How High Ticket Commissions Changed My Life

How High Ticket Commissions Change My Life

How High Ticket Commissions Changed My Life

The year was 2007.  I had just crossed over the 13 year mark with a very successful real estate business and was SO ready to toss out my schedule, high heels, dress suit and, well, quite frankly, my panty hose. (omg, not even kidding!)

Oh, and the darn alarm clock! Gosh I hate alarm clocks!

I wanted to be able to live life on my OWN schedule, wearing my comfy shorts, T’s and sandals and nobody telling me what to wear and when to be where to do what they wanted me to do.

Did you get that?  LOL.

Seriously, I grew up in a home where I was told what to wear.  As an adult, I worked for top law firms as a legal secretary and of course, there was a dress UP code.  Then I transitioned into real estate and again, there’s a dress UP code.  Hair, makeup, clothes… all had to be just right.

It may sound really corny, but even being able to wear what I want, swoosh my hair up in a clip and ditch the makeup was a BIG deal to me!  It’s funny what people are motivated by!  I wanted to be FREE

I also wanted to travel more. I wanted to explore, discover, see things, experience things… you know.

I enjoyed an income lifestyle with my real estate business but I was tired of being on call 24/7 and up to my eyeballs in stress.  

I needed to find replacement income.  

That would change everything for me.

Absolutely everything.  


My real estate math income worked like this so you can see what I was looking for.

When I sold a house, I made a good chunk of change. I’d earn $3,000 for example on every $100,000 house I sold.

This represented 3% of the sales price. (A normal listing is 6% commissions-half goes to each of the selling sides… the buyer’s agent and the seller’s agent)

I was used to those $3,000+ paydays a few times a month.

That was my comfort level and the lifestyle I wanted to preserve. A couple 3-4 houses each month and I had myself a nice little lifestyle.

So, in my search for something to do online, I required this type of replacement income before I felt I could truly walk away.

And was I EVER determined because this was 2007, the time of the market crash. The economy basically handed me a pink slip. Everything came to a screeching halt.

Nothing was selling, nobody was buying.

I was determined I would never be in a situation where I was not in full control of my income and earning potential again.

I had heard of people making money online.

Was there something I could do online with just my laptop and a glass of lemonade sitting on the beach or on my back porch or anywhere for that matter?

Was there a product I could offer that excited me?

Well, sure enough there were a few products out there that paid a good commission.

However, I wasn’t seeing anything that got me all “feeling good” about sharing it with others.  A lot of it just wasn’t my thing.

I kept searching.

I ended up finding a product I loved and forked over a pretty penny ($10K plus) for it but THEN I discovered that the company, well, it didn’t really exist.  This was 8 months later.

Boy was I ignorant! (can’t lie about that) I’m sure you would never make a mistake like that! lol

I had options.

I could let this experience cause me to quit and get back to work in the real estate industry.  OR,

I could make good on my promise and decision I made to myself, pull up my big girl panties and keep moving in the direction of my goals and dreams.

It was easy for me to choose.  Actually, because I had made a decision early on, that was set in concrete.  I wanted that laptop lifestyle bad!

Instead of crying over spilled milk, I chalked up my expenditure as tuition on what not to do and remained determined to find the right product with a real company with amazing value to the customer and commissions that equaled those from my real estate practice.

And that’s what I did.  I went back into search and research mode.

BINGO. I found it.

I had no idea how to market, but one thing I know to be true, if others figured it out and there’s a way, I can too.

There’s a saying that goes like this, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”  

I was ready.

I was starving for a change and I was ready to roll up my sleeves and get to work, mistakes and all.  I had made the all important decision to do something about my unhappiness in working for someone else and living by their rules.  It was time I built something for myself.

I haven’t looked back since.  I’ve not had to jump from biz op to biz op because this is a true legit well paying business opportunity that offers a product that over delivers and is under valued.  I’ve been representing this product since 2007 and that in and of itself feels amazing.

Today, I live in shorts, T’s and sandals and I took 7 vacations last year alone.

I had found replacement income and a fun lifestyle product that my family and I use several times a year.

Let’s break this down to common sense and see how much MORE realistic and DOable this is than you may think.

Let’s start here by contemplating the answer to this question.

What would you do if you could generate the SAME income making just 1 sale once a month verses having to make 10 or 100 sales a month?

(Same income – different variations of sales needed to acquire that.)


I’m going to use an example from the exact product that gave me real estate replacement income and continues to to this day.

Remember above I said how I earned a $3,000 commission on every $100,000 home I sold?

I compare THAT to making $3,000 by making 1 product sale online and leveraging automation to do the presenting for me.

So let’s use $3,000 commissions to make my point and comparison for a couple of reasons.

1)  It’s a true example

2) Most people would be happy with just an extra $3000 a month and aren’t focused on “millions”. A family can have a great lifestyle on not a whole lot.

Heck, I talk to a lot of people and they just want security and being in control to ensure that, nevermind what an upgraded lifestyle can do for them.

So, 1 sale a month using my real life example can go along way towards that end and gives them a travel product where they can enjoy resort style vacationing for as little as $398 for the entire week.  They get the best of both worlds.

3)  $3,000 is equal to or more than most people make a month and this would bring mom or dad home to be with the kids, buy a newer car, buy the house they’ve talked about for years, finally take vacations, pay for college tuition, etc.

In other words, it makes a BIG difference.

Take a look with my real life model:

1 sale a month is $36,000 a year.
2 sales a month is $72,000 a year
3 sales a month is $108,000 a year
4 sales a month is $144,000 a year (that’s just 1 sale a week)

Now let’s go the OTHER way.

Let’s say you made 1 sale every other month.  That’s still an extra $1500 a month that goes into the family.  This is just 6 sales a year.

Just need an extra $500 a month?  That’s just 2 sales a year.  A year!

But, for today’s example, let’s assume that your goal was to make an extra $3,000 a month.

You have many options to choose from out in the home based business arena.  You will find commission points in all ranges.

With my high ticket commission example, 1 sale a month generates $3,000.

With business models utilizing mid range pricing, you’d have to make 10 sales a month at $300 commissions to generate the same $3,000.

With a low ticket product pricing, you’d have to make 100 sales a month at $30 commissions to generate the same $3,000.

Additionally, what I’ve found is that with a mid to low ticket commission product, there’s oftentimes an autoship (meaning the customer has to repurchase every month in order for you to be paid or they fall off the books).

With a high ticket commission product, you’re done and paid upon purchase.

Note:  Rather than get all wigged out about direct sales not creating residual income, my goodness.  Take your large sum of money and go invest it!

Do you think it’s more doable to sell 1, 10 or 100 of something?  

Personally, I like the idea of making 1 sale month vs. 10 or 100 sales a month.  Just the thought of having to produce 10 – 100 sales a month is exhausting and doesn’t put me in a good frame of mind.

How High Ticket Commissions Change My Life (3)

It’s the SAME TIME, SAME EFFORT, SAME MARKETING to affect a sale of any kind.

So many people get caught up on JUST the commissions or the cost of getting started and give NO thought to the time, energy, effort, strategy and ad spend to effect a sale.


Most people think it’s harder to make a high ticket sale than a low ticket sale.


Is the SAME time, energy and effort.

Just watch any home shopping channels on TV and you’ll see the perfect example.

During a one hour show, a bazillion dollars are being spent by customers excited about buying!  The hosts do the same work for any product.  You’ll see the showcasing a $49.97 item just the same as the $4,997 item.

Yes or yes?

People have money and they love to buy.  They hate being sold but they love to buy.

With that being said and all things being equal, which would you prefer?

Do the work and get paid $30?

Do the same work and get paid $300?

Do the same work and get paid $3,000?

Well, if you’re in your right mind, you would say:

“Gosh, if it’s the same effort, same time invested, and same marketing strategies but I only have to make ONE sale vs. THIRTY sales to make the SAME MONEY, of course I’ll just do ONE.”


“Debbie, but I DO have to work?”

Heck yeah!

Believe it or not, I get this question.  Does your boss give you a paycheck without working?

You work.  This isn’t some shady scam deal. This is a real business you can do online or offline.  You’re free to pick up and go anywhere, anytime and do your thing.

It’s a different kind of work.  It’s marketing work.  You market your product and have systems, processes and presentations in place that introduce people to your product and help them arrive at a decision.

I had to learn new terms for marketing, and how automation worked and how to follow simple instructions to set up my framework for online marketing like capture pages and funnels and all that stuff.  Nowadays, the systems, capture pages, presentations, etc, are all done for you.  You just add your touch here and there.

And drum roll… here’s the secret… stay consistent, stay at it until you figure it out and you’ll have the life you want.  Nothing scary or mysterious.

Heck, I’m a baby boomer and figured it all out when I had to create all the marketing myself.

The good news is all the training is available for brand newbies. Step by and step with a team surrounding you. (I didn’t have that kind of training back in ’07.)

It was all worth it because I don’t punch a clock nor have I since 2007.

I’m grateful everyday that I don’t have to drive to a job and be told what to do, what to wear, when to leave, how much I can make and whether I can vacation and when and where.  So again, yeah.  It was totally worth it to me to completely turn my things around.

Time is passing any way and I wanted to be in a very different place a year later than I was at the time I made my decision. I was starving for a solution and the life I envisioned.

I was open.
I was coachable.
I was hungry to learn.
I was putting fear aside.

I was working on my mindset like crazy.
I was taking action and fumbling forward.
I would get stuck and have to work through it.
I was surrounded by people who supported me.
I met so many new friends through this online stuff.

How could I lose? I had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Be honest with yourself.  It’s not even close to being reasonable to think you can embark on an absolute new endeavor and think money will magically show up without learning a new skillset nor taking action on that.

The skills I learned will provide security for me the rest of the my life.  I never have to punch a clock again.  I can market any product to any niche group and it works the same.  It’s a valuable skill that keeps paying off.

It literally changed my life.

  • I don’t punch a clock.
  • I get up when I’m done sleeping.
  • I get all my work done on my own schedule in my own time.
  • I eat better, healthier foods
  • I sleep well
  • I have time for hobbies, friends, and things that matter
  • I have security
  • I can give to causes I believe in
  • I vacation anytime I want
  • I don’t have to prove anything to anyone

My friends, if you want to change your life…

If you REALLY want to change your life… you can.

I didn’t even start until my late 40’s.  It s a completely different set of skills that I had as a real estate agent and a paralegal before that.  I was starting all over from scratch.

Don’t doubt your capabilities to learn or worthiness to dream and achieve.  You can learn and you can achieve and it doesn’t have to take all that long. It really doesn’t.

If you are honestly ready to learn and implement with a coachable, cheerful, “can do” attitude, then I invite you to fill out this application which comes directly to me, then we’ll get on the phone and I want to hear from you what you want to do in life, what you want to change and how I can help you do that.

I’ll show you my processes and marketing and you’ll be able to see how compelling it is.  What do you have to lose?  You decide.

That’s a wrap friends. Wishing for you everything you dream of and the success you desire.

Much love!

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INCOME DISCLAIMER:  Since I’m talking about commissions, let me be clear.  I love FTC compliance as it keeps our industry honest.  The FTC requires that I tell you that no company, opportunity or individual can guarantee you’ll earn any commissions at all.  This would include any programs I recommend.  Your results will be based on your effort and ability to do what needs to be done to be successful.



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