How To Set Up Your MyLeadSystemPro System Fast

attraction marketing system for network marketersMyLeadSystemPro is an Attraction Marketing System for Network Marketers

MyLeadSystemPro is a dynamic tool for those in the home based business because it leads with value and solutions people need.

Below is a video I put together to walk you through setting up your MyLeadSystemPro system, the first name in attraction marketing systems for network marketers. 

It is my goal with this video to have you up and running and generating leads within an hour of securing your MyLeadSystemPro (MLSP) system. 

While I walk you through setting up your MyLeadSystemPro platform so you can get your first ads online, it will be important for you to set some time aside and go through the entire set up  process and even watch the videos instructing you to do what I already, did.  It allows you to understand the system better.  

Make sure you complete ALL the steps under "Getting Started".  Much of that has to do with you understanding attraction marketing, what MLSP can do for you, setting up your al affiliate accounts (several streams of income) which takes the longest, perhaps 4-5 minutes each account, and then of course, your personal information. 

This is important because as your leads begin to click on your "buy "links as they make their way through your funded proposal, you want them to be clicking on YOUR affiliate links which in turn generates an income for you. 

Here's my fast start setup overview.


If you're a network marketer and need to learn online marketing as well as generate leads, I recommend MyLeadSystemPro.

To Your Success,


attraction marketing system for network marketers

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