How To Use The FT Signature Manager WordPress Plugin

ft signature manager

I really like the FT Signature Manager Plugin for WordPress. 

For the longest time and on various blogs I had some hard coding done to embed my signature block, or I was doing the 'copy and paste' gig and more often than not in my laziness I would simply not put a sign off on my blog posts.

Using the FT Signature Manager Plugin is simple, fast and a huge time saver for finishing off your blog posts without doing anything.  Once you install it and type in what you want at the end of all your blog posts ONCE… you set it and forget it.

Here's a video on how to install, activate and configure your FT Signature Manager Plugin for WordPress blogs.  I did all steps above in this video tutorial.

Download the FREE FT Signature Manager Plugin for WordPress

Save this to your desktop

Log into your WordPress Blog

Click on Plugins

Click on Upload

Browse your destop and select the downloaded FT Signature Manager Plugin

Click on Install

Click on Activate

From you left menu bar, look under Users

Select Signature Options

Using plain text or html code, type in your signature.


I created my "look and feel" in a post.  I uploaded my picture, I created my links and when I had it just the way I wanted it, I then selected the Source Code (the html) and simply copied and pasted it into the box under signature options in the plugin set up.  Piece of cake!

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I'd love to hear your thoughts on the FT signature Manager Plugin for WordPress…


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