Home Based Business Success – Be Okay With Where You’re At

home based business success


Home Based Business Success

Are you looking for tried and true tips to enjoy home based business success

If you're reading this, I'd venture a guess and say yes  and I've got some great success tips for you!

Allow me to speak this into your life…. "You CAN be successful".   In fact, you can achieve any level of home based business success you desire. 

How do I know that?  Because the decision is entirely yours. 

Knowing this is good news because if we know it's up to us, we can decide in favor of ourselves.  Fortunately we each get to decide.  Does that mean the road is sometimes longer and more difficult?  Sure.  But those who truly want success can have it.


Home Based Business Success


Be Okay With Where You're At

An important step in your home based business success is to start with being okay with where you're at right now. 

Most entrepreneurs who are in the game and doing the grind don't want to hear that but if one tries to achieve success without giving themselves permission to be okay with exactly where they're at in the process, harmful self-talk will set in and it's all down hill from there. 

So for this blog, I think talking about self-talk is important and perhaps it will help you or someone you know going through the grind and struggle of achieving the home based business success you're seeking.

I don't know where you are in your journey, what you've been through or where you're going.  I don't know what you've tried to do for marketing or branding.  I don't know who you hang out with  take advice from (hopefully it's people that already have done what you want to do).  I don't know what courses or live events and seminars you've attended. 

But I do know this for absolute certainty.

As entrepreneurs stay in the game of business, while some go on to do great things, there's most everyone else who seems to just be unable to get things kicked off.  Perhaps they've been working hard for weeks, months, maybe years and seem to be nowhere.  They are tired, frustrated and worn out. 

But here's what happens early on for most home based business entrepreneurs.

  • They look at what everyone else is doing and compare their success to that other person. 
  • They think if that other person just took off, so should they.
  • They make assumptions that all these guru's just woke up one morning and BAM!  Success.
  • They start questioning their decision to action take action on their desire to start a home based business.


All this is perception and we all know (or maybe you didn't know) what you perceive is what you believe and what you believe becomes your reality.


I hope to turn this stinkin' thinking around and shed a little light on what's really happening here.

Does this article pertain to you?  Are you happy with where you are currently in your business or are you fighting against yourself? 

Maybe you are beating yourself up which leads to low self-esteem and lack of confidence which opens the doors to receive unworthy self-talk riddled with self-sabatoge.


Home Based Business Success – Self Talk

Let me ask …. just so you yourself are aware…home based business success are you listening to that inner chat, inner voice that may be saying self sabotaging things like…

"I'm not good enough."

"I'm not smart enough."

"I'm not pretty or handsome enough."

"I'm just too old or too young."

"I've been working my business for 8 months and haven't made a dime.  John XYZ just joined 3 months ago and he's already making $20K a month.  What's wrong with me?"

"I fail every time I try this home based business stuff."

"People think I look stupid."

"I have nothing to offer people."


These inner voices… this self talk…will ALWAYS hold you back until and unless you change your belief about what you think about yourself.  This self talk won't even allow you to move forward even if your conscious mind is telling you to.  This self talk is deep in the nervous system and believes absolutely everything you tell yourself. 

Your body is designed to move away from pain of things your believe will hurt you or cause you discomfort and move you toward pleasure.  So in regards to your home based business, strugging through and figuring stuff out can be painful. 

Therefore if you believe you can't do something, your absolutely right you can't 

On the other hand if you believe you can, guess what?  YOU CAN!

These are just some of "the forces of evil" that Empower Network teaches about.   In fact in September of 2012, the company's event was called the Fight the Forces of Evil.

Have you heard the phrase "You are your own worst enemy?"  This is where it comes from.   When you can get out of your own way, doors will open. 

  • The things we tell ourselves is our perception of how things are. 
  • What we perceive is what we believe.
  • And what we believe becomes our reality.

I was listening to one of my friends the other day and he said,

"You know, if I were to speak to my wife they way I speak to myself, I wouldn't possibly be able to be married.  Or if I were to speak to my friends the way I speak to myself, I would be alone."

Being okay with who you are and where you are in your journey to success must be a decision you make and live by. 

Home Based Business Success Tips

home based business success1) Don't compare yourself to others.

Understand, when people join a home based business, no two journeys will ever be the same. 

You can take 1,000 people and they are all going to move at the pace in which they can function and progress that's right for them.   This is why it does no good comparing oneself to anyone else.

Image courtesy of digitalart / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Each of these 1,000 people come into business with different experiences, habits and hangups, budgets, abilities to comprehend and implement, time schedules, self confidence, personalities, sphere of influence, belief systems, and so on.  Each of their experiences may be similar but how they perceived and handled each one is vast.

Everyone brings the accumulation of their entire life's experiences to the table.

The truth of the matter is this. 

When you see someone who's successful, you didn't see the grind, the long hours, the struggles that they went through to get where they are.  If you had the opportunity to talk with each of them over a cup of coffee, you'd discover that they were just like you in many ways when they started. 

  • They had a dream and vision for what they wanted to do in their life.
  • They made a decision to be successful.
  • They put together a game plan to get it done.
  • They invested in their business but more importantly themselves.
  • They went through a process of failing, struggling and regrouping in their attempts to accomplish their goals.
  • But nobody saw that part of their journey.  They only see the end result. 

So if you see someone and say to yourself, that guy/gal came out of nowhere is an overnight success, remember they had a journey too. 

And yes…because that person is successful, when they join a business opportunity to recommend a product and service and see to go to the top instantly, remember they already have experience.  They already have a list of people who they have a relationship with that knows, likes and trusts them and loves to buy from them.

So instead of comparing yourself to them, respect them and add that to your goals to have that kind of success and influence.  They are a good mentor in that regard.

Therefore, all you can do is be in charge of you and how you progress.  Don't compare yourself to others.  Focus on YOU and your goals.


2)  Be aware of the chatter in your head. 

What you telling yourself about you?  What are the lies you are believing about yourself?

Don't fight with yourself, love and accept yourself.  It's one thing to be frustrated at a situation, it's entirely different to be bad mouthing yourself through negative thoughts and words about yourself. 

Look in the mirror and say

"I are awesome.  I in the process of become successful.  I am on my journey and I'm exactly where I should be right now. I am growing daily and I see clearly what my life looks like as I approach it". 

And really mean it.  Know what you want.  Know what your dream future looks like.  Be very clear.

I'm going to recommend a couple reads for you to help you with those voices in your head that are defeating and self-sabotating.

1) " Awaken the Giant Within" by Tony Robbins

2) "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind" by T. Harv Eker. 

These are two good reads to add to your personal development line up.

These authors can help you understand why you self sabotage.  Why you have the defeating self talk and how you can change the conversations that go on in your head.

Once you can tackle the inner chatter, look out.  Your business will explode because you yourself have gotten out of your way.


"Only in men's imagination does every truth find an effective and undeniable existence.  Imagination, not invention, is the supreme master of the art, as of life" – Joseph Contrad


3)  Know where you''re at in your business development stage. 

You can't send out one email and expect to make a zillion sales if you don't have a sizeable list who knows, likes and trusts you. 

You can't use your own success story until you have one. 

You can't scale up your business until you have the funds to do that. 

Wherever you are at, be okay with that. 

I'm not suggesting you stay there.  You surely want to move upwards.  But until you do A you can't do B.  Until you do B you can't do C.  It's all part of growing up as an entrepreneur and nobody gets a short cut.

Evaluate where you're at.  Ask yourself…

  • What can I do with what I have to work with?
  • What would be the very next thing I need to do to grow?

And then do it.

Always be growing and adding to your personal development and skillsets.

Be the best YOU you can be.  You don't want to try and be someone else.  Be you. And guess what?   It's great to be YOU! People will love you for who YOU are and will resonate with you for the same reasons.  Don't short change yourself by thinking you're not good enough right where you are.

Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts about being okay with where you're at in your journey in your home based business success.

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