The Top 4 Things Men Want To Buy


The Top 4 Things Men Want To Buy

This blog is actually about a lightbulb moment I had that I should have had the good ole’ common sense to figure out several years ago.

Does that ever happen to you?

The thing that is right in front of you, you miss?  Well, I admit, that was resorts network

So, here’s the thing.

I’m on the webinar last night with my good friend Mark Hoverson and he’s sharing what he read in a men’s journal magazine about the  TOP 4  things men want to buy.

Why would I care since I’m a woman?

Because I’m a marketer and I want men to buy my product, right?

So, Hoverson goes over the TOP 4 things that men want, one by one and one of them was a vacation home.

Being a woman… I would not have guessed that.  I would have guessed a Boston Whaler, or maybe  the best set of golf clubs money can buy or a something like that.  I would not have guessed a vacation home.

Well, here’s the light bulb moment.

Certainly, one was understanding better what men want to buy so I can use that knowledge in my marketing.

However, that was not my lightbulb take away.

Here’s the “dah” I realized.

I should have been marketing from the angle that it’s the replacement vacation home.  I haven’t been doing that yet it’s common sense when you look at the product.  Why wasn’t I doing that?

mark hoverson

Mark Hoverson and I have been business partners in a travel club membership since 2007.  Back during this time it was Global Resorts Network.

I’ve since moved my affiliation but it’s the same membership, just different affiliate name.  It would be like buying a specific pair of jeans, but have 2 different stores to get them from, if that makes sense.

Owning a travel club membership is like having a vacation home in over 5,000 locations.  But, without the mortgage, upkeep, liabilities, taxes, etc.

I didn’t think to really market hard this ONE concept and target men. 

This will be the “ah ha” moment for so many men who want to buy that vacation home but believe that’s years and years away when they want it now.

Now when their kids are young and they could be creating irreplaceable family memories.

But instead, he thinking it’s not in cards for him and his family because he doesn’t see how to provide that with his finances now.

Well, now he CAN provide a vacation home for just the one time low cost of the travel membership and start using it with his wife and kids immediately.

Marketing is about helping people get what they want.  So I need to make sure that in my follow up email campaign to tell men and women how to get their vacation home now, rather than later after they’ve saved for 40 years.

What would you rather have?

A vacation home that you work like a dog to keep and pay for and when you have vacation time you go there because you feel you have to, to get use out of it?

Or, would you rather log into your “vacation home venues” and decide where in the world you want to vacation and simply book it?  And, pay between $398 and $799 for the entire week?

If this has peeked your own desires for traveling using vacation home settings get the details, subscribe to my newsletter and get more information.

My thoughts coming out of this webinar are two fold:

1)  I now know the top 4 things men want to buy so it helps me market better.

2)  Never assume you can’t learn something.

3) Never have a cruddy attitude about learning, come to webinars and trainings looking for any new gold nugget you can take away.

That’s it for today.

Have an awesome ‘ leadership” day!

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Debbie Turner
Lifestyle Entrepreneur
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PS:  Leave me a comment below and let’s talk about this… I love this stuff!  

What are you doing right now to effect change in your life, to create abundance, to share your gifts and talents to impact the world and to prepare to change lives?



  1. says

    Thank you for inviting me to the excellent webinar last night, Debbie!
    Not only have you selflessly shared your 'ah-ha' moment with everyone,
    but you overdelivered as usual, with awesome bonus information.
    Thank you!
    Donna Marie Miller

  2. says

    It's a no-brainer…"log into your "vacation home venues" and decide where in the world you want to vacation and simply book it".
    I have an uncle that I've heard complains many times a year over the fact that he has to pay for the fees to upkeep his time share lots. And then I think of GRN :-). Mark made so much sense on his webinar when he said that time shares can be passed on to family what's really being passed on is hundreds of dollars  they HAVE to spend for the time share costs. Whereas grn there's just a small transfer fee and it could be to a friend OR a family member. Sweet!
    Don't quote me on that but I recall him saying something to that effect.

    What an rockin' idea to market to men on their vacation home with grn. Once a year, maybe twice, is enough versus having to think about visiting your vacation home and having the feeling of going there out of mere "obligation" versus a time to create memories.
    -Jaclyn Castro

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