Global Resorts Network Event Highlights: Las Vegas 2010


Global Resorts Networks is a fun business just by the mere fact it's travel and adventure.

<—Debbie Turner and Mark Hoverson at a GRN party at the Penthouse Suite of the Trump Tower, Las Vegas


This blog post just shares some of the fun stuff we have done as members of Global Resorts Network really just hobknobbing.

Being friends as well as business partners makes such a difference when you're working a home based business. 

We're all doing the work and putting in the time we need to build our businesses and it's great to have others that we have met in person and have gotten to know as friends, who have our back and understand what it's like to be an entrepreneur.

This is the importance of "just hanging out" together in a relaxed and fun atmosphere as opposed to a stuffy conference room.

In the past, activities have included:

  • horse back riding through the hills of Arizona and tying up the horses at steak houses for a fabulous dinner then getting back on the trail and riding through the darkness, only guided by the light of the moon back to the stables.
  • Hot air ballooning over the Colorado Mountains
  • Bicycling across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco
  • Sonoma wine country tours in a limo bus
  • Bicycling through Cherry Creek in downtown Denver, Colorado
  • Swimming and volleyball in Orlando Florida.
  • Hiking Red Rock Canyon
  • Hiking in Arizona



On this particular trip, we hobknobbed in the Trump Tower and went hiking during the day at Redrock Canyon and just goofed around together in Vegas.

The President and CEO of Global Resorts Network was in attendance and mingled with the affiliates.

Saturday, we hung out on the 104th floor of the Stratosphere Tower for masterminding.

Click here to watch a video of the weekend

The Global Resorts Network product is a high value exclusive travel club that allows the average family to travel worldwide for as little as $398 for a 7 nights stay.



global resorts network

Global Resorts Network had many changes in 2013 in membership pricing, affiliate structure and was put under new management.   

With all the changes it made, it no longer has the exclusive rights to market the travel club online whichh opened opportunities for new affiliate opportunities.  

To clarify, Global Resorts Network is not the travel provider, nor are the other affiliates.  The affiliates simply have the right to market the product online.  Customers cannot purchase the membership unless they go through and affiliate (representative).

Thus, I moved my affiliation from Global Resorts Network to GAAB™ Travel International in January of 2014.  It was a fabulous decision and I can better serve my customers in a professional and joyful way and of course, I sitll use my lifetime travel club membership.

I still offer the same travel club membership, just under the new affiliate arm.  

If you're interested in learning about the travel club or the affiliate program, please reach out to me.  I am happy to answer all your questions and provide you the customer service you deserve.

I love doing one on one tours to show people all the benefits.
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I have created a blog to showcase the travel club membership.
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We have a great company website for you to look around
Visit GAAB Travel International Official Website Here

The travel club membership is outstanding and continues to offer red carpet service. 

I have to say, purchasing this membership has been the single most greatest purchase I've made for my family in terms of travel.

And it continues to be a great income stream as I refer this membership to others.

I'd love to welcome you to GAAB™ Travel International.  

Let me know what I can do for you, what information you need, and what questions you have.  I have a lifetime membership and have been a member since 2007 so there's not much I'm not familiar with.

It's the perfect timeshare alternative.

It's the perfect opportunity for families to travel more and create more memories.

Live Your Life On Vacation!

debbie turner





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