Google Page Rank – Should You Care?

google page rankAs an internet marketer or a business owner who has a presence online and would like to be more visible in the search engines, consider your Google Page Rank.

Google uses an important measurement tool called Google Page Rank to determine their perception of the quality and credibility of an individual’s website/blog.  Google reports this as a number from 0-10 (10 being the best). So if your web page and your competitors website has the same relevance – then whomever has the higher Page Rank gets the better ranking. This is why Page Rank is so important.

The one with the best relevance + page rank, wins.

Most every internet expert agrees Google’s Page Rank is primarily determined by the number of websites or pages linking back to a website/blog.  Basically, Google considers these links as a vote of confidence.  Google is looking for relevancy and value to the customer who sits down at their computer and searches for what they are looking for.

They also rank the “links” to you.  Google places a different weight on each link heading your way.  The more credibility the link has pointing to your website/blog, the more important it is to your ranking.

How is this credibility determined?

Google uses their Page Rank system to determine the link value.  From my research, it appears that Google’s Page Rank falls into four broad categories:

0-3: New sites or sites with very minimal links

4-5: Popular sites with a fair amount of inbound links

6: Very popular sites that have hundreds of links, many of them quality links

7-10: Usually media brands (, big companies or A-list bloggers.

Here’s an example of the value of a page rank 6 linking back to your site as opposed to several links from a  page rank 3.

Let’s say your marketing friend Tom, links to your website/blog from his.   Tom’s Page Rank is 3 which according to the Google PageRank system, has limited inbound links. This link from your buddy will certainly help you because Google loves inbound links but it helps you more if you can find 100 or more sites with PageRank of 3 to link to you.

Compare that to receiving a page rank from a 6 or higher.  If you can get a single link from a website that has a Page Rank of 6, it will help you more than all of  Tom’s 100 sites.

Why? Because a Page Rank 6 site is considered much more valuable and relevant.

It’s important to note that PageRank is believed to be calculated on a logarithmic scale. What this roughly means is that the difference between PR4 and PR5 is likely 5-10 times than the difference between PR3 and PR4.  So, there are likely over 100 times as many web pages with a PageRank of 2 than there are with a PageRank of 4.  This means that if you get to a PageRank of 5 or so, you’re likely well into the top 0.1% of all websites out there. If most of your competition is ranking around with a PR2 or PR3, you’re ahead of the pack.

How do you determine your PageRank?

There are at least two ways to figure out what your approximate PageRank is. One, you can download the Google Toolbar (the PageRank feature is not turned on by default, so you’d have to enable it after installation).

The other way is to use the Page Rank Calculator. There several very good free calculators on the net and some require no registration. Check them out .  One quick calculator I often refer to is  Just pop over there, enter your domain and you’ve got your rank.

Why is this important?

By knowing your page rank, this will help you to make the changes or additions to your site necessary to improve your ranking.

Here”s a tip:

Improve your content and invite others to come by your blog/website, read what you have to say, leave comments and syndicate it for you.

Almost every writer about Internet marketing or SEO will agree that great CONTENT and FRESHNESS are keys to your overall success on the Internet.

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    It is very good to keep track of Pageranks when we surf around on the web.

    Sometime we might bump into a high pagerank blog or community where we can show our precence, give some value and get a backlink that helps your own blog rank higher in return.

    Keep on sharing your great lessions Debbie! You Rock!

    Dr Jon
    .-= Jon Alfredsson´s last blog ..5 Reasons Why You Need An Accountability Partner =-.

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