How to Deal With Relationship Changes Along Your Personal Development Journey


 How to Deal With Relationship Changes Along Your Personal Development Journey

As you begin to dive into personal development and learn more about how to grow up as an entrepreneur, it’s absolutely going to change your way of thinking.  You will begin to see all things possible.  You will see your confidence grow.  You will stand taller.  Your steps will be lighter because you have focused goals and believe you can achieve those.

As you become more successful, you will see changes in your relationships as well.

Some relationship changes will be good and some will not.

We all have those people in our lives that seem to relish our failures and diminish our successes.  In business, there’s no room for negative energy.  We need cheerleaders on our side.

I am  a lucky woman because my family has always been entrepreneurial and so of course, they cheered for me.

However, I don’t think that’s the norm in most people’s lives.

There are more people in the world that bring us down than uplift us.

When you start to share your dreams with a friend and they’re negative about what you’re setting out to do,  really listen to what he or she is saying.  Maybe you can glean some insight as to where the doom and gloom is coming from.

  1. Is he/she jealous of your new success because it makes him/her feel inferior?  Believe it or not, some people are fearful that if you succeed, they won’t matter anymore.  Let them know how important they are in your life and you value their support and ideas.
  2. Is he/she truly ignorant about network marketing?  It’s possible that your friend and family members have only seen others fail.  There’s also a lot of chit chat out there about network marketing being a scam.  You need to let them know that you would never be involved in a scam and they are widely misinformed about this.
  3. Is he/she feeling that you are drifting away from them and spending less time with them?  If that is the case, make more of an effort to get your friend involved in your life.  Even at your busiest times, it is important that you maintain contact with your friend.

Your NEW best friends will come from your internet business and those you meet online.  Look forward to that.  


Your new friends will have a likeness of mind, you each understand the business, you speak the same language, you experience the same challenges and you celebrate each other’s successes.  It’s pretty amazing.

My good friends, Stevie and Anna Maria (pictured above)  are great examples of  TRUE friends.  These ladies have always been my biggest cheerleaders and I theirs.  I met Stevie on My Space (yes, that long ago!) and Anna Maria in 2008.

A Tough Call?

If a friend continues to give you a hard time yet is a person you want to keep in your life, help to build him/her up.  Steer the conversation in a different direction, and let the person know what qualities he/she has that are valuable to you.

Unfortunately, some friendships may simply not work out.  If you find yourself being drained of energy every time you interact with a particular friend, it may be time to move on.  As you continue on your path of personal development, you will attract the kind of relationships that will sustain you in both good and bad times.

Find friends and partners that will give you the constructive criticism and support you need.  Get the positive reinforcement you deserve.  Old friendships and new business ventures can be tricky, but whatever you do, don’t allow them to get in the way of you achieving your goals and dreams and the lifestyle you want.

This article is part 2 of a 2 part article.  If you missed part 1, access it below


 Mixing friendships and network marketing

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