How To Market Your Home Based Business


How To Market Your Home Based Business

How to market your home based business.  That’s the question of the day.

I was on a phone call yesterday with an individual who is looking to get started in a home based business and he loved the idea of being in his own boss and creating time and income freedom.  In looking at his next step, he asked the all important question.

He asked me how he should market his business once he gets started.

Once a person has made a decision to start a home business, the next question that follows is generally related to marketing and as expected, the conversation turned to that.

In light of this, I thought I’d write an article to shed some light on matter.

You know, it’s a good question and one you should know the answer to before starting any business venture.

I think there’s a lot of misunderstanding about success in a home based business because of all the hype and drama about how easy it is.  You know the drill, “Just sign up and the money will flow.”  Well, that’s not true and you’re smart enough to know that.

The good news about how to market your home based business is that there is no right or wrong answer.

My question in response is, “What type of marketing are you interested in?”

I think too many gurus try and put new entrepreneurs in boxes.  They say, “Do this, Do that” telling them what strategy to use, when it may not be the best choice for them.

Truth is, ALL marketing works.

My advice is to pick a strategy that YOU resonate with and become really good at it. Don’t throw in the towel too soon.  You may have to experiment or learn about different marketing strategies if you aren’t even aware of what’s available to you.

* If you’re a more of a social person, go with social media.  This would be Facebook Instagram, Pinterest, Snap Chat and whatever else comes out in the future.

* Video falls under social media as well.  Like getting behind the camera or do you understand the dynamics of that and are willing to give it go?

* Blogging, writing articles and press releases is another way.  If you love to write, put this on your strategy list.

* Paid advertising on any media, i.e. search engines, social media sites, newspapers, radio, doing mail marketing.  This is the fastest way to generate leads and sales but does require upfront cash for advertising.

* Buy leads that have raised their hands and asked for information on a business opportunity (this would be for your business opportunity, not your retail products).  This also requires cash on had to do this.

* How about a combination of a couple?

There’s so many ways to market your business.  Just look around.  What do your local brick and mortar businesses do?

I see them on Facebook, I may hear a radio spot, I see mailers come into my home, I see billboards, I see videos, I see them on Instagram, they are everywhere.  Some are doing some of that.

When you have an ONLINE business, you have people walking through cyberspace, rather than a paved road leading up to your storefront.  So you have to be seen in the big world of internet.  And where do people ‘hang out’ on the internet?  That’s where you want to be.  You want to be where the people are.  (Sounds like a phrase from the Little Mermaid).

Here’s the biggest thing to remember.

When you are marketing with the objective of recruiting new people into your business, you are marketing YOU, not your business opportunity.  So take this into consideration.

When you have a business opportunity through network marketing, MLM, affiliate and even some direct sales companies, you have TWO different niche markets to market to.

1)  Your product and service.  You will market differently to them offering the benefits of owning and using what you have.

2)  Your business opportunity.  If you want to build a team under you, you will be offering the benefits of having a home based business.

These are two different messages to two very different groups of individuals.

At the end of the day, people want to do business with those they know, like and trust.  And that’s YOU.  Market yourself.  Put yourself out there.

I can hear it now…

Debbie, I get all that but I don’t even know where to begin to learn HOW to do any of these marketing strategies.  HELP!

Okay, I gotcha.

I can tell you what I did and where I learned and still go to to this day.

I use an online marketing education company that teaching all things marketing.  It’s all generic so no business or company name is ever mentioned.  The focus is on HOW to market whatever business you have, whether brick and mortar or online with network marketing, doesn’t matter.  The marketing is the same.  They stay on top of the latest and greatest and provide updated training on various strategies.

Take a look at all the strategies



As a user of the training platform, you can also refer others and generate an entirely new stream of income.  What’s cool about this training platform is that when someone says “no” to your business opportunity, they often say “yes” to the education platform.  Why?  Because they want the training and appreciate the additional income stream.

Another thing that’s cool about this platform is that every Wednesday night, they put out free high value training on a marketing strategy and you can invite the public to it.

Most of the time, the training is strictly that of actual tactical training and sometimes it’s strategies on how to accomplish your goals.  People want to know how others reached their level of success using this platform and so you may catch those as well,

You can register below and receive the webinar invite every Wed this way you don’t miss one.


Have a great day!

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