I Got An “Unsubscribe”. Here’s Why.


Unsubscribes Are A-OK!


Let me say two things about unsubscribes.

1)  Never get your nose out of joint when someone unsubscribes.  And they will.  This keeps your list clean and the people who stay are the ones you want to continue a relationship with.  So allow your list to weed itself regularly.  

Its not unusual to have a 50% unsubscribe rate.  The more you email, the more unsubscribes you'll get.  But remember, at the same time, you're buildig your list and new people are being added to see what you have to offer.

2)  Never take it personally.  If you doing what you're suppose to do using attraction marketing discussed in my best network marketing strategy series, and not shoving your business opportunity in people's faces, you're good to go.

My First Unsubscribes Story

I remember like it was yesterday when I was first new to the whole list building thing.  I was marketing and giving value and then not too long after I was doing this, I got an unsubscribe. 

Then another.  

And another.

 And let me tell you, some of them were cussing me out and calling me names and telling me where to go.  Not nice!

I was devasted!

I basically shut down for a week.

  • I didn't send an email.
  • I didn't make a video.
  • I didn't write a blog post.
  • I didn't tell anyone.

I felt so terrible.  I cried.  I paced the floor.  I thought "what on earth did I do?"

After a week of not showing up, my upline sponsor called me to ask what was going on.

I told him what happened.

His response?

He laughed and clapped his hands!

I did NOT think this was funny!

He then congratulated me.  Mark went on to explain that if people are unsubscribing and being rude, then I'm not doing things right. 

We had a little talk about unsubscribes and people will either be attracted to you and your message or repelled by it.  Its the ones who are attracted to it that will stay on your list and you'll build relationships with.

People Have Bad Days

Another reason for unsubscribes is that people have bad days.  And if they are clearing out their emails on a bad day, you may get an unsubscribe.  Its just the way it is.  You've done the same thing.  We all have.

You Don't Have What They're Looking For

And finally, people unsubscribe because what you have to offer just isn't for them.  How many times have you walked into a store and left because the store didn't have what you wanted?  Same thing.

Just keep marketing and implementing attraction marketing based value.

As a reminder: best network marketing strategies are:

  • Presenting yourself as a leader and expert
  • Teaching and Sharing
  • Leading with value by giving away free help and tips

I took a screen shot of the automatic feedback response as to the reason why one of my leads/prospects unsubscribed. 

I wanted you to see David's reason WHY and hopefully help yourself if you're experiencing this mindset. 

Take a look. 

By the way, I don't know which "David" this is.  He doesn't give his last name and I don't know people by their email.  But nonetheless, it appears I've had some contact with him and have assisted in some way in the past.

best network marketing strategies

Okay, couple of things to review here. 

Words and thoughts are powerful and guaranteed… they determine your end result.

Notice I asked you to look at his MINDSET.  I don't believe deep down, he ever saw a vision for himself or had belief that he could accomplish what he said he wanted to do.

"Wish I could have made it work for me"


Success doesn't come to those who wish.  

Success comes to those who learn the right way to market and implement in a massive action manner.  One has to be willing to learn and implement and trip along the way to success. 

It doesn't matter your background, where you're from, how young or old you are, what gender you are or if you have money or not. 

It comes down to understanding how to apply the best network marketing strategies of magnetic attraction in business.  


Handling Unsubscribes:

1)  Ignore them.

2)  Don't take it personal.

3)  Set your autoresponder notifications to NOT send you a notice when someone unsubscribes.  This way you're not given a negative dart in your email to interrupt your positive day.

4)  Understand that not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur and that's ok. My goodness, we need a society who has hard working employees to serve in their capacity and who love doing that. We all have a part to play and we can all contribute in the areas we choose to develop ourselves. 

5)  Keep moving forward.

6)  Celebrate your unsubscribes.  It's your business 'working'.

I WISH the very best for David, I really do.  I hope he finds his dreams before it's too late and he settles for less than he desires or deserves.  

I can't let this blog talk just about unsubsccribes however, because there's a mindset I want to bring up. 

motivational quote FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS on black background

David didn't have a dream of building a successful online business.  If he did, he would figure out the HOW.  Your dreams always find their way!


David's BELIEF SYSTEM.  Look at what he says here…

"…alas seems to only work for a select few folks…"

That's HIS belief system.  

It's not mine.

He took total ownership.  HIS truly believes that only a select few are successful, and he's not one.  Like it's some kind of lottery.  

You always get what you believe.  

The universe is wonderful that way.  

We can create whatever reality we want.

The "select few folks" are actually thousands of entrepreneurs who are making a full time living through this beautiful industry we call network marketing, mlm and direct sales. 

It's the highest paid and best time freedom industry in the world. 

If I were to interview David and ask him to show me his marketing from day one to the day he finally gave up, what do you think I'd discover? 

I'll let you come to your own conclusion. 

Your business and the experience you make it, is up to you. 

  • what you think about yourself and your abilities
  • your words and affirmations
  • negative or positive thinking
  • doing the work, putting in your time, excelling in an area of marketing that you choose and perfecting that skill and continuing to improve on others is what it takes. 

No smoke and mirrors here.

But using the attraction marketing which I've laid out clearly for you inside my best network marketing strategies series, you can get to where you want to be sooner than later and the faster you get busy doing that, the sooner you'll arrive. 

To Your Success!

Debbie Turner (Pictured with Mike Dillard, author of Magnetic Sponsoring)

elevation group

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