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I greatly admire Sir Richard Branson.  I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur and I see him as the ultimate multi-passionate entrepreneur so I find him incredibly inspiring.   I love his philosophy of business as a force for good; that the purpose of business is to make people’s lives better.

In a previous post, I shared that many people don’t know what their passion is.    They are going through the motions of life and putting on a game face for the world to see in hopes of fooling others into believing their life is perfect,  however, they are very unhappy and unfulfilled.  It’s behind those closed doors where their reality lives and they are dying inside.

But what about those individuals who can identify a passion and perhaps after really giving it some thought with a pad of paper and a pencil, discover they have many passions.

By reading this article, you will learn about what to do with all those passions, what questions people ask in their minds that keep them from doing anything and see examples of how you can incorporate your passion into a money making endeavor.  Gosh entrepreneurship is fun!

How do you choose THE passion to pursue?

It’s not a matter of having to pick ONE thing.

It’s okay to be passionate about lots of things.  Llife is one big fire hydrant and you’re drinking as fast as you can, I’m sure!  But rather than putting yourself in a tightly wrapped box and limiting yourself to “THE” (one) passion, think about enjoying a wealth portfolio of passions.


“What is THE passion to pursue?”


People think that they must choose ONE passion and as soon as they move in that direction, they have to give up all the others. This is not true.

When you look at someone’s life, you may see them pursue one thing for awhile, then another, and looking back at what they’ve done, their lives are beautifully woven together by living all of their passions.

Have you met people like that?

They are few and far between but we envy the life they live.  They are living with pure passion and seem to make money, often mega money, doing what they love.

You can celebrate and pursue several passions at one time even, as in my case below.


“What’s the ULTIMATE thing

you will do with your life?


The answer to this question is another question…Why do you HAVE to decide on the ULTIMATE thing you will do?

Perhaps you’ll do many things and they are all important and meaningful to you. Life is beautiful with many roads to take and explore and enjoy. So far, my life has revealed many passions and interests and I’ve made money in all of these.

  • Once as a legal assistant… boy did I love my job and serving others in that capacity…
  • Then it was real estate and I loved helping buyers realize their dream of home ownership.
  • Then it was network marketing in the travel and debt free living industries which I love…
  • Through all of this, I pursued my scrapbooking hobby which led to teaching at conventions, in stores and retreats, a fan club,  being asked to be on design teams, having my work featured on QVC, guest appearing on TV, my work published in hard cover and idea books…
  • I’ve been hugged thousands upon thousands of times with little hands through the fostering of children I did and that was a big part of my life.

So if you ask me what my ultimate thing is that I’m doing with my life….

… well, I’m living my passions one at a time whenever the time seems right.

Things just happen, opportunities will arise, and when you look at your life with eyes wide open, and being open to ideas and opportunities that compliment one or more of your passions, don’t be afraid to walk through those doors.

I haven’t had to pick one thing, or two things.  I’ve been through wonderful seasons in my life and I have a ways to go still.  So when it’s all said and done, I can look back with no regrets.

So rather than do nothing, make a decision to do something with one or more of your passions and head in a direction.  It doesn’t mean it has to be forever, it’s just a good time right now.

So how do you make a decision today about which road you will choose?

decisionThere is no right or wrong answer.  You are simply picking something, the one or couple that compliment each other that perhaps causes the deepest pull in your gut right now.

The rest are still there like a beautiful buffet and they are open doors you can walk through at anytime because they belong to you; you’ve simply brought one (or a couple) to the forefront while the others are on the back burner.

In terms of making money online utilizing your passion, you may ask these questions:

What opportunities do I have today that aligns up with my passion?

  • Create products around your passion.
  • Align yourself with a network marketing company that offers products which compliments your core passion
  • Both

Here are a couple of examples.


Let’s say you’re passionate about health and wellness and you’ve got some great recipes that are quick and easy to fix and some great shopping tips for selecting the best produce. This stuff comes easy to you, it’s fun for you to talk about and in fact you get downright excited about sharing your knowledge.

So you start a blog about health and wellness and want to build a list of customers and prospects for your business. You offer 6 free recipes and 10 tips for selecting the best produce for anyone who opts into your list who would also like to stay connected to your health and wellness tips.

Your blog visitors opt-in and you deliver what you said you would. Immediately you offer 25 video recipes and a guide to eating right and you charge $9.95 for this. People buy it.  You’re making money.

You then offer a water filtration system that you are an affiliate for. They may or may not buy it, but nonetheless, it’s offered.


Because part of health and wellness is the water we drink and you believe it’s important to overall health. It’s in alignment of your core values and passion of healthy living.

In the videos your customers bought, they see you are using filtered water and have heard you talk about how important this is to overall health. You again invite them to buy one. Maybe they do or maybe they don’t.

You make money on water filtration systems.

You continue to give good health and wellness tips to your list.

Perhaps you have partnered with a network marketing company that sells vitamins which you happen to take yourself and believe in. This would be a great time to promote your vitamins. It’s all tied to your passion of healthy living and stays within the realm of your interest and core heartstrings.  You make money on vitamins.

Can you see how you can make money through the creation of your own products AND network marketing as well as pursue your passion of healthy living?


I will use my own passion for scrapbooking (preserving family memories through pictures, journaling and memorabilia). I love to scrapbook and as it happens, I was a foster parent for 15 years which was another passion of mine.   Because I’m passionate about scrapbooking and fostering, naturally, it was a joy and privilege to make sure that every child who lived in my home had a scrapbook (in foster care we call them lifebooks because the childrens lives are already in scraps, literally. So “lifebook” seemed more appropriate.

I was able to monetize my passion by creating a live hands-on training and authored a book called “Loving through Lifebooks” for foster parents and social workers on how to make lifebooks for children in care.

I also recognized that many family memories are those created while vacationing. One of the products I offer is a travel club membership. I offer a high end luxury travel club membership for $3,000 and a low ticket one for $569. Both are network marketing companies.

My network marketing product works in perfectly and compliments my passion of scrapbooking.

Other products I incorporate are money management tools to help families get out of debt and save for vacations and the business opportunity comes into play for supplemental income for families who desire time freedom to take as many vacations and create as many family memories as they want.

Does that make sense?

Can you see how it all ties in with my core passions of scrapbooking, time freedom, living debt free, and travel. It’s very easy for me talk about these things because they excite me.

For me, talking about vitamins, health and wellness doesn’t turn me on and in fact, I’m super not interested in the subject.  Although I’m a huge believer in eating right, exercising and nutritional supplements (I take them and wouldn’t want to miss a day without them), I’m not passionate about it. Therefore, aligning myself with a health and nutritional or wellness network marketing company would not match my passion nor create a life joy for me.

Likewise, others who really don’t like to travel, have no interest in discussing resorts and are most happy to stay close by home would not be at all excited about offering a travel club membership to others.  It would not be aligned with who they are at the very core of their being.

Technology lovers may be more prone to partner with a network marketing company who offers phones, video technology, blogging, software, “how to” types of products and those types of things.

Rather than limiting your opportunities and life experiences, pick one and run hard with it. You’ll have a great time doing what you love and it will make learning new ways to share your passion so much more enjoyable.

I’m cheering you on my friend!

Have an awesome day!

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  1. says

    I really love your ideas here about not limiting yourself to one main passion if you feel that way about more than one thing. A lot of times you can combine your passions and move forward in leaps and bounds.

    No set rules on how many or how to follow your passion. Life is an open book, waiting to be lived full out!

    Val :)
    .-= Val Wilcox´s last blog ..Renew Your Mindset With Faith =-.

  2. Debbie Turner says

    Hi Val, thank you for sharing and commenting. I’m intrigued by your last blog post “renew your mindset with faith”, I’m going to have to check that out for sure! I appreciate you Val!

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