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I found this little free online program that allows you to create your signature in different fonts, sizes, and colors.  It thought it was cool and have been using it in my signatures to emails and blog posts.  I just did my first name.  You can see it at the bottom of this article.

Creating a digital signature is easy to create using  Below in this video, I have taken you step by step showing you exactly how you can set up your own signature with hundreds of variations.

I know some people prefer to write out their name, take a picture of it, scan it into their computer and use their “real and actual” signature.  However, with all the identify theft going on, why put your John Hancock out there for the world to see?  MyLiveSignature provides a much better alternative.

Enjoy the video!

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To be even “snazier (if that’s a word), watch this video on How To Use Wisestamp? – (Ninja Trick for Lookin’ Good!)

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