HootSuite Review: Two Thumbs Up as Twitter Client

twitter1The more Twitter followers you acquire and the more involved with your business you get using Twitter, the more you will come to rely on your Twitter client to help you stay organized.

Whether you have one or several Twitter accounts,  if you’re feeling out of whack staying up to date or unorganized, I recommend considering using Hootsuite.  The Internet is loaded with Twitter applications (some free, some costing hundreds of dollars). HootSuite is one of the best of the bunch and is fully loaded with useful tools.

HootSuite is Free, Web Based and Offers the Features you want.

HootSuite is web based so there’s no software to download or update.   This makes it convenient with you’re away from your personal computer and want to check in to see what’s happening.

This free Web-based Twitter management tool allows you to manage multiple accounts while also offering several must-have features including URL shortening, statistics, and tweet scheduling.

HootSuite Integrates  Twitter, Facebook, Linked In and WordPress Blog

You can simply utilize HootSuite as a Twitter client or add other social media platforms as well.

At the bottom of  HootSuite, you’ll click on the  ‘settings’ tab, then ‘social networks’,  then ‘add social network’.  Fill out your information and up you go.

Entering a tweet from within any profile is a breeze thanks to the large text box complete with avatars from each of your Twitter accounts, Facebook and Linked in accounts.   Simply enter your tweet, paying attention to the character countdown as you type, and then click the avatar that you want the tweet to be from. A large green checkmark gives you a visual reminder of which social media profile the tweet is coming from. You can send the tweet immediately or schedule it for later.

Getting started with HootSuite

Go to www.hootsuite.com and simply sign up for a free account, configure your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and/or WordPress account(s) and off you go.

Upon signing in, a dashboard displays basic information for each Twitter and other profiles.  At a glance, you can see the last tweets sent as well as if you have any pending tweets, @replies, or direct messages. While the dashboard view gives you a quick overview, far more information is available.

Click the “Jump to Profile” link and pick a profile. Once loaded, you can see the tweets of all of the people you are following as well as additional information such as statistics, favorites, and searches.

How to Use HootSuite’s  Built In Shortener – Ow.ly

HootSuite uses the Ow.ly URL shortening service to shrink longer URLs into smaller ones. This is convenient because as you know if you’ve done any Twittering, this is necessary due to the 140-character limit of tweets.  It’s nice not having to go outside of HootSuite to shorten your URL.   Simply copy and paste your URL into the Ow.ly box and click the Shrink It button. In addition to the convenience, when you use the Ow.ly URL shortener, HootSuite can then provide you with statistics detailing how many people clicked your link.

HootSuite’s Send Later Feature

Like Social Oomph, you have the ability to pre-program what you want sent to your list.  When you click on the send later feature, a box will open up and provide you with a calender and a clock.  You simply click on the day and enter your time.  Then click the ‘schedule’ button.  You will see your scheduled tweet come up into your ‘Pending’ stream.  It’s as simple as that.

The Send Later feature is terrific for Twitter users who want to spread out their tweets or take advantage of different time zones. Because all tweets from HootSuite are labeled in Twitter as “posted from HootSuite,” other users are not aware that they are viewing previously scheduled tweets. On the other hand, tweets from Twitter scheduling services such as Twuffer and Tweet Later are fairly obvious to savvy users as having been prescheduled.

Using HootSuite’s Search FeatureHootSuite’s search feature automatically saves previous searches, making it easy to return to your favorite searches and see the most recent tweets for those keywords. For example, if you are in the market for a new home and regularly search Twitter for mortgage rates, simply click the “mortgage rates” button and see all of the latest tweets for that phrase.

Hootlet Tool

Another neat tool is the Hootlet tool. Simply drag and drop the Hootlet to your Web browser’s link bar and click it any time you want to tweet about a Web page you are currently visiting. A small window appears allowing you to pick your Twitter avatar, type in the tweet, and either send the tweet right away or schedule it for later.

Let me know what you think about HootSuite and tips for successfully managing your accounts.  I enjoy hearing from you and appreciate your comments.  If you like this post, please leave a comment and retweet.  Thank you!




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