How To Define What You Want In Your Home Based Business


How To Define What You Want In Your Home Based Business

So here we are at the beginning of a new year.  Welcome 2017!

Perhaps your saying to yourself…

“This year I’m going to start a home based business.”


“This year is going to be different.  I’m going to actually succeed in business.”

Okay, great!  So now what?

This is what this blog is about… the “now what?”

Lots of people make blanket statements like those above and in fact, they may really, really mean it in their heart and head.  But then there’s this lack of follow through.

Here’s how to fix that.


You must define what you want in business

Take out a sheet of paper (studies show when you hand write, it’s more permanent in your mind and intention) and write these questions:

1.  Why do I want a home business?

Without knowing your “why”, you will have no deep motivation or “stick to it” to reach your goals.  Your why can’t be just to pay the bills.  It has to be something so strong and deep inside of you that you will be unstoppable.

For me, it’s freedom.  I cannot fathom working for someone else and having my daily schedule determined by a boss.  You see,  I want to get up when I’m done sleeping and go to bed when I’m tired.  I want to spend time with those I want to.  I want to work, take vacations and life my life on my terms.

The money my business creates gives me the freedom my soul demands.  When I’m having a bad day or technology is getting the best of me, I think about going and applying for a job and I get over it real fast!  I’m happy to have the technology challenges if it means I don’t have to have a job!

And, the money doesn’t have to be a ton of money.  What if you just had replacement income… maybe a couple thousand a month.  How would that change your life?

So what is it for you?

What is your why?

2.  What am I willing to do to be successful?

There are MUST DO’s when it come to things you are willing to do to not only start a home based business but also to move it along to success.  If you are not willing to do these things, then I would suggest entrepreneurship isn’t for you.  And that’s OK!  It’s not for everyone.

Let’s consider this list:

Come up with the resources to get started.  This will include your tools, education, resources, marketing, product.  While it seem like a lot, it’s really hardly anything compared to a brick and mortar.  There’s many options of which I’ll share with you this week in another blog post.  But anywhere from a $200/mo on up will put you in business.

Get creative about finding your resources.  Applying for credit card, small personal loan from bank, asking family or friends for small loan, selling a car you don’t need, having a garage sale, taking a part time job or doing odd jobs.

Let your mind search for the answer and it will… every time.  I’ve not met anyone yet who wanted to get started bad enough, that they couldn’t find a way.  When there’s a will, there’s a way.  Everything else is an excuse.

Education.  You’re back in school my friend.  Unless you were born with the capabilities, know how and mindset, you’re back in school.  It’s not reasonable to believe you can jump into a home based business and be successful without any training.  That’s common sense.  How much training and education will depend on what you want to do in terms of marketing.

I’m a boomer and figured just enough out to not have to punch a clock.  Haven’t since 2007.  So, if I can do it, you can too.  The great thing about education is application.  This way you earn while you learn.  I’m technology challenged but I manage to learn just enough to get results.  So you don’t have to be a guru!  That’s the good news.

Your learning will include HOW to grow up as an entrepreneur with mindset, attitude, goal setting and achieving, etc. as well as some technical applications and talking to people.  While there are plenty of free stuff on the internet, you may want to invest in yourself to speed up the process.

Getting plugged into community:  It’s unrealistic to think you can get where you want to be without having a support community of other like minded individuals who will wrap around you.

By being a part of a community or even 2 or 3, you will see that you are not alone in your journey and others are experiencing similar challenges as well as seeing how others are breaking through and sharing how they did it.  This is super important in your success.

You also want to hang out with others who already are where you want to be.  These individuals will breathe inspiration into your life.  You’ll find these in the groups and communities you belong to as well as in the books you read and seminars/conferences you attend.

Personal Development:  Your business will only grow as fast as you grow in your personal development.  These include topics like conquering your fears, building self esteem, gaining confidence, taking action, not worrying about what others think, etc.  This is a journey that no matter how successful you are now or in the future, will always be a part of your life.  The day you stop growing is the day you start dying.

You will undoubtedly engage in personal development growth through many ways:  reading books, listening to audios, watching videos, attending webinars, seminars and conferences, and perhaps even paying for group or one on one coaching.  You can pick just one but as you grow you’ll discover how powerful it is to your growth, you’ll love it and want more and more as you discover the powerful person you are.

Finding the time:  We all have 24 hours in the day and we are all busy and distracted by daily life.  You have to find the time and you will if it’s important enough to you.  Period.  Realistically, you need at least 10 hours a week to put into you business and find more time as you grow and move into a full time lifestyle.  I’ll be offering time management tips to reveal how to stretch out your 24 hours to even get “you time” in.  Stay tuned.

3)  What product/service do I want to offer?

Do you want to create your own products?

Do you want to do affiliate marketing?

Do you want to be a part of a network marketing or MLM company?

Do you have a service you want to offer?

4)  What are my goals and how will I achieve them?

This is a whole other blog post I’ll be doing but be thinking about your goals in 90 day chunks.  You also want to give thought about how you’ll achieve those.  This will require committed time and action taking.  It will include marketing, prospecting and follow up with your leads and customers.  I’ll share more to get more detailed but what is it that you envision right now?

5)  Be ready to start.  This is where so many people drop the ball.  They freeze.  They want to move forward but they don’t seem to be able to put one foot in front of the other.  You will make mistakes.  Entrepreneurship is about finding what DOES work among lots of things that don’t.  Look at what doesn’t work as experiments, not failure.  There is no failure except to give up my friend.  You’ve got to get started.

Once you’ve given thought to these questions and your intentions are serious… I mean you are ready to rock and roll, then the next step is come up with a real strategy for marketing.  More to come…

I’m excited about what this year has in store for you.

Make it happen!


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