It’s better to do your minimum posts and then spend the rest of your allotted time to comment and follow others.


I hope these tips help you get started with your Instagram journey.  If you want to learn from one of the trainers that I learned from, you can get an hour of FREE INSTAGRAM TRAINING HERE and an Instagram cheatsheet to download.

To your success!


Debbie Turner
Lifestyle Entrepreneur


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