How To Get People’s Attention When Your Brand New In Business


How To Get People’s Attention When You’re Brand New In Business

You’re brand new in business.

You’re excited.

You’re ready to start prospecting and sharing your business.

You’re a little nervous because you understand that you’re new to the home based business industry and you’re not sure really what to do or how to do it but nonetheless, you want success and you’re ready to put your fears aside and conquer.

You look around and see those who have gone before you and it seems people flock to them.  But people have not flocked to you.

They don’t know you or know about you.

They don’t know what you have to offer.

They don’t know of your value and why they should follow you.

So what is your plan?

What you DON’T want to do is spam.  Spamming would be posting your products and saying “Buy this!” or “Join me!” all over your Facebook and other social media accounts.

It’s chasing your family and friends.  I don’t know about you but that’s the last group of people I want to go to with my business offer!

You want your business to run the other way around where people come to you.

So how does that happen?

It can be simple and stress free and it takes a little time.

It’s providing value to others.

In a home based business what would that value look like?

How about writing a blog, making a graphic for Instagram or Pinterest, posting a video on YouTube, doing a Facebook Live, on something that you learn every time you sit down and work on your business?

You are new, but guess what?  There are others that are new too and each day that goes by that you’re in business, there’s brand new home business owners behind you.  They are brand new!

So share your value.  Share what you read.  Share what you learned.

Here’s places for you to learn and then you can share.

1) Books on personal development, entrepreneurship, leadership, team building, all things business.

2) Listen to audios on the same subjects as I just mentioned.

3) Attend conferences and share your notes.  Just one conference can give you a month’s worth of content!

4) Take a course, teach what you learn.

5) Webinars.  Take notes and teach what you learn.

6) Networking with others.  Oh the value you get when you start sharing stories and asking questions with others in the industry!

7)  Companies that reach internet marketing and business principles.

Be a go-giver and while you may not see results early on, stay the course.  Others will start to take notice.  They will want to follow you and at some point reach out to you for a recommendation, a tool or resource you’re using whereby you make affiliate commissions and even to join you in your home based business.

If you are consistent, you start to build “know, like and trust” with your audience and you become the “go to person” for help and resources.  Take your time and build it… and they will come.

Feel free to share with someone that can use a little encouragement in their home based business and who may be feeling like they have no value.  We can all learn… and then share what we learn.  The sky’s the limit!

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All the best, All the time my friend…

Much love!

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