IBOToolbox Review: Free Tools and Leads for Your Home Based Business

ibotoolbox reviewI just discovered a little place where you can get more exposure for your home based business and generate Free leads.

It's called IBOToolbox. 

While I'm still getting familiar with the site, I am seeing that I'm going to really like this. 

I had to share because it's darn cool.  Okay.. and I get credits.  But, it IS really cool!

If you're anything like me, you never turn down a way to get yourself and your brand out there.

IBOToolbox reminds me a lot of Better Networker except you DO NOT pay any kind of a membership fee. 

It really is free and you can't upgrade to anything.

Sign up is FREE.

No membership fees.

No upgrades.

All tools are free.

And in some ways it's like Facebook in that it has a wall to post and you connect with friends, etc.



Benefits of IBOToolbox

The benefits of the IBOToolbox are this.ibotoolbox

1)  It's a free web based platform where you can set up a profile, link to any and all of your business streams and activities, interact with other business entrepreneurs, engage in conversations, etc.  Networking is the name of the game.

2)  They have a blogging section where you can post a blog 2 times a day.  And, check this out.  when you do a blog using IBOTOOLBOX your blog just doesn't say on the website at IBO. It goes to

  • Blogger
  • Networked Blogs
  • Facebook
  • IBOsocial
  • IBOblogs
  • Homebizblogs

3)  There are 100K people seeing the IBOTookbox site everyday.  While 10% of those are members, the other 90% are outsiders who are searching for what you have to offer.  This would give you new and more exposure.  And if you're growing your home based business, that's what you want.

4)  There's a host of professional business tools including a live chat tool, a contact manager and even an event scheduler.



How Does IBOToolbox Work?

Well… you participate.

You participate by posting a blog, commenting, adding a video, syndicating others' content, etc. 

The more you participate, the more exposure you have, obviously. 

Want free banner and text ads for more reach?

I discovered that you can earn credits for FREE advertising spots  through your participation.

And for $15 they have a gal who can create an awesome banner ad for you


Earn Credits with IBOToolbox

A member can earn credits by just using the system. Doing everyday tasks within the system will build your credits up. While IBOtoolbox offers many ways to build credits, purchasing options are available for the more aggressive members.

You can earn activity credits which you and turn into free banner and text ads.  It's pretty cool.

Here are some examples of how to earn credits for free:

NEW USERS –  When signing up for the system, and earning their first star, users will receive 100 credits!

REFERRING USERS –  When a new user signs up through your invitations (Invite, email, Facebook or links) you will receive 200 credits after they have earned their first star. ( Show Links & Banners)

BLOGGING – Receive 20 credits per blog submitted through IBOtoolbox. (Max 2/day)

LOGGING IN –  One time per day when you log in, you will receive 5 credits.

–  If you have at least 5 stars, you will earn 2 credits per blog or video comment. Limit 1 per blog/video.

SATURDAY WEBINAR –  Come to the webinar @1PM EST and receive 100 credits. (coupon code giving during webinar)

WEDNESDAY WEBINAR –  Come to the webinar @7PM EST and receive 100 credits. (coupon code giving during webinar)

You also receive a bunch of banners that you can use for posting in other places.  There's several and even some with your picture and business info on it. 

Here's one I grabbed to show you.


My First Ad on IBOToolbox

So I joined IBOToolbox a couple days ago and started playing around with it.

I created a profile.

I posted a couple blogs.

I participated in comments.

I told 2 people about it by posting it on Facebook and asking, "hey, has anyone used this?"

This small amount of activity generated around 600 points or something like that.  I thought "heck… let me see how this advertising thing works"

So I exchanged the points for "impression credits" and created a little banner ad and posted it.

Here's my results



4% CTR is fabulous by the way.

Anyway, if you're looking for a free platform for more exposure, you will want to head over to IBOToolbox and get signed up.

Again, it's totally free and the more you participate, the more credits you'll earn.


If you liked this blog, please share and tweet and spread the word about IBOToolbox!  Thanks… appreciate you!


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