Identify Your Competence For Success In Business (Part 2 in series)



Need to get back on track?

Let's get you on the right track for your home based business if you feel a little sluggish or stuck!

I went through a period of time when I didn't feel competent which in turn effected my confidence and once I truly came to terms with what was going on in myself, I was able to turn the tables and go on to create multiple streams of income and abundance with my business.

Truth is, somehow got on the wrong track due to pace of change and a few other mindset issues which I shared in Part 1 of this series. I realized with reviewing foundational principles for success, I was able to get on the right track. 

I can't wait to share the following with you because these are some of the very 'think abouts" I went through to get me on the right track. 

So much of what's wrong with us when we get stuck in business has to do with understanding why we do what we do.  It's only then we can identify and fix it!

Here in Part 2 of my series, I share with you what happens when you suffer from not being competent in your business.  

The good news, is I won't leave you here!  I will continue my series and we'll get through it together.  My purpose here is to give you an awareness of how incompetency can effect your entire business life. 

Let's get started!


Accomplishment Through Competency

When you want to accomplish something, if you are incompetent, you lack confidence until such time as you learn what you don't know.  I don't think there's any argument there.

Your lack of competence at anything you set out to accomplish in life, be it in a relationship, a job or new smashing career, taking an idea and bringing it into reality, or starting your own home business, can seriously hurt the success of that.  You want to succeed in what you have in mind to do, yes?  Of course! 

So when working on yourself and growing your home based business, it's important to understand and identify how incompetence can effect your decision and action taking. 

Here's what's so ironic.

In the world we live in today, education is all around us.

I remember when I first came to learn about online marketing, I had to fly to a weekend event to get education on how it works.  Contrast that to what's available today!

You have Google that will spit out just about anything you can imagine.  You have YouTube if you want to watch what you need to learn.

In our home based industry….

We have programs by Empower Network where you get just about everything you need to start a business and offer you 100% commissions while you learn.

We have courses like Magnetic Sponsoring where for the price of a pizza, you can understand and see how attraction marketing works.

We have systems like MLSP with lead capture pages which you can easily change up to fit who you're marketing to.

The sky is the limit in terms of what's available!   It's a buffet out there!


More Stress On The Job!

zeek rewards updateGovernment and non-government education system:  we have trade schools, non-profit organizations and colleges by the bazillion offering education in whatever field you want.   Seems everywhere you turn there are offerings for classes in everything from organic gardening to computer programming.  You can even get an education online these days.

Inside the job market, we have human resource departments offering courses in skills and competent development.  Many corporations have adopted the "learning while you earn and position yourself for promotion" programs.

Yet, take a look at our nation's student test scores.  You will find a declining scale as time goes on.  What's up with that?  And…more than half of all students who enter college, quit!

Those who are in the work force are more stressed and anxious because of how fast things change, always leaving their position vulnerable for replacement, either by younger up and coming individuals or by technology.

Let's take a look at your job or career for a minute.

How would you honestly answer these questions?

Do you feel that you have a firm grasp of not only the social structure but your position in terms of your role? 

Do you feel that you know what your goals are that you and your boss expect you to reach? 

Are you absolutely confident in your knowledge to perform your job in a manner that your boss see's you a 'win' and positioned for promotion?

Do you feel that you're learning quickly enough everything you need to, to have the edge against your competition?

Do you feel that you're contributing to your place of employment at a high level of excellence?

When you answer these questions, you'll discover how competent and confident you feel in your job or career.  The biggest problem?  The pace in which our society and economy is changing.


Pace of Change

The biggest problem I've seen in my line of work and in talking with others even outside my industry is keeping up with the pace of change. 

I've seen people being replaced by technology which pushes them to another industry or field of which they have to be reschooled.

I've seen people layed off and the work they were doing placed on the shoulders of others because of the economy.

Whether it's through the economy or technology, I think you'll agree that the pace of change is staggering to keep up with.


Home Based Business – Pace of Change is GOOD!

The changes in the home based business are changing fast as well and you have to be adult enough to recognize it but it's also much easier to keep up with than anything else I've seen. 

You see, when you are working a job, you have no control over layoff, downsizing or technology pushing you out of the workplace.

When you have a home based business, you have ALL the control, you can build as big and as fast as you want and technology is working on your behalf!

Wow!  I loved saying that!  Read that again!

Having a home based business puts you in a better position based on everything a job is NOT!  And you can certainly start part time, oftentimes earning a full time income as you learn competency skills.

And really, what are your options?  In this world today, you can stay in the rat race, continue the stress and anxiety, continue learning and hoping you're always at the top of the food chain with your career….

… or you can do that while you learn how to DIY and become your own boss offering products and services using just your computer and phone.  Which sounds more stressful and promising?

I love being an entrepreneur and if you've ever entertained the idea, keep reading.  You're in the right place!


What is Competency?

Competency is really understanding something, performing that and mastering it.  I could get into a more detailed explanation but that's the bottom line.

If you study what human-performance coaches and educational psychologists say about competence, they will tell you….

1.  Your competence level determines what you will focus and give attention to.   Because you don't feel you can handle things like conflict, problems, challenges and opportunities, you will tend to not pay attention to them.   It's simply a matter of not feeling competent to do so.

2.    Your competence level determines the choices you make in terms of the activities you do.  It's not a problem to take on daily action steps of working your business, making those calls, getting the blog posts done, putting your marketing into place, etc. when you are confident you know what you're doing.  But that confidence stems from competence.  If you don't feel competent in those activities, guess what?  You'll procrastinate and as a result, things don't get done.  And when things don't get done, it fuels the lack of confidence. 

3.  Your competence level determines your levels of resilience and being flexible when the pace of change confronts you.  This is the most important one really because these will determine your level of success in anything you do in life and effect any area.  Being willing to go with the flow, change with the times and being willing to stay in the game is what will eventually give you the results you desire.

4.  Your competence level determines how much effort you put toward any entrepreneurial endeavor.   This really goes hand in hand with number 2 above.  If you don't believe you can achieve the results you want, then why work, let's alone work hard?  This is where your mindset and common sense come into play. 

Education is all around you!  Learn what you need to learn and then anything becomes easy!  Once you can improve your learning… which is your competence, it increases your results and confidence and at that point, your work becomes enjoyable.  You will put more effort into that which is enjoyable and producing results.

Brendon Burchard, the author of The Charge, said:

Those who trust their abilities to understand, perform and master their worlds are more willing to adjust their courses if something isn't working.  They get up faster when knocked down, because they take the knockdown as a lesson rather than defeat. 

I wrote an article recently on how successful people view failure.  It's a good read and will help you with perspective if you find that fear of failure holds you back.

rudy guiliani get motivated5.  Your competence level will determine whether you are simply a follower or become a leader.  This world is suffering from economic set backs and more and more individuals are searching for help and solid answers.  More than ever, leadership is needed.

Leaders are the ones who are competent and confident that they can handle the challenges, the pace of change and their ability to never stop learning. 

Leaders trust the process of figuring stuff out and in their abilities to understand, perform and master what they need to do.

Lastly, they inspire others with their vision for themselves and those that follow and help them to believe they can achieve anything they put their focus and attention to.

I would like to challenge you to leadership.

Start learning…

Implement what you learn…

Inspire others…

Create the life you want…

You are much needed in the world and have tremendous value to offer simply by being yourself.


Ready to Master Competence?

I want to invite you to partner with me in business.  I offer products and services using just my laptop and phone and doing so has allowed me not punch a clock, report to a boss or ask anyone if I can do anything since 2006.  Believe me, you can do anything you set out to learn and master. 

If you will commit to simply being yourself….

If you will roll up your sleeves and be willing to learn…

If you will implement what you learn and understand that failure is just feedback…

I believe you will immensly enjoy the journey of online entrepreneurship!


Where to start:

Get started Empower Network.  Inside Empower Network, you will get a blog and all the 'how to' training you need as well as the community of support and personal development and inspiration to get you where you want to be. 

EN is generic and therefore be applied to any business, product or service you wish to offer your customers.  By going through the products, you will come out with your equivalent masters degree in marketing… but be paid 100% commissions while you learn! 

I'm excited for you to get started!




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  1. Lenore Orkwis says

    I am in the Second category as I tend to procrastinate when I am not sure of what I should be doing but I am pushing my way out!
    Please keep the good articles coming! 

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