How To Get Unstuck In Your Business & The Day I Threw A Temper Tantrum

How To Get Unstuck inYour Business

How To Get Unstuck In Your Business & The Day I Threw A Temper Tantrum

Have you ever felt stuck in your business?  Have you ever just gotten so frustrated and overwhelmed that you wanted to throw in the towel?

I have.

In fact, I remember a time when nobody was home and I started screaming at the computer.

I was crying…..  no……   actually, it was more like a full blown sobbing temper tantrum.

I was sobbing and screaming at the universe about my techie computer problems (this was back in the day when I had to learn to build a website using HTML code.  OMG, I’m so glad we don’t do that anymore!) and throwing couch pillows against the wall like any normal 2 year old who didn’t get what they wanted.

Picture that.  Me. A grown adult.  40 something. Full blown temper tantrum.  I went on a for a few minutes, getting it all out.  It was a doosey!

What did I do next?

I marched myself into the bathroom, slammed on the light, put my hands on the sink and leaned in to look at myself and have a talk.

What I saw was pitiful.  PITIFUL!  I had swollen eyes  and a red face with snot running down my nose.  I couldn’t believe what I was looking at.

I said out loud to myself…

“Debbie… nobody…. NOBODY… is making you do this!  If you don’t want to do this, you don’t have to.  If you can’t act like an adult and an entrepreneur, then get out of the business and go get a job!  Make a decision and stop this!  What’s it gonna be?” 


I made a decision.

I wiped my face with a cool washrag, blew my nose and pulled my big girl panties up because I was going to figure this out!

I want a “boss free” lifestyle.

Period. End of story.

I went for a walk, came back, sat down and got to work.

That was about 2007, maybe 08.

Being stuck is a terrible place to be.

It doesn’t matter at what level you are stuck at, stuck is stuck.

Understanding how to get unstuck in your business will prove to be critical coping and problem solving skills needed for success.

I’ve been intimately involved in brick and mortar businesses and well as the home based business industry. With both business types, there are times when owner entrepreneurs get stuck.

In a brick and mortar business, one may be stuck in any one or more of these areas:

what products to carry
what register to use to collect money
what bookkeeping program to use
how to budget and know where to put their money to make money
how to market
how to display
how to educate their potential customers
what store events to plan and when
what buying trips to go on
who to hire
how to tell if an employee is stealing
how to balance their life so faith and family still come first
and the list goes on.

In a home based business, one may be stuck in any one or more of these areas:

what products to offer
what payment methods to use
what bookkeeping program to use
how to budget and know where to put their money to make money
how to market
how to educate their new distributors
what events to attend
who to get coaching from
when and how to outsource and hire help
and the list goes on

When comparing the two business models, you can see there’s a lot of the same areas an entrepreneur can get stuck in.  It’s almost line for line with few exceptions.

For the purpose of this article, I want to focus on some suggestions and ideas that will help the home based business owner.

How To Get Unstuck In Your Business – Where Are You Stuck?

Let’s take each of the areas of stuck above in the home based business and I’ll offer suggestions that I have used myself and have shared with others who found them helpful.  As funny as this sounds, you’ve got to identify WHERE you’re stuck at.

I say that because I know from being in a situation where I was so overwhelmed, I just froze.  I stopped doing anything.  I realized it was because I was stuck here and there and even in more than one thing at a time and all I was experiencing was overwhelm.  I would say, “I’m overwhelmed”.  When in actuality, I was stuck and that caused the feelings of overwhelm.

So identify what you’re feeling and ask yourself if it’s because you’re stuck.

Then identify specifically what you need a solution for.

How To Get Unstuck inYour Business (1)

The first thing to do is change your language.  Rather than saying, “I’m stuck”, (because then your words will come back at your as your truth and the universe will keep you stuck), ask yourself:

“What is the solution?”  
“How can I move forward?”  
“What needs to happen in order for xyz?”
“Who can help me?” 

One is a negative, defeating set of words.  The later is a winning, “can do” “can overcome” “I will move on” set of words.

You will always get what you say.  So be very care to not say “I”m stuck”.  Always rephrase it.

Okay, having said that, let me help you here by tackling some ideas for each area of stuck.

1) How To Get Unstuck in your Business: You can’t figure out what products or services to offer.

This should be a decision that you make based on your interest in a product or service and the commissions it pays when you make a sale. I hear leaders say the product doesn’t matter, but it does! You want there to be a demand for what you offer as well as you should own it and use it and like it yourself. It doesn’t make sense to tell others to buy something that you don’t like or use or find value in. If you don’t like your product, you’ll self-sabotage.

Secondly, there’s a ton of companies out there that quite frankly, don’t pay a lot of commissions. For the same time, energy and effort you put into your business, you want to make sure when someone buys, it effects your pocket book. It should be commissions that inspire and motivate you and that your family can really see the impact of.

For example, if you sell something and make $100, does that really impact the end of your month? Did the family see a benefit to that after all the time away from them you spent making that $100?  Was it worth your time and sacrifice to make that?

What if it was $1,000 or $3,000, does that make a difference to family? See the difference?  Now you can not only contribute to your goals, but you can treat your family to a night out, a weekend getaway or something the family has been wanting.  They can all feel the “payoff” of letting you work and supporting you in the business.

I wrote a blog last week on how high ticket commissions changed my life. If you haven’t read it, please do so, as it will shed light on working smarter, not harder, thus freeing up time to live the life you want and achieve your goals sooner, rather than later.

2)  How to Get Unstuck in your Business:  What payment processor to use?

I don’t believe you’ll have to worry about this.  Your primary business opportunity will be processing your customer’s payment.  Easy peasy.

3)  How to Get Unstuck in your Business:  What bookkeeping services should you use?  

I’ve Quick Books and also just an excel sheet.  You can use anything you want or give all your receipts to your accountant and pay them to handle it all. Keep it simple.  When I make a purchase, I print out my receipt, log it and it goes in a box.    This should never keep you from moving forward in your business.

4) How to Get Unstuck in your Business: You can’t get a grasp on how to budget and know where to put your money to make money.

All businesses take money to run. In your home based business you will need tools and resources. Your start-up product will either be a one-time purchase or a monthly ongoing mandate (you decide that when you select what business to join. Keep this in mind as I’ve seen many people quit because the monthly outgoing was more than they would maintain past a couple of months)

Here’s what I want to preface this with.

It’s not reasonable to think you can start a home based business with zero money.

My dad would sit me down and call this conversation “tough love”.

If there’s a will, there’s a way and I’m a pretty tough cookie on this because I started when I was facing bankruptcy. In fact, most individuals I know who got started and went on to be successful, had no money to get started set aside.  They compromised one category of spending to put it toward business.  Or they went without something to have a business.

The first job of an entrepreneur is to be resourceful. Make a list of all the ways you can find the money. Some ideas are:

  • stop eating out
  • make your own coffee and latte’s and stop the name brand coffee stops
  • make foods that stretch
  • give up bad habits
  • cancel subscriptions (you wanna have a lifestyle or watch TV? “Ouch!”  You decide what’s important.)
  • sell stuff you don’t use
  • drive a different car
  • buy second hand

If your life depended on it and you had to come up with an extra $150-$250 a month to run your business, you could do it. You’ve got to take inventory of your goals and dreams, put the ego aside and do whatever it takes. That’s just the way it is my friends.

I wrote an article on You May be Eating and Drinking Your Business Start Up Costs that I believe will help you with finding and freeing up money for your business.

How To Get Unstuck inYour Business (3)

Your tools and resources will be:

a) Autoresponder (list building and communicating with your prospects and customers.

b) Blog (where people can learn more about you and you can build “know, like and trust” with them.

c) Capture and sales pages (where people enter their contact info to get on your list) and of course, your sales presentation.

d) Training platform.  Unless you already know everything about marketing and making sales, you have to have a platform for you to get the education and training on everything from lead generation to following up with leads, to helping them make a buying decision, to learning how to market and all the ways to market, and a support group who will surround you and help you.

It’s not reasonable to expect to join a home based business and while you sleep, get a download of everything you need to know about marketing. But would that be amazing if that could really happen!  Okay, back to reality.

e) Company specific tools and resources.  These may be systems, sales funnels, survey software, etc.

I recommend you get almost all of this under one roof for best pricing in a system that delivers. It’s MLSP and you can learn more about that here.

Your monthly outgoing for tools and resources will run on average between $150 and $250 compared to that of running a brick and mortar which is thousands… so no whining.

Note: This doesn’t include monthly product purchase, ad spend, live events, coaching, etc.  So, while it’s not exact, plan for $150-$250ish for everything you need to be up and running, then take into account if you have monthly autoship for your business and whether you are going to use free advertising or paid advertising.

Put this in perspective:

$150 is lunch money at work eating out 5 days a week.  Take your lunch.  There’s a tip. :)
$150 is the name brand coffee you stop for you on the way to work and again on weekends.  There’s another tip :)

What are you willing to give up, to gain a business and the life you want?  Everything is one decision on top of another.

Set a budget and stick to it.  Take your profits and reinvest into your business.  Scale up.

5) How to Get Unstuck in your Business: Knowing What Marketing Is Available and How to Execute.

With pen and paper in hand, write down ways you see people market.  Explore the inside of your training platform where you can see all the types of marketing training available to you.  Take a look here at MLSP for example, at all the courses available to you to learn.

mlspcourse2 mlspcourse3 mlspcourse4 mlspcourse5 mlspcourses1

Man oh man!  That’s a lotta training!  It’s like a Harvard degree in marketing only you don’t pay $69K a semester, you just pay a low monthly training platform.

(Oh, and by the way, MLSP is an affiliate program so you can offer it to others and receive a commission each and every month the individuals you refer are on the system.  This can create not only an offset of costs, but an income stream.)

Here’s what you do with ALL this training.

Pick ONE strategy that you’re interested in learning and applying and get started.  Focus on ONE.  Master ONE.  Once you get results from ONE, then open another course you’d like to master and start that.

You cannot be the jack of all trades.  You can’t be good at everything at one time.  That’s like saying to your Freshman in college that you expect her/him to get his 4 year degree in 1 year.  Not reasonable!

It takes time to learn to market and you’ve got to fumble forward in your execution and application.  Hands on experimenting and trial and error will give you your walking legs.  Then you can run.

So get your MLSP account with all this training and get started with ONE.   That will solve this problem.



6)  How to Get Unstuck in your Business:  How to Educate your new distributors.

Humm… this is bigger than you may realize.  Here’s why.  I have coached so many brand new home based business owners and they are terrified that someone WILL join them and then not have a clue how to train them. They feel responsible.

Note:  You are responsible for directing people to information that will allow them to take responsibility for themselves.

To solve this, simple refer them to MLSP, your company’s Facebook Groups and prepare a “getting started” email you can send to them with those steps.  Keep it easy.

7)  How to Get Unstuck in your Business:  Don’t know what events to attend?

Every year there are a dozen or more live events that you will get wind of.  These will be..

  • your company conventions
  • generic marketing events
  • personal development events

What do you need?  Take responsibility for yourself and ask yourself what you need to grow and get off square one.

Do you need a big mindset shift?  Get to a Tony Robbins or T. Harv Eker event.  I’m constantly upgrading my mindset.

I purchased yet another course from T. Harv Eker in January which I’ve gone through and will go through again and again.  I spend money developing me.

See, most people won’t develop themselves but you can’t upgrade your life until and unless you upgrade your thinking.  Truthfully, this is an area in your life that you come to love and you don’t want to stop.

Do you need to get around other home based business owners who share the same mindset as you?

Get to your company and other marketing events.

Here you can connect live, make friends, find accountability partners, and soak in gold nuggets of “how to” as you mingle and listen and participate on conversations around the dinner table, or around the bar after the event is closed for the day.

Get what you need!

8)  How to get Unstuck in your Business:  Unable to Figure Tech, Marketing, Game Plan out

Make sure you do get coaching.  Pro athletes work with coaches.  Coaches have coaches.  It shows you’re a pro and interested in upping your game.

At the time of this writing, I’m getting one on one and group coaching for mastering Instagram. It’s not just one course for me on the same subject either.

  • I took a 4 week course in January.
  • I purchased an online course in January.
  • I took another live 4 week course in February.
  • I’m getting one on one help now.
  • I’m in an Instagram Facebook group where I’m being coached and I ask the most questions.

My goal is to master Instagram to generate leads and sales.  I’m generating leads, about 8 a week.  It’s taken since January to get there.  I want to be generating 10 leads a day. Then 20 leads a day.  It’s a process and I have learned to be patient with the journey.

It’s a mindset also.  I know if I want to get good at something I need to live it, breathe it, do it, make mistakes, learn, stay the course and keep moving forward.  Just like you wanting to learn or improve on anything… you get coaching, take courses, etc.


Follow me Instagram here.

I’m still learning.

I’m still insecure about aspects of Instagram.

But I’m doing it and then I want to teach it.


Because it’s a value added service to people and a lead in to my other programs.

That’s how it works.

Somewhere along the road inside of home based business entrepreneurship, there’s the idea that you have to do business by yourself, all alone, no help and no coaching.  What a horrible isolating thought.

If you want to learn to paint pictures, don’t you buy books, courses, take classes, experiment with colors, paints, brushes, canvases, share / gain information by talking with other want to be artists and experienced ones?

Think about it.

If you lack a skill, take a class and get the skill.  Easy peasy.

9)  How to get Unstuck in your Business:  Should you get Help?  Outsource?

How many businesses do you know of where one person does all the work?  I bet none.

When you walk into a store you observe employees doing various tasks.  Even a mom and pop will hire out help.

Take your business seriously.  Hire out help if you need it.

Some of the things they can do for you is manage your social media, write content, edit you videos, create ebooks, do your graphics, run your ads campaigns, etc.

If you want to do those, then maybe you hire out someone else to clean your house, do your laundry, run errands, pick up kids from school, take care of the lawn, etc.

Of course this takes money to hire people, but you’d be surprised what you can get done for between $5 and $30 at  Check them out.

You can find help through searching for virtual assistants, outsourcing, etc.  See what you can find.  You may also want to consider hiring a high school or college kid as they work for pizza and a little extra spending money.

I hope this gives you some inspiration knowing that you’re not the only one who get runs into snags in your business.

A quick review on how to get unstuck in your business.

  • Identify your areas of challenge.
  • Ask yourself how you can move forward.  What has to happen?
  • Get the help, coaching, training.
  • Take action.
  • Stay in personal development and around others with the same mindset.
  • Reach out to accountability partners.  You can teach each other things.  Work as a team.
  • Focus past your challenges.  See the end result.

When you WHY is big enough, the HOW will take care of itself!  I hope by me sharing my stories and offering what’s worked for me, you’ve discovered how to get unstuck in your business as well.

If you found value in my post, please share and comment.

Much love!

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