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Global Resorts Network Platinum PLUS $7K Commissions

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global resorts network platinum plusGlobal Resorts Network Announces the Platinum PLUS membership

Global Resorts Network has just announced the addition of a new level of membership called the Platinum PLUS. 

<<— Yes, that's really me in Mexico.

This membership level was negotiated because of members asking for more prime weeks.  The standard Platinum membership allows the member 10 prime weeks (hot weeks, special request weeks, prime weeks) and 42 'instant bookings' where a member typically pays $50 to $100 more and may not get the exact dates they were hoping for. 

There are members who do extensive traveling and staying on vacation for blocks of weeks at a time.  The problem with this is members use up their 10 premium weeks for their first year within a few months of purchasing. Although they report they still got smoking deals in the “Instant Bookings” (like a $425-ish week at the Wyndham Cypress Palms when Expedia was floating around $1800), having many more prime weeks is what members are asking for.

Here's the details and how you can take advantage of getting the Global Resorts Network Platinum PLUS travel club membership right now for the lowest possible price. 


See Dates and Deadlines Below

#1- Global Resorts Network Platinum PLUS membership allows 20-weeks of premium weeks per year (and the remaining 32 weeks of booking access through our “instant bookings area”).

#2- The average single week of timeshare purchase is currently floating around $17K with maintenance fees averaging around $745 annually. Our Platinum PLUS package is $12,500 with no annual fee. So this price-point is extremely competitive.

#3- Global Resorts Network will pay $7K commissions to the qualified seller for each Platinum PLUS sale made. Except for the “first sale rule”, which will pay $3500 on the first Platinum PLUS sale.

#4- There will be a $2K pass up to the qualified sponsor per Platinum PLUS (we are rewarding the direct seller of the Platinum PLUS with the bulk of the commissions).

#5- Just like our existing Global Resorts Network pay plan where you can only make a maximum of $1K commissions if you are Gold qualified and you can only make $2K commissions if you are Platinum qualified, likewise, you must be Platinum PLUS qualified in order to receive the $7K commissions.

#6- The $7K commissions are only paid directly to the qualified Platinum PLUS seller. The most roll-up commission on a Platinum PLUS is $2K.

#7- To position the most possible number of affiliates to be qualified at Platinum PLUS, Global Resorts Network is offering a unique “window of opportunity” to be grandfathered into the Platinum PLUS pay structure.


Legacy Golf Resorts in Phoenix, AZ, a Global Resorts Network Resort Property

Global resorts network platinum plus




#1- Starting from Jan. 18th until Feb. 15th (2012), if you make a regular Platinum sale (at $4995), you will be automatically upgraded into the Platinum PLUS pay structure.

#2- Also, from Jan. 18th until Feb. 15th, you can upgrade your Platinum membership to a Platinum PLUS membership with the one-time upgrade special price of $2500 (which will pay out two $1000 commissions). If you are currently a Gold, you can upgrade to Platinum PLUS for $3500 (which will also pay out 2 $1000 commissions).

#3- Starting on Feb. 16th, an upgrade will cost $8550 for a Platinum to upgrade to Platinum PLUS. It will cost $11,350 for a Gold to upgrade to Platinum PLUS.

#4- But during this one-time only window of opportunity, you can simply make a Platinum sale anytime from Jan. 18th to Feb. 15th and be automatically upgraded to the Platinum PLUS commission structure. ***However, your actual product membership will remain at your existing level unless you purchase your product upgrade.



  • Platinum PLUS allows 20 weeks of premium usage per year for $12,500
  • Platinum PLUS pays $7K to the qualified Platinum Plus seller only
  • The most you can receive from a roll-up sale of a Platinum PLUS is $2K

From Jan. 18th until Feb. 15th:

if you make one regular priced Platinum sale ($4995), you are automatically upgraded to a Platinum PLUS qualified affiliate. (Your first Platinum PLUS sale will pay you $3500. Following that, you will receive $7K per Platinum PLUS you sell).

From Jan. 18th until Feb. 15th:

you can purchase an upgrade of your membership to Platinum PLUS (which will provide you with the 20-week product, plus upgrade your commission potential at the Platinum Plus level) at a highly discounted rate.

For a Gold upgrade to Platinum PLUS, it is $3500. For a Platinum upgrade to Platinum PLUS, it is $2500.

Starting on Feb. 16th, 2012:

  • Gold upgrade to Platinum PLUS will cost $11,350
  • Platinum upgrade to Platinum PLUS will cost $8550.

Secure your Global Resorts Network Membership Here


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