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Global Resorts Network Price Increase Dec 15, 2011

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global resorts networkGlobal Resorts Network Price Increase

It's been 5 years and tomorrow, December 15, 2011, Global Resorts Network will raise the price of the membership by $2K.  It's no surprise and actually a good thing. 

Global Resorts travel club membership is the one and only product that I know of in the network marketing/direct sales industry where the product is so valuable and the price is so low.  Typically you see the reverse, right?  You have everything from nutrtitional to personal development products and while they are good, even great, people often pay more for those through the network marketing arm because so many people have to be paid a "cut". 

One of the common objectives to people buying the membership was "It sounds too good to be true"… Ironically raising the price will solve that objection. 

The leaders in Global Resorts Network who actively market the membership were happy about this announcement across the board.

And be assured, even with the price increase, Global Resorts Network can still beat prices and remain a hughly valued product. 

See Global Resorts Network Travel Club Value – Watch Video

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